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Mad Catz Wireless SenseBar for Nintendo Wii

Currently Not Available

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(£17.91 ex VAT)

Mad Catz Wireless SenseBar for Nintendo Wii

Part No: MOV057180/04/1 Stock Code: 7136824
Mad Catz Wireless SenseBar for Nintendo Wii
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(£17.91 ex VAT)

Currently Not Available

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  • MOV057180/04/1

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Cut loose from wires with the Mad Catz Wireless SenseBar for the Nintendo Wii. With its low battery indicator LED and a timer which can be set for one, two or three hours; the SenseBar has been engineered to conserve the lifespan of your batteries. Once the timer has been set and your designated time has elapsed; an LED will flash, informing you that the SenseBar is about to enter sleep mode to conserve energy. You can then either hit the “snooze” button to reset the timer or simply ignore it and allow it to power down automatically. Another unique feature is the ability to convert to a wired sensor bar. If you’re at home and want to conserve batteries, plug it in like you would the sensor bar which came with your console and when you’re ready to head elsewhere, just unplug it and take it with you. Designed for entertainment centres that will not easily accommodate a sensor bar which is tethered to the Wii as well as gamers on the go, the Mad Catz Wireless SenseBar is the ideal replacement solution. Mad Catz promises innovative, quality products for all your gaming needs.

Converts to wired for battery-free operation
11.5 Ft. (3.5M) operating range
Powered by 4X AAA batteries for up to 40 hours of gameplay
Timer with snooze button conserves battery life
Compatible with Nintendo’s Sensor Bar Stand


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Mad Catz Wireless SenseBar for Nintendo Wii
Mad Catz Wireless SenseBar for Nintendo Wii

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