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TP-Link ADSL2/2+ Ethernet Modem

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(£11.66 ex VAT)

TP-Link ADSL2/2+ Ethernet Modem

Part No: TD-8616 Stock Code: 6723557
TP-Link ADSL2/2+ Ethernet Modem
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(£11.66 ex VAT)

Currently Not Available

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  • 1 ethernet port ADSL2+ modem with bridge mode
  • Trendchip
  • Annex A
  • with ADSL spliter
  • TD-8616

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What This Product Does

  • ADSL2+ Modem TD-8616 enables you to access a high speed DSL Internet connection. It supports the latest ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ standard to provide higher performance (up to 24Mbps downstream) and longer reach from the central office of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). With standard Ethernet interface, it can be directly connected to any 10/100Mbps Ethernet devices, supporting Auto MDI/MDIX. You can also create a wired/wireless network to share your high speed Internet connection by adding a multi-port wireless router.

Always On, Always Connected

  • Unlike a dial-up Internet service, a DSL Internet connection is always on so that you do not have to wait to access the Web. Built-in 8 PVCs, TD-8616 fits for most of the Network environment around the world. TD-8616 also includes a web-based GUI (Graphic User Interface) which enables you to easily modify settings to connect to a DSL Internet service. The conveniently located LED indicators let you quickly check the modem's status and activity. With all these features, you can easily enjoy the always-online life using TD-8616.

6KV Lightning Protection

  • This device is equipped with 6KV lightning protection, which exceeds normal modems with 4KV lightning protection, keeping your devices from the worst of Mother Nature’s fury.
  • Support the latest ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ standards, up to 24Mbps downstream
  • Support 8 PVCs, fit for most of the network environment around the world
  • 6KV Lightning Protection helps your device avoid the damage of tough thunderstorms


Photo Gallery

TP-Link ADSL2/2+ Ethernet Modem
TP-Link ADSL2/2+ Ethernet Modem
TP-Link ADSL2/2+ Ethernet Modem

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