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Box is considered the UKs leading 3D printer retailer, working closely with top brands to ensure that all budgets are catered for. We are passionate about 3D printers and choose to work with brands whose machines we have put through our vigorous testing process. 3D printing is proving popular with many different people from hobbyists to artists to designers - they are all buying 3D printers and putting them to great use. Here at Box we think that 3D printers will become commonplace within the next few years and we aim to be ahead of the curve by offering you the latest and best reviewed 3D printers available.

We will always offer our customers good value for money for example one of our bestselling 3D printers is the Creality CR-10S and this printer can easily stand side to side with 3D printers which cost five times the price. We work with carefully selected brands which we will continue to add to on a regular basis, is there a 3D printer you would like us to stock? Just let us know and we will look into it.

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We have a huge range of 3D Printers in stock. Take a look at some of our popular areas below:

What would I use a 3D printer for?

But what do people use 3D printers for? This is a question that I hear all of the time and it is very hard to give a short answer because the answer is that they are used for a multitude of different things across many different industries as well as there being a big community of 3D printer hobbyists who love the technology and the ability to print in 3D. Below I will go through some of the uses of 3D printers to try and get your mind thinking about the possibilities and what you could use a 3D printer for.

Product Design & Prototypes

  • 3D printers have made it so much easier for designers to try out their designs and get prototypes made. If inventors or designers have an idea they can now cheaply and quickly make a prototype or have a prototype made using a 3D printer rather than the huge expense of getting a mould made and paying a company to make their prototype. 3D printing technology is now affordable for the masses and this drop in cost in turn fuels innovation amongst creative people.

Create Models & Toys

  • Many hobbyists use their 3D printers purely to create models and toys. Websites like Thingiverse allow users to simply search for a model, toy or any design they like, download it and print it. All of the designs are open source and there are hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from which are all uploaded by the community for free. Parents can print out toys for their children to play with and as the recent fidget spinner craze passed through society thousands of fidget spinners were printed on 3D printers across the world.

Create Art

  • Many artists and designers now create art and funky designs using 3D printers and some of their work can be considered as true masterpieces. Many artists and designers sell their 3D printed creations on websites like Etsy and they can prove to be very popular with buyers. 3D printing can bring art in the realm of the digitally minded.

Create Jewellery

  • 3D printed jewellery is now extremely popular from necklaces to rings and earrings they have all been 3D printed and the opportunity to quickly take an idea from your head and turn it in to a physical product really sparks creativity. Many jewellery makers and designers have used 3D printers which can print metal to create some outstanding pieces.


  • 3D Printing and 3D printers are revolutionising the medical industry with big gains being made in the area of prosthetics. 3D printing has allowed prosthetics to become more available in the developing world. Projects like the Open Hand Project aim to make prosthetics affordable to the people that need them. Prosthetics can cost anything up to £100,000 but 3D printing can slash this price to a fraction of the cost and some organisations allow their designs to be open source so that anyone can download, modify and print their designs. 3D printing has many other applications within the medical industry with researchers at Harvard working on bio printing blood vessels.


  • 3D printed musical instruments are becoming a big thing, some musicians now create their own instruments and designs using 3D printing software and print off their designs using 3D printers. From flutes to saxophones to unique instruments they have all been 3D printed and the musical community is going crazy for them and thousands of instruments have been printed from thingiverse alone.