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 4160846, Thrustmaster T-GT II Racing Pack (Servo Base + Wheel)

Thrustmaster T-GT II Racing Pack (Servo Base + Wheel)


£873.97 Inc VAT

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Key Features

  • Shifter - Thrustmaster TH8A Add-On Shifter PC PS5 PS4 Xbox
  • Pedals - Thrustmaster T-3PM Pedals
  • Officially licensed for the PlayStation 5
  • Compatible with PS5 | PS4 | PC (Windows 10)
  • High-velocity 40-watt brushless motor
  • Proprietary magnetic technology for optimal precision
  • 4160846

Stock Code: 96866265 | Part No: 4160846


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Thrustmaster TH8A Add-On Shifter PC PS5 PS4 Xbox

  • Realistic High-End Gearbox
  • Realism and authenticity
  • Adaptability and comfort
  • Sturdiness and precision
  • Versatility

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Thrustmaster T-3PM Pedals

  • Magnetic pedal set for Console and PC
  • Compatible with PS5 | PS4 | Xbox One | Xbox Series X|S | PC
  • 4 distinct pressure modes on the central pedal for optimized braking
  • 100% metal pedal heads
  • Up to 200 kg of pressure resistance
  • Weighted pedal set base
  • 4060210

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Thrustmaster T-GT II - Servo Base + Wheel

The ultimate combination of thrilling speed and top of the line gaming technology brings you closer to the finish line than ever before with the Thrustmaster T-GT II Servo Base and wheel. Make your Gran Turismo experience even more immersive and exhilarating. An absolute must have for anyone who lives in the fast lane.


Get Into Full Gear

With over 23'000 hours of meticulous design and expert craftsmanship, the Thrustmaster GT-II allows players to enjoy brand new levels of precision and durability. Officially licensed for Gran Turismo and PlayStation 5 (but also compatible on PC and PlayStation 4), the Thrustmaster T-GT II racing wheel provides significant benefits and lifelike sensations in GT Sport thanks to groundbreaking technologies that keep you going all the way to the finish line.


T-AEC-Q: Durability

Designed to ensure you have continued high performance, the Thrustmaster T-GT II has been built with an upgraded electronics overhaul and AEC-Q-certificed printed circuit boards direct from the automotive industry. What this means is that as much real life expertise is packed in to give you the ultimate racing experience.


T-DCC: Precision

All drivers know the skill and control necessary to manage drift and how important that is. The Thrustmaster T-GT II comes with an in built drift curve calculation (T-DCC) which gives you control of the wheel and car. This allows for those extra sharp turns and maneuvers can be pulled off with expert timing and allow you to have that extra edge.


T-RTF: Responsiveness

High end racing is all about reacting. The Real Time Force feedback (T-RTF) system lowers the amount of Force Feedback calculation times and means you can instantly respond. The in built processor works this out as the game is played but does not depend on it to avoid any latency or dead zones meaning on console or PC you'll still be able to keep going.


T-LIN: Linearity

How you react on the track depends on the information you're given. The Thrustmaster T-GT II delivers symmetrical Force Feedback effects which means what you feel is in sync with the force represented on screen. Cars will react in exactly the same way as they should and this awe inspiring level of detail will help turn you into an expert in no time.


T-40VE: Velocity

Behind the wheel you need some serious hardware to go fast and the Thrustmaster T-GT II has a 40 watt motor that is guaranteed to deliver. As you go through the gears and hit top speed you'll really be able to feel the velocity, which in turn will give you much better and more real-life response forces to help you get over the finish line.


T-DFB: Depth

In order to maximize the sensations within the T-GT II, Thrustmaster and Polyphony Digital have collaborated to perfect your experience. Combined with the motor and Force Feedback, the Depth Feedback technology brings to life a 3D representation of the environment. This delivers in a number of effects that are specific to each track and vehicle.


T-Turbo: Power

You'll have all the power you need to race away to victory with an external power supply that peaks out at 400 watts ensuring you can react at lightning speed. Harnessing the T-LIN and T-40VE motor when you need it most.


T-M.C.E.: Stability

Stay cool even in the heat of the final lap with T-M.C.E technology. This efficiently controls the heat transfer and expulsion and cools right to the core of the motor. This ensures maximum precision within the Thrustmaster T-GT II everytime you set out to race.


T-F.O.C.: Control

When you're behind the wheel, thanks to the T-F.O.C algorithm you're always in charge. Thrustmaster has pioneered this technology which provides flawless accuracy and uniform precision. No matter what the conditions, you'll always be in full control.


From the Manufacturer



Type Racing Wheel | Base
Compatibility PS4 | PS5 | PC
Colour Black

Please note: Pictures are for illustration only. Please contact us if you wish to confirm the specification before ordering.


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Thrustmaster - 4160846
Thrustmaster T-GT II Racing Pack (Servo Base + Wheel)


£873.97 Inc VAT

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