81012(C), (Grade A) Snapmaker J1 High Speed IDEX 3D Printer

(Grade A) Snapmaker J1 High Speed IDEX 3D Printer


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Key Features

  • Grade A: Good Working Condition | Very Minimal Signs of Use
  • Build Volume: 300x200x200mm
  • Software: Snapmaker Luban
  • Filament Size: 1.75mm
  • Nozzel Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Intelligent Auto Calibration
  • Parellel Printing
  • Ultra-Fast Printing
  • 81012

Stock Code: 23682629_X0 | Part No: 81012(C)



Grade A

  • Good working condition
  • Minimal signs of prior use
  • May display small signs of wear e.g. cosmetic blemishes
  • Accessories: Some accessories may be missing*
  • Packaging: Item may be repackaged
  • 12-month warranty included

About This Unit: Please Note: Scratch on top panel, door and side scuff. Original box and Accessories.

*All missing parts and accessories will be detailed in the product listing.

Product overview

From the manufacturer



Product overview -


Snapmaker J1 High Speed IDEX 3D Printer

Bringing your creative vision to its heights the Snapmaker J1 High-Speed IDEX 3D Printer has everything you need to bring you to the forefront of both practical and imaginative 3D printing. With the dual independent IDEX extruders, you can bring the range of your printing capabilities to its limits. The copy mode allows you to print two identical objects in one go or the mirror mode letting you print symmetrical models, the Snapmaker J1 is ready for anything.


  • Print Volume - 300x200x200mm
  • Ultra-Fast Printing - Giving you a quick printing turnover
  • Independent Dual Extruders - Print two objects independently
  • One-Piece Die Cast Body - For a more sturdy and stable print
  • Intelligent Calibration - Making sure everything is always lined up
  • Parellel Printing - Giving you identical and symetrical printing
  • Product Code: 81012

One-Piece Die Cast Body

Boasting a body with just a few highly integrated parts the J1 is comprised of an upper frame, a base made by one-piece die casting and four aluminium alloy bars. This makes the J1 reliably sturdy with minimal wobble and deformation possible, meaning you can enjoy printing large-scale projects in succession with uncompromising quality.

High-Precision Linear Rails

Ensuring smooth and steady movements the industrial-grade high-precision linear rails are made by CNC grinding at the micron level. Offering a significant increase in precision, sturdiness and durability, you can enjoy a fast, accurate and stable 3D printing experience.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

Inheriting Snapmaker's iconic all-metal design, the J1 brings back the highly valued rigidity and durability. With the main board and the power supply spread out on the base, thanks to the aluminium alloy main material the J1 provides better heat dissipation, leaving all electronic components well oiled, at your command.

Dual Extruders

With a set of dual independent extruders, the J1 gives you the ability to do a lot more. With Copy Mode you can print two identical objects at once, this is suitable for batch printing, whilst Mirror Mode will cut your wait time in half by allowing you to print both the original and a mirrored copy. This is also perfect for printing symmetrical models. With the individual extruders you can set two different types of materials allowing you to combine the different properties of the materials.

300 Degrees Celsius Hot Ends

Thanks to the 300-degree Celsius maximum nozzle temperature, the Snapmaker J1 has no trouble printing with high-temperature filaments, like nylon, reinforced nylon and PC. The silicone hot end socks prevent heat loss, whilst the melting and heating up of filaments are much faster, with the anti-clogging design making the flow of the filament through the nozzle as smooth as possible.

Dual Direct Drive

The high responsiveness of the dual direct drives offers excellent extrusion accuracy that aids in the extrusion of the flexible filaments, making deposition faster, smoother, and more accurately controlled. With its built-in filament sensor, the J1 will inform you and pause the print job in the case of the filament running out, nozzle clogging, along with any other abnormalities that fail the filament loading.

Compact Extrusion Path

With its uniquely designed compact extrusion path giving you the ability to print seamlessly with TPU along with many other flexible materials, the Snapmaker J1 lets you work with an array of materials to bring out the most of your creativity.

Enclosed Space

To facilitate a consistently reliable performance of high-temperature materials, providing stable conditions for your print jobs the Snapmaker J1 has an enclosed printing area. This helps prevent many materials from warping whilst in the middle of the printing process.

5" Intuitive Touchscreen

The 5" touchscreen has easy-to-follow instructions, file previews and lots of details including 4 printer modes, dual-extruder configuration and live display of working status. Making it ready to become your own personal docent through the printing process helps to make your creative process more seamless.

From the Manufacturer

Specifications +

Product Type 3D Printer
Supported Material Polylactic Acid (PLA)
Print Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Case Colour Silver
Print Speed Up to 350 mm/s
LCD Screen Yes
Dual Extruder Yes
File Transfer USB/Wifi
Build Volume Medium Build Volume
Heated Bed No

Please note: Pictures are For illustration only. Please contact us If you wish To confirm the specification before ordering.

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Snapmaker - 81012(C)
(Grade A) Snapmaker J1 High Speed IDEX 3D Printer


£899.00 Inc VAT

RRP £1,494.99 SAVE £595

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