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Acer Predator Orion 9000 Gaming PC DG.E0JEK.017

Acer - DG.E0JEK.017

Key Features

  • Intel Core i9-7900X Ten Core Processor
  • 32GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM
  • 512 GB M.2 2280 PCI-E SSD & 2TB 3.5-inch 7200 RPM
  • GeForce GTX 1080Ti Graphics
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Built in WiFi & Bluetooth
  • DG.E0JEK.017

Part No: DG.E0JEK.017

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£4,899.99 Inc VAT

RRP £4,999.99

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Acer Predator Orion 9000 Gaming PC - PO9-900

The Predator Orion 9000 takes smaller PCs and eats them for breakfast. Whatever you have planned for this mammoth desktop – it’s ready.

  • Intel® Core™ i9-7900X Extreme Edition Processor
  • Up to 128GB Quad-channel DDR4 RAM
  • One-punch Overclocking
  • Unique DIY Adaptable Chassis
  • Up to 4-Way Graphics Setup
  • IceTunnel 2.0 and CPU Liquid Cooling
  • Predator Sense 3.0
  • Creative Sound BlasterX 720°
  • VR Ready
  • EMI compliant side window


Monolithic yet malleable – the towering chassis was built to adapt, integrate and realise your gaming and mega-tasking needs.

ACCESS GRANTED - The liftable top metal mesh and effortless, removable side panels give you the kind of case that PC builders dream of. Next up – modding!
TAKE THAT, ELECTRONS - The EMI compliant, see-through side panel is beautiful to behold (thanks to RGB lighting) and has the added benefit of reducing incoming electronic interference.
ORION 9000S, ROLL OUT - One might wonder – how does one move a mountain? In this case, by adding two handles along the top and some very convenient wheels at the rear.
8 x DDR4 U-DIMM SLOTS - Eight DIMM slots* are just the beginning. This machine was built to grow – to expand – to become the bastion of mega-taskers and veteran gamers alike.
STORAGE GALORE - Let's make it clear: you have options. With up to SIX drives in total your best solution is four 2.5" SSDs and two 3.5" HDDs.
PCIE EXPANSION ABOUNDS - If you haven't slotted in four graphics cards already, feel free to make use of the four x16 PCIe slots. Perhaps another video card along the way, or did someone say PCIe SSD?
TIME FOR A SPEED BOOST - Nestled in amongst a gathering of ports is the easily accessible "Turbo" button. If you have a need for speed, this may cater to your overclocking cravings.
RGB CUSTOMISABLE LIGHTING - Add some colour to the Orion’s darkened metal exterior via PredatorSense™. With a few million colour options to choose from, this could take a while.


Performance has a whole new meaning with the Predator Orion 9000 - Creative? Enthusiast? Gamer? All and more can apply here.

INTEL® CORE™ EXTREME EDITION CPU - The Intel Core i9-7900X gives you the processing power you need in today's gaming environment.
AMAZING GRAPHICS - With 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti (SLI) installed and enough space for up to four* graphics cards, you can perform practically any task you have in mind. Editing, rendering, gaming – you name it.
SO MUCH MEMORY - With 32GB of dual-channel 2400MHz DDR4 RAM installed and the capacity to upgrade to 128GB in the eight* DIMM slots available, you have enough memory capacity for any process you throw at it
2.0 ICE TUNNEL - This airflow management technology utilises case design by separating the thermal zones in order to maximise cooling where most needed.
ZONED OFF - There are four thermal zones. The PSU zone is self-contained while the GPU, CPU and storage zones split the cool intake air through both sides of the case
KEEP YOUR COOL - With the extreme processor that the Orion utilises, we felt it only fair to include some Cooler Master® liquid cooling*. Heat never had a chance.
FAN THAT FIRE - Five* 120mm fans are strategically (and necessarily) placed throughout the case for two reasons: exceptional cooling and some LED fun. A little colour never hurts.
FX PREDATORSENSE™ - PredatorSense™ is the ultimate tool for control. Take command over lighting, overclocking, game profiles and more. Try not to get lost amidst all the settings.
VR READY - Virtual reality. It's everywhere, constantly improving and beyond enjoyable. This machine is ready and able, so go ahead and jump on in.


720° SOUND BLASTERX* - Enhance and empower what you hear with some incredible tools from Sound BlasterX®'s Pro Gaming audio engine. Goodbye mediocre, hello marvellous!
SCOUT THEIR WEAKNESSES - Scout Mode is a tool designed to help you hear beyond what you see by contrasting specific sounds so you can detect and react to the slightest movement.
A LITTLE AUDIO ADJUSTMENT - Every room is unique – which makes Automatic Room Calibration all the more necessary. Adapt your speakers to your room to optimise your audio.
A MASTER'S TOUCH - Professionally tuned by acoustic engineers with the aid of pro-gamers, the customisable audio profiles create a unique and optimal sound experience.

*Specifications may vary




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Acer - DG.E0JEK.017

Acer Predator Orion 9000 Gaming PC DG.E0JEK.017

£4,899.99 Inc VAT

RRP £4,999.99

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