Cooler Master Mastercase Maker 5t Case

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Cooler Master Mastercase Maker 5t Case MCZ-C5M2T-RW5N

Cooler Master - MCZ-C5M2T-RW5N

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£194.94 (£162.45 ex VAT)

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  • MCZ-C5M2T-RW5N

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More than 20 In Stock (4 in Store) More than 20 In Stock (4 in Store)

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Make of It What You Will

The new wave of case technology pioneered by our MasterCase series starts with the unique FreeForm™ Modular System, allowing unparalleled flexibility to upgrade your case via the addition of top panels and doors, change aesthetics, customize thermal options,and handcraft your internal layout.

The MasterCase Maker 5t advances beyond the concept of a standard build by offering the option to completely swap and readjust the case’s form and functionality. With multiple interior and exterior looks, Aample space, customized accessories and our inspired Trooper model’s handle for convenient transportation,

you can have a PC exactly the way you want it. Have the best of both worlds with our FreeFormTM Modularity System. Customize, adjust and upgrade with this easy to carry, two-tone case.

Features Specifications

  • FreeForm Modular System Technology – Easily Customize, Adjust, and Upgrade your case.
  • Tempered glass on both sides – The case comes with a tempered glass panel on each side.
  • Upgraded I/O – Four USB 3.0 ports, added buttons for LED strip and fan speed control.
  • Preinstalled MasterCase Graphics Card Holder – Keep your graphics card straight with a solid support.
  • Top handle grip – Designed for safer and easier transportation
  • Magnetic paneling - Front and top panels fit snugly with a magnetic grip
  • Metallic red and black color – Add character to your PC with a shining metallic red and black color scheme.
  • Tremendous airflow– Supports up to six 140mm fans (package includes three 140mm fans).
  • Sound suppression - Padded front and top panels (with added plate) balance noise and airflow.
  • Clip-and-Click panel – Our Unique panel for drive cage adjustment coming from our FreeForm™ technology.
  • Versatile liquid Cooling – Water cooling bracket allows 297mm radiator space on top or shift the bottom HDD cage for front installation.
  • Dual chamber - Partition panel isolates power supply and cables for clean management.
  • Slip-and-Clip SSDs - Two pockets with four mounting positions

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