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Cryorig H5 Universal Single Tower Heatsink with 140mm F...

11 In Stock for Delivery

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£46.50 (ex VAT £38.75)

Cryorig H5 Universal Single Tower Heatsink with 140mm Fan CR-H5A

Cryorig - CR-H5A

£46.50 (ex VAT £38.75)

11 In Stock for Delivery

Part No: CR-H5A Stock Code: K71939239

Cryorig H5 Universal Single Tower Heatsink with 140mm Fan

  • White Frame
  • Socket Compatibility: 775 | 1150 | 1155 | 1156 | 1151 | 1366 | 2011 | AM2 | AM2+ | AM3 | FM1 | FM2
  • CR-H5A

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H5 Universal

CRYORIG Hive Fin™ Design For Extreme Performance, Efficiency & Compatibility

Breaking Design Molds Efficiency by Innovation

CRYORIG H Series coolers feature our proprietary Hive Fin™ structure. This design allows for a combination of Jet Fin Acceleration™ and Turbulence Reduction, as well as strengthening structural strength of the fin stacks. Combined together, the Hive Fin™ design brings cool innovation.

Air Exhaust Acceleration Hot Air Cooled Fast

By utilizing a larger air intake and narrower air exhaust section on the fins, compresses the air to move faster while exiting the heatsink. Jet Fin Acceleration System™ carries the hot air out of the system faster and more efficiently.

Extreme EfficiencyTurbulence Reduction System

Utilizing a bee hive shaped structure at the front air intake of the heatsink, lowers air turbulence and straightens out the airflow. Assisting airflow to move directly through the full length of the heatsink and carrying out hot air.

XL Surface Area Maximum Heat Dissipation

The H series coolers by CRYORIG feature an extended fin surface area to the back. This allows the heatsink to achieve phenomenal cooling performance comparable to Dual Tower coolers and heatsinks. The H5 in particular has a cooling surface area within 90% of our top-line R1 series coolers.

Optimized Heatpipe Positioning Total CPU Coverage

The H5’s Heatpipe Convex-Align™ System allows for more heatpipes in a given area, optimized heatpipe placement in the copper base, and improved alignment with your CPU. With the Heatpipe Convex-Align™ System, each heatpipe functions to their maximum TDP capacity.

Acoustically Optimized Silence Means Cold

Acoustics are just as important as performance. That’s why the XT140 140mm fan integrates acoustic optimizations. The XT140 features our High Precision Low Noise (HPLN™) bearing and the detachable Acoustic Vibration Absorbers that give the fan a snugger fit while canceling vibration and noise at the same time.

Unmatched Compatibility with Zero RAM Interference

Focusing on providing the widest range of compatibility, the H5 utilizes an asymmetric slanted heatpipe layout to move the heatsink away from the RAM zone. Also, fitted with a 13mm thin XT140 the CRYORIG H5 offers optimal compatibility for RAM with tall heat spreaders on both Intel and AMD platforms.

Fully Compatible Fast & Easy to Install

The H5 is highly efficient and easy to install. With maximum compatibility for virtually all setups, it’s the heatsink that’s compatible, competitive and cool.

Heatsink Specification

  • Dimension ( with fan ): L98 mm x W143 mm x H160 mm
  • Weight ( with fan ): 853 g
  • Weight ( without fan ): 764 g
  • Heat pipes: 6mm heatpipe x 4 units
  • Fin: T = 0.4 mm ; Gap = 2.8 mm
  • Fin Pcs: 38 pcs
  • Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
  • RAM Height Limit: Limitless
  • TDP: 160 W

Fan Specification:

  • Dimension: L140 mm x W140 mm x H13 mm
  • Weight: 89 g
  • Rated Speed: 700 ~ 1300 RPM ±10 %
  • Noise Level: 20 ~ 24 dBA
  • Air Flow: 65 CFM
  • Air Pressure: 1.49 mmH2O
  • Ampere:0.27 A

From the Manufacturer

Product Reviews

9.4 out of 10
Overall rating
Value for money
9 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 24 August 2017

Published Purchase: 06 September 2017

+ Keeps a i7 7700 at 33 degrees at medium load. Easy to install when you get it right, looks good too.
- Make sure to put the motherboard brackets the right way round.
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9 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 04 August 2015

Published Purchase: 20 August 2015

+ I love the price per capacity of cooling compared with other costly cooling. I can already see a difference when pushing my cpu.
- It is big and even though looks good, it doesn't look as good as I though it would.
Show Detail
10 out of 10

David Expireinced PC user/builder

Confirmed Purchase: 30 July 2015

Published Purchase: 10 August 2015

+ - Everything needed to install the fan was provided in the case. - The fan looked, felt and performed extremely well - Barely any noise; a huge improvement over the stock AMD cooler.
- - Installing the fan was somewhat difficult when aligning the screws with the base
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10 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 19 July 2015

Published Purchase: 04 August 2015

+ Very easy to install, keeps CPU at 25-27 degrees idle.
- Nothing
Show Detail
8 out of 10

Harald Professional property photographer

Confirmed Purchase: 02 June 2015

Published Purchase: 24 June 2015

+ It certainly looks the part!
- Getting it to fit was tricky, but doable. I have a rather roomy tower, but only _just_ managed to close the cover with the fan in place. After a few minutes of running video/music with WMP my AMD FX 9370 4.4GHz (not OC'd) still runs hot. Thankfully I don't do that much, but I'll have to go with water cooling...
Show Detail
10 out of 10

Hugh Late fifties tech freak

Confirmed Purchase: 30 May 2015

Published Purchase: 12 June 2015

+ Excellent cooler, having checked reviews for the new chip and motherboard, I upgraded to this with no regrets
- Fiddly install, had to remove the standard fitting, still installed new one with no problems though.
Show Detail
10 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 24 March 2015

Published Purchase: 06 June 2015

+ Absolutely amazing cooler. My old idle/Load temps on my phenom x4 were 41'c idle, 65'c load. New temps are 17'c idle, 41'c load.
- The fan is quite beefy. due to my case, i had to install it with the fan blowing up out of my case, but this actually helped as my two top corsair fans are extracting the heat upwards aswell. Took me quite a while to screw the fan on.. it's fiddly.
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9 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 11 July 2016

Published Purchase: 19 July 2016

+ Reviewer left no comment
- Reviewer left no comment
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9 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 17 January 2016

Published Purchase: 22 January 2016

+ Reviewer left no comment
- Reviewer left no comment
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10 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 12 January 2016

Published Purchase: 22 January 2016

+ Reviewer left no comment
- Reviewer left no comment
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