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Halo Infinite - Xbox Series X


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Key Features

  • Epic campaign adventure featuring the most expansive Master Chief story yet
  • Halo's legendary multiplayer combat returns to reinvirograte the competitive arena shooter experience
  • The Forge - Halo's player-powered content creation tools is back and puts innovation in the hands of the players
  • Game across platforms like Xbox and PC crafting seamlessly experiences

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Product overview

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Product overview -


Halo Infinite - Xbox Series X (HM7-00010)

The legendry, genre-defining Halo series returns with the most expansive Master Chief story yet. The campaign continues the gripping Halo arc from previous titles, seeing humanity’s fate hanging in the balance with all hope seemingly lost. The iconic Master Chief character comes head-to-head with the most ruthless foe he has ever faced when the stakes have never been higher. Begin anew and step inside the armour of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic new adventure. The Halo ring itself, an ominous monolith ever looming over the realms of the Halo’s story worlds is finally ready to be explored itself in this thrilling new title.

Halo’s legendary multiplayer combat returns!

Halo Infinite - Xbox Series X (HM7-00010) also sees the return of the legendary arena shooter multiplayer mode. Preserving that iconic Halo look and feel while still continuing to innovate, this refined multiplayer experience allows players to experience large scale Halo warfare like never before. Casual and competitive gamers will thrive as they load up into the suit of a Spartan soldier and stake their claim at the top of the leader board with unique weapon and ability pickups alongside their own honed skills and talents.

The Forge

The Forge- Halo’s epic content creation tool makes itself available to players once more who want to actively participate in growing the number of settings, game modes and all-round fun users can have in the title they love. Players have the freedom to craft their own unique environments, whether they fit within Halo’s current story world or not, as well as their own game modes, which can see friends casually compete with or against each other, attempting to complete a goal of the creator’s choosing.

Cross-Generation Gaming

Becoming an elite Spartan hero knows no boundaries or limits, which is why Halo Infinite - Xbox Series X (HM7-00010) features cross-generation gaming. Experience the thrilling battles and unleashed freedom of Halo’s online adventures across multiple platforms like the Xbox One and PC, as well as the newer generation of consoles such as the Xbox Series X and S. PC and newer generation consoles will be able to take advantage of enhanced features like 4K resolutions at 60 FPS in the campaign, as well as greatly reduced load times to ensure your gameplay is as seamless as possible, truly ushering in the next generation of gaming excellence.

*4K Ultra HD on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X only; compatible TV required.

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Halo Infinite - Xbox Series X


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