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Lian Li PC-A71FB Aluminium Full Tower Chassis Black

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£200.16 (ex VAT £166.80)

Lian Li PC-A71FB Aluminium Full Tower Chassis Black PC-A71FB

Lian Li - PC-A71FB

£200.16 (ex VAT £166.80)

Currently Not Available

Part No: PC-A71FB Stock Code: A863871

Lian Li PC-A71FB Aluminium Full Tower Chassis Black

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"Quality" is always the essence of Lian Li's products since 1998 when Lian Li offered the first all aluminum chassis to the market. Since then, Lian Li exemplifies the same quality standards, ensuring durability and craftsmanship come first. All products are manufactured in Taiwan and distributed to worldwide markets

In 2009, Lian Li has introduced the unbeatable PC-A71F for the PC gaming enthusiasts, and gaming professionals who want a high quality product with a unique flavor. The PC-A71F is manufactured in TAIWAN; handcrafted from high quality aluminum and incorporates Lian Li’s finest workmanship which has built up over more than two decade’s worth of experience.

Lian Li’s high standard of Quality requirement. All the sharp edges have been removed for user’s safety. In addition, the external and internal surfaces have hair-line brush anodized aluminum in keeping with Lian Li’s classical style.

The cutting edge tool-less design is an important key feature in 2009 Lian Li cases. Lian Li designers considered end user requirements, like those who need to build systems faster, or swap out components often. The brand new tool-less modules can make Lian Li users’ life much more convenient.

User Interface is a very important key in Lian Li chassis. The external fixture, user interface, and the internal structure have all been tested to meet Lian Li’s high quality standards. In 2009 Lian Li launched the new PC-A71F, an all aluminum alloy chassis, with a round edge design and stylish look. PC-A71F has hair-line brushed anodized aluminum finishing with diamond cut detail.

Key Features

A huge internal space fits E-ATX motherboards, and graphics cards, which can up to 390mm long, and there is room for 10 hard drives. There are 2 x 12cm and 2 x 14cm cooling fans to cool the system down, and a lot of internal space for a liquid cooling system. It is ideal for gamers and pro users alike!

The PC-A71F has equipped two 140mm cooling fans in the fornt of the chassis, there are two fans intake the cool air into the case, The Fan not only cool the HDD down, it also help the motherboard's North & South bridge chipset, and the graphics card.

The new PC-A71F is a full-tower case, which is ideal for the latest graphics cards in combination with the best thermal dynamics. All the internal installation can be done without tools, and is easily adjustable to optimize your hardware setup. Especially in the advent of adding in new graphics cards, equipped with 7 PCI slots, can hold three or more graphics cards, supporting Crossfire™ and SLI™.

The PC-A71F has a door panel design; this keeps the case working without noise, with a simple design and minimalist, stylish look.

Silent Performance

Lian Li uses the best “Made in Taiwan” high quality aluminum panel for all Lian Li chassis. The solid main chassis was folded with 2mm thick aluminum sheeting to make a more sturdy structure which has less vibration. The front panels using a spring supported steel ball as door latch, this will keep the door shut in the right position. There also are rubber strips on the front door panel.

The new 5.25” bay tool-less mounting incorporates a mounting bar equipped with rubber padding. After closing the mounting bar, the rubber pad pushes and holds the 5.25” devices in position to both secure and absorb vibrations from the device.

Lian Li designers spent months to upgrade Lian Li’s HDD cage; the new HDD cage uses special Thumb Screws with rubber suspension. No tools are required, simply secure the anti-vibration rubber ring to the HDD, and slide the HDD into the cage.

The aluminum PCI tool-less mounting module is equipped with a rubber pad which can hold the graphics card firmly while closing the gap found in the PCI bracket and PCI slot to reduce noise from escaping air and furthermore reduce vibrations.

The Power Supply has rubber pads for both insulation and support. The mounting clip is also aligned with rubber to reduce vibrations but also secure the PSU without scratching the painted surface.

Thermal Solution

There are two 140mm intake fans on PC-A71F. The fans can output a high air flow volume with lower RPM to push the cold air through the HDD rack.

There is a 120mm exhaust fan behind HDD cage to draw the hot air out, and improve the air flow inside the chassis. The openings on the bottom of the HDD cage to allow the air to cool the HDD.

The rear 120mm exhaust fan just next to the CPU can remove the hot air out fast and silently.

There are vents on the PCI slots, providing extra cooling to graphics card.

PC-A71F supports liquid cooling systems, the two holes at the rear of the case allow water tubes to pass through, and the rubber cover can protect the tubes away from cutting.

User Friendly Design

2009 has seen an all-new tool-less design from Lian Li aluminum chassis. To do this required a great many innovative patents to be filed worldwide. The ideas will make installing and maintenance much easier. For example when installing the 5.25” optical drive, just slide the drive into the 5.25” bay, and close the mounting bar to secure the optical drive, as simple as that.

The installation of the hard disk is very easy, and also requires no tools. Secure the anti-vibration rubber ring to the HDD, and slide the HDD into the cage. The patented tool-less HDD cage combines with patented anti-vibration rubber grommets to suspend the HDD’s in a noise free environment.

To install PCI add-on cards requires no tools at all. Simply open the aluminum arm of the tool-less PCI add-on card holder, insert the add-on card to the motherboard slots, and close the aluminum arm to hold the add-on card in position. The additional rubber padding on the aluminum arm assists in gripping the card bracket and securing it firmly.

To install the PSU requires no tools. Simply open the aluminum PSU holder, insert the PSU in position, you can also turn the PSU's fans up or down to suit your need, then close the aluminum PSU holder.

There is a special quadrate opening of the motherboard tray, user can easily switch the cpu's radiator without removing the motherboard.

There is a patented cable management clamp for cables to pass through, allowing the user convenient management of the cables.

To install the motherboard requires no tools, simply use the tool-less screw to screw a motherboard into case, quickly and easily.

Multi-media port connectors follow international specification standards, with one connector for easy installation. Audio supports HD Audio or AC97 Audio. The dual design is for better compatibility options. All I/O ports on the top cover, allow for easy access, there is also a dust-free cover to protect these connectors.


Model :
Case Type :
Full Tower Chassis
Dimensions :
220mm x 590mm x 615mm (W x H x D)
Front bezel Material :
Colour :
Side Panel :
Body Material :
5.25" drive bay (External) :
3.5" drive bay (External/Internal) :
1 x External (Uses one 5.25" bay)

10 x Internal
Expansion Slot :
Motherboard :
System Fan (Front) :
140mm Fan x 2 (1000RPM)
System Fan (Top) :
System Fan (Rear) :
120mm Fan x 2 (1500RPM)
I/O Ports :
USB2.0 x 4 / IEEE1394 x 1 / E-SATA x 1 / HD+AC97 Audio

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