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QNAP QGD-1600-4G 16-Port Gigabit PoE Switch/NAS with 4GB RAM


 QGD-1600P-4G, QNAP QGD-1600-4G 16-Port Gigabit PoE Switch/NAS with 4GB RAM

Key Features

  • 4x RJ45 Gigabit 60W PoE ports | 10x RJ45 Gigabit 30W PoE ports | 2x RJ45/SFP 30W PoE ports
  • Web Managed
  • CPU - Intel Celeron J4115 64-bit Architecture
  • RAM - 4GB
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • World's first PoE managed switch that supports Virtual Machines
  • QGD-1600P-4G

Part No: QGD-1600P-4G

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The world's first smart PoE edge switch that runs QTS and supports hosting Virtual Machines (VMs), enabling versatile applications to satisfy all your networking needs.

QNAP’s QGD-1600P is the world’s first PoE managed switch that supports Virtual Machines (VMs). It features 4-port 60-watt and 12-port 30-watt Gigabit PoE (with two PoE/SFP Combo ports) for highly flexible networking environment deployment. With a dual-CPU design, the QGD-1600P provides both Layer 2 management functions for VM and QTS applications. The QGD-1600P also features Software-Defined Networking (SDN), enabling it to function as a NAS, NVR, router, firewall and AP controller for IP surveillance, network security, storage expansion, and wireless LAN management applications. Therefore, the Guardian series offers SMBs a cost-optimised and centrally managed LAN deployment solution.

60W PoE+

QGD-1600P is compliant with the latest IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ and IEEE 802.3at PoE+ standards, and offers 4-port 60-watt and 12-port 30-watt Gigabit PoE capability. QGD-1600P can supply a total power budget of 370watts to meet the demands of high-powered devices (PDs).

L2 Management FEatures

QGD-1600P provides comprehensive Layer 2 management features, such as VLAN, LACP, QoS IGMP Snooping, and Wake-on-LAN for IT administrators to efficienctly control the network bandwidth and enhance security via the user-friendly switch management web interface.

USer-friendly web interface

QuNetSwitch offers a user-friendly web interface to help IT administrators efficiently control Layer 2 and PoE networks. Additionally, the overview dashboard and graphical statistics analysis show IT administrators all switch information and pored devices at a glance, making central management of high-power devices intuitive and easy.


Supports up to two SATA drives.

PCIe expandability

PCIe expandability allows for 10GbE network cards, QM2 dual-port M.2 SSD/10GbE cards, USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) cards, or Wireless Adapters.

Flexible Applications

Host containerised applications and virtual machines with various operating systems. Flexibly install virtual router, firewall, or wireless LAN management software for various networking management applications.


4 x RJ45 Gigabit 802.3bt 60-watt PoE ports, 10 x RJ45 Gigabit 802.3at 30-watt PoE ports, 2x RJ45/SFP Gigabit 802.3at 30-watt PoE ports; Intel® Celeron® J4115 quad-core 1.8 GHz processor (burst up to 2.5 GHz), 4 GB DDR4 RAM


The QGD-1600P is a hybrid PoE switch/NAS that enables NVR, router, and AP controller functions and comes pre-installed with various software to satisfy all SMB networking requirements. The PoE switch can help your business initiate digital transformation by making edge devices intelligent.


High PoE Capability - up to 60W

The QGD-1600P is compliant with the latest IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ and IEEE 802.3at PoE+ standards, offering 4-port 60-watt and 12-port 30-watt Gigabit PoE capability. The QGD-1600P can supply a total power budget of 370 watts to meet the demands of many high-power devices (PDs), such as IP cameras, wireless APs, IP phones, LED lights, and digital signage.


Intelligent PoE Functions for Efficient, Centralised PD Management

The QGD-1600P supports intelligent PoE management functions, including scheduling, power supply prioritisation, and power enabling and disabling. You can obtain the real-time network connection status and power consumption information of PDs and configure PDs simultaneously to promote an energy-saving PoE network.


Comprehensive Layer 2 management Features

The QGD-1600P provides comprehensive Layer 2 management features such as VLAN, LACP, and LLDP for you to efficiently control the network through IP grouping and bandwidth management. The QGD-1600P also has powerful security functions, including IGMP Snooping, static MAC, QoS, and Wake-on-LAN, which are suitable for simple networking environments and easy deployment.

Dual-system of Switch & NAS, enabling optimum performance

The QGD-1600P features dual-system design, multi-port capability and expandable architecture, enabling optimum transmission and flexibility to fulfill business needs in performance and application diversification.

  1. 4x Gigabit 802.3bt PoE++ ports - Supplies up to 60 watts per port to meet the demands of high-powered devices (PDs), such as LED lights, digital signage and PTZ IP cameras
  2. 12x Gigabit 802.3at PoE+ ports - Supplies up to 30 watts per port to meet the demands of powered devices (PDs), such as wireless APs and IP phones
  3. 2x Gigabit 802.3at PoE+ / SFP combo ports - The 12 802.3at PoE+ ports contain 2 RJ45/SFP combo ports to bring networking devices more deployment flexibility
  4. RJ45 Host Interface port - IT administrator can log into the QTS System via the independent host interface to manage the switch without disrupting the operation
  5. LCD monitor and control buttons - The LCD Monitor displays real-time IP and Firmware information of the Switch and QTS System to help you understand the network status. The control buttons allow you to directly configure and restart the system
  6. HDMI 2.0 port - The QGD can be connected to an external monitor via the HDMI 2.0 port for direct displaying real-time surveillance video
  7. Multiple USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports - Two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port, allowing for connecting to external hard drives, printers and UPS
  8. Intel® Celeron® processor - High-performance Intel® Celeron® J4115 quad-core 1.8 GHz processor (burst up to 2.5 GHz)
  9. 2x 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s SSD/HDD ports - Built-in 2x 2.5" SATA SSD/HDD slots offer secure storage space for application data
  10. 2x PCIe Gen2 expansion slots - Supports 10GbE network cards, QM2 cards, USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) expansion cards and wireless adapters for greater application potential
  11. DDR4 memory - Supports four DDR4 dual-channel SO-DIMM memory modules for a maximum of 8 GB RAM
  12. System fans - Monitors system temperatures and automatically adjusts fan speeds accordingly
  13. Power supply unit - 418W power supplies ensure continuous system uptime
  14. Independent QSS/QTS reset buttons and LED indicators - You can reset the switch and QTS separately via the independent reset buttons, ensuring the PoE power supply is stable when resetting the QTS, or continuous operation of the VMs on QTS when resetting the QSS. You can also easily view the status of QTS/ QSS systems, hard drives, PoE and system FAN via the LED indicators
  15. Independent QTS Host power button - When shutting down the QTS via the independent QTS Host power button, the switch can still offer data transmission in LAN network and ensure uninterrupted operation without being affected by QTS status


The First PoE Switch with VM Support

The QGD-1600P is the world’s first PoE switch with the QTS operating system built in for VM, container, and other cloud applications, enabling diverse networking and storage solutions. In addition to QVR Pro, VJBOD, and other diverse storage applications, the QTS App Center also supports VMs for running many open-source software applications, including MikroTik® RouterOS, OpenWrt, pfSense®, and Ubiquiti® UniFi®. Integrated with public cloud services, the QGD-1600P meets the needs of various applications in IP surveillance, storage expansion, network security, and wireless LAN management. The QGD-1600P dual-CPU design enables you to run the networking management interfaces of QSS (QNAP Switch System) and QTS independently. The QGD-1600P offers a user-friendly web interface, QuNetSwitch, to help SMBs easily deploy a flexible and secure IT infrastructure.

THe QGD-1600p and QVR Pro Make a One-Stop IP Surveillance System

The QGD-1600P works seamlessly with QVR Pro, QNAP’s new surveillance software service, to help build the most cost-effective one-stop IP surveillance system. By integrating PoE, NVR, and NAS storage functions, the QGD-1600P significantly simplifies the surveillance network infrastructure while satisfying the requirements for surveillance deployment, central management, video recording and computing. The QGD-1600P offers 4-port 60-watt and 12-port 30-watt Gigabit PoE to different brands of high-power IP Cameras with the ONVIF standard. Through QVR Pro Surveillance Suite, IT administrators can easily manage cameras, record and play back videos, failover recording tasks, and monitor mobile apps. The QGD-1600P is equipped with an HDMI output to connect an external monitor for real-time surveillance video monitoring.



QGS-1600P + VJBOD: A highly scalable storage solution

The QGD-1600P supports up to two SATA drives and other hardware-based storage expansion accessories, such as PCIe, USB, SAS expansion cards and RAID Expansion Enclosure (TR-004U) to provide reliable performance. Additionally, you can expand the storage space of the QGD-1600P via QNAP VJBOD. VJBOD allows you to instantly allocate storage space from a remote QNAP NAS as an iSCSI LUN and create storage pools, take snapshots, create clones from snapshots, or index multimedia files in the media library on the QGD-1600P. With the expansion availability of physical units and VJBOD, you can attain the highest possible storage utilisation to fulfill volume data storage and backup needs.

QGS-1600P: Enhance security with an integrated virtual router and virtual firewall

The QGD-1600P can be easily transformed into a security router with a firewall via virtual router and virtual firewall software by installing MikroTik RouterOS and OpenWrt. You can flexibly configure Layer 3 routing functions and create site-to-site VPN tunnels between headquarters and branch offices while securing enterprise network data transmissions. The virtual firewall software pfSense helps enterprises separate or protect local networks and apply multiple security policies.


THe QGD-1600P Creates a wireless ap controller with unifi® ap

The QGD-1600P offers 4-port 60-watt and 12-port 30-watt Gigabit PoE for various types of high-power PoE wireless APs. Adopting PoE and VM technology to support PoE wireless APs and the Ubiquiti wireless LAN management software UniFi, the QGD-1600P becomes a hardware-based and software-based wireless AP controller. The QGD-1600P enables not only data transmission and PoE management over wireless APs, but also central management over wired and wireless networking devices in offices, hotels, retail stores, or other small-to-medium-sized networks, greatly promoting the effectiveness of network management and reducing costs.


QunetSwitch: User-Friendly Switch Management Software

Aside from QNAP Switch System (QSS), the QGD-1600P also offers QuNetSwitch (via QTS), a user-friendly web interface networking management software application to help IT administrators efficiently control Layer 2 management and PoE networks. Additionally, the overview dashboard and graphical statistics analysis area displays all the information about the switch and PDs at a glance, making centralised management of over--powered devices intuitive and easy for administrators.


Port Management

View port status, port packet statistics, and configure port speed.


PoE Management

Manage PoE scheduling, PoE power supply prioritisation, and PoE enabling and disabling.


Overview Dashboard

View real-time information about switch CPU usage, PoE power consumption, and port status.


From the Manufacturer



No. Ports 16
Predominant Port Type 10/100/1000 Gigabit Fast Ethernet
PoE Ports PoE
Switch Management Smart Managed

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QNAP - QGD-1600P-4G
QNAP QGD-1600-4G 16-Port Gigabit PoE Switch/NAS with 4GB RAM


£629.99 Inc VAT

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