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TRENDnet TV-IP311PI Outdoor 3MP Full HD PoE Dome Day/Night Network Camera TV-IP311PI


Key Features

  • 3 Megapixel resolution
  • Compact IP66 weather rated housing
  • Night vision up to 25 meters (82 ft.)
  • Save installation costs with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Program motion detection recording and email alerts
  • Vandal resistant housing
  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range image balancing
  • ONVIF and IPv6 support

Part No: TV-IP311PI

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The Outdoor 3MP Full HD PoE Day/Night Network Camera, model TV-IP311PI, provides powerful 3 megapixel night vision in complete darkness for up to 25 meters (82 ft.). This ultra-compact vandal resistant fixed dome camera is outdoor ready with an IP66 weather rated housing. It comes with a free Apple® and Android™ mobile app and Complimentary pro-grade software to manage up to 32 TRENDnet cameras.

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From the Manufacturer


Product Reviews

7.7 out of 10
Overall rating
How easy to set-up
Image quality
Build quality
Value for money
10 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 16 February 2017

Published Purchase: 28 February 2017

+ easy to use in a multi camera enviroment
- failed after 2 year in a sheltered outdoor location. Others in similar are fine.
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2 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 12 November 2016

Published Purchase: 27 December 2016

+ Easy to install using PoE if you have injectors or a switch that supports PoE
- Software doesn't support image rotation so the camera can not be mounted on a vertical wall. Terrible night mode as it suffers badly from Ir bleeding / reflection from the dome itself.
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9 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 16 February 2016

Published Purchase: 02 March 2016

+ Easy to use and setup
- Reviewer left no comment
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8 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 07 April 2015

Published Purchase: 04 July 2015

+ Cheap compared to other I.P. Cams Amazing picture quality
- Not easy to set up.... Not hard either. Free software is poor but luckily mine is attached to a NAS.
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8 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 30 May 2015

Published Purchase: 13 June 2015

+ I have not properly installed this yet, but I have plugged it in and had it working. Daylight picture looks good, haven't tried IR yet.
- The LAN connection.... Large (22mm) diameter socket on a trailing cable which needs to go through the wall or ceiling. As someone else said, if they just put a socket on the camera you could get away with a much smaller hole. I'm planning on drilling a small hole, running the network cable through the wall into a waterproof junction box on the outside, and joining the cables in there.
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10 out of 10

Chris Engineer and marketer

Confirmed Purchase: 05 January 2015

Published Purchase: 01 February 2015

+ Nice and neat. Has Power over Ethernet so no need to fiddle about with power adapters or additional components. Works well with Synology Surveillance station
- It would be great to have a black version for hiding in eaves. An internal Ethernet connector would reduce size of hole in wall to 6mm... The enclosed software is not brilliant.
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4 out of 10


Confirmed Purchase: 30 August 2014

Published Purchase: 05 October 2014

+ Good solid unit and an incredible hardware feature spec that competes with cameras coating several times the price.
- Let down by the worst software I've ever encountered in a professional product. Although there is a web interface to the camera, it bizarrely insists on a proprietary windows plugin to function. It is not possible to install the camera without a copy of Microsoft windows. This is a totally unnecessary requirement. All other vendors manage with a standards compliant web interface to their cameras. I had to borrow a windows machine and dirty it with bad software just to get the camera working. Next the camera will only upload to a non-configurable folder name in the root of an ftp site. Why?? The folder name must match the camera name. Why??? You can only connect to ftp servers by IP address, not by host name. Why?? This means that you cannot upload images to a dhcp enabled server. Pointless restrictions. We had to completely reconfigure our ftp site to make it fit these needlessly restrictive requirements. No other vendor of professional security cameras would ship such a poor web interface. Please fix it, trendnet!
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9 out of 10

Rod Modest technical experience.

Confirmed Purchase: 22 August 2014

Published Purchase: 21 September 2014

+ Excellent resolution, easy to setup. Comes with straightforward installation instructions. Once powered up and allowed to boot appear on my network and was then connected to my NAS. The camera is very adjustable which makes it a joy to setup.
- Not sure that this can be considered a bad point, however this is a consumer POE camera and TrendNet fail to make it clear what that means. They should suggest which POE injector to use to power it. However I didn't want WiFi nor messy two cables going through an outside wall so used a Solwise POE homeplug to both power and connect this to my network.
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9 out of 10

David Software Developer

Confirmed Purchase: 11 August 2014

Published Purchase: 17 September 2014

+ Image resolution and quality - higher than Full HD Motion recognition On board control system Build quality - very solid and easy to fit Links to Synology systems for security monitoring Records to freeness based storage or FTP Email notifications
- Automated email notification only supports sending via certain email account providers such as gmail and yahoo (not explained in the instructions, and not well understood by the technical support helpline staff) as the software could not validate certain SSL certificates for non mainstream email accounts
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4 out of 10

HM Do not buy Trendnet

Confirmed Purchase: 28 July 2014

Published Purchase: 15 September 2014

+ Good quality build, great picture
- Terrible Trendnet support. Despite opening a ticket to ask a question, you get no support or replies. Contacted their free 0800 support, got put through to a call centre advisor who said "Oh you are from the UK, we're busy, call back tomorrow".... Good product, non existent Trendnet Service.
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TRENDnet TV-IP311PI Outdoor 3MP Full HD PoE Dome Day/Night Network Camera TV-IP311PI

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RRP £129.99

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