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 VAP802-K, Draytek VigorAP 802 Mesh Wireless Access Point

Draytek VigorAP 802 Mesh Wireless Access Point


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Key Features

  • Self-Optimising Mesh ensures your wireless network nodes are always using the fastest path
  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Small and tidy design
  • Auto-Optimisation
  • Wireless optimisation
  • Gigabit LAN port
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • VAP802-K

Stock Code: 93354551 | Part No: VAP802-K

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Mesh Wireless 802.11ac Range Extender & Access Point

VigorAP 802 is a high-performance Mesh Wireless Access Point and Range Extender. With a Mesh network, you can easily expand wireless coverage, eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and significantly reduce the cost of network deployments. DrayTek's Mesh wireless solution supports VLAN tags, allowing you to provide two distinct and separate wireless networks, such as an internal and a guest network, without any cable installation required.

The VigorAP 802 is a Mesh Node to be used in conjunction with a Mesh Root, such as the VigorAP 903 Mesh Wireless Access Point. It can also be used as a traditional Access Point to provide wireless connectivity for your network. Extend wireless coverage for regular wireless networks without Mesh with the Range Extender mode. This joins the VigorAP 802 to an existing wireless network, expanding its coverage.

The plug design makes the VigorAP 802 easy to install and tidy once in place. With a Gigabit LAN port on the underside to connect Wired Ethernet devices into your Mesh network.

Initial setup of the VigorAP 802 is easy with the DrayTek Wireless app, whether it's joining an existing Mesh network or being set up in AP and Range Extender modes, the Quick Start Wizard assists throughout.

Manage the VigorAP 802 centrally through the VigorACS central management platform, VigorConnect, Router AP Management, or simply on its own as a stand-alone access point. The VigorAP 802 has the flexibility to be used how you need it.

Mesh Wireless

Link up to 8 Draytek VigorAP access points over wireless with Mesh. Mesh auto configures wireless links.

Small and Tidy Design

All in one wall plug access point with integrated power supply. Installs into a UK power socket.

Easy to Configure and Manage

Setup of the VigorAP 802 is easy with the DrayTek Wireless app.

Gigabit LAN port

Provide fast network connectivity to wired devices. Use the VigorAP 802 as a wireless bridge for Ethernet devices.

Dual-Band AC1200 Access Point

Up to 866Mbps + 300Mbps total wireless bandwidth. Connect 32 clients per wireless band, 64 in total.

Wireless Optimisation

Band Steering, Airtime Fairness and AP-Assisted Mobility features help to improve wireless network efficiency.

Wireless Security & VLANs

Secure your wireless networks with 802.1x and Access Control.

Multi-SSID over Mesh

Provide separate wireless networks for 2 separate LANs over Mesh.

AP & Repeater Modes

Use the VigorAP 802 as an Access Point or extend an existing wireless network.

Mesh - Auto-Optimisation

DrayTek Mesh is Self-organising & Self-Healing to ensure reliable wireless connectivity.

Central Management with VigorACS

Manage VigorAPs from the cloud with DrayTek VigorACS.

Central Management with a DrayTek Router

Manage, monitor and provision VigorAPs connected to a DrayTek Vigor router.


Easy Setup with the DrayTek Wireless app

DrayTek's Wireless app assists you with setting up the VigorAP 802 access points and Mesh Wireless network.

Once installed on your Smartphone or Tablet, use the Quick Start Wizard to adopt and set up your VigorAP 802 as an additional Mesh Node in your Mesh Wireless network, as a stand-alone Access Point or extend an existing wireless network as a Range Extender.

Simply scan the access point’s QR code to detect it, or manually input the VigorAPs default SSID & password, then configure your wireless network with step-by-step guidance.

When it’s all set up, view the Mesh Wireless status and connected wireless clients from the app.


Add a VigorAP 802 into a Mesh network with the DrayTek Wireless app

Use the DrayTek Wireless app to install the VigorAP 802 in a new DrayTek Mesh Wireless network:

  1. Connect a VigorAP 903 into your network and scan its QR code with the DrayTek Wireless app
  2. Use the Quick Start Wizard to set it as the Mesh Root and configure the Wireless network name and password
  3. Plug in the VigorAP 802
  4. Search for new Mesh Node with the DrayTek Wireless app and add it to the Mesh group
  5. Wait a couple of minutes for the VigorAP 802 to auto configure and join the Mesh group
  6. The VigorAP 802 is now expanding your Mesh wireless coverage.

Small and Tidy Design

The VigorAP 802 is designed to fit into a power socket, mounting it security and providing power with an absolute minimum of space required.

You can expand wireless coverage quickly and easily with the VigorAP 802, just plug it into a UK power socket and it's powered with its integrated power supply, no additional cables required. The dual band antennas are hidden within the VigorAP and its small size makes it inconspicuous in any room.

The indicator LEDs of the VigorAP that normally show the VigorAP's status, can be disabled or scheduled to avoid them lighting up a room. To check the VigorAP's status with the LEDs turned off, just press the button on the front for 3 seconds to wake up the LED indicators.


Gigabit LAN Port

The VigorAP 802 has one wired Ethernet port on the underside of the AP. This is a Gigabit port operating at 1000Mb/s, backwards compatible with 10/100 devices.

Using the Gigabit LAN port is optional, you can use the VigorAP 802 as a purely wireless Mesh Node, connecting wirelessly to the Mesh network, without the need to use the RJ-45 for connectivity.

When operating in AP mode, this ensures that the VigorAP 802 is fed at the maximum speed in order to fully satisfy the full speed of both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz bands simultaneously.

When the VigorAP 802 is used as a Mesh Node or Range Extender / Wireless Repeater, anything connected to the LAN port is bridged to your wireless network, providing high speed network connectivity without running long cables.


Dual Band AC1200 Access Point

The VigorAP 802 is an 802.11ac access point, providing wireless coverage for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz clients simultaneously.

This means that devices on the compatible 2.4GHz band can communicate with up to 300Mb/s bandwidth to 802.11b/g/n clients, while the faster 5GHz band can provide up to 866Mb/s to 802.11ac/n capable devices.

The VigorAP can connect up to 32 clients to each wireless radio, up to 64 wireless clients per VigorAP 802 access point. When used with other VigorAPs being managed by a DrayTek Vigor router, Central AP Management's AP Load Balancing can ensure that wireless clients are shared equally between the access points, giving better overall bandwidth by avoiding overloading of a single access point.

Wireless Optimisation

DrayTek's VigorAP access points have many features designed to improve wireless performance on your network, to ensure that every wireless client gets the best possible experience.

  • Airtime Fairness - Aims to maximise the total wireless throughput by improving how time is shared between wireless clients to prevent slower clients from negatively affecting other users and to enable faster clients to obtain higher speeds that they're capable of.
  • Band Steering - Increases capacity for Vigor Access Points by directing wireless clients, that are capable of connecting to 5GHz wireless networks, to the less congested and faster 5GHz (802.11n and 802.11ac) band. The aim is to more evenly distribute wireless clients between the AP's wireless radios.
  • AP Assisted Mobility - Allows VigorAP access points on the network to improve how clients handle moving between VigorAPs. It intelligently allows VigorAPs to disassociate clients from a VigorAP, when the client could get a better connection with a nearer VigorAP access point.
  • Mobile Device Management - Control which type of devices connect to your VigorAP access points, for instance, to stop desktop and laptop computers connecting to a network intended for guest's mobile phones and tablets.

Wireless Security & VLANs

The VigorAP 802 features multiple levels of wireless security. Encryption using WPA2 is available and you can also use the access control list (ACL) to specify the hardware addresses of clients which are permitted to connect (by MAC hardware address). Any unauthorised hardware is refused access.

For additional user authentication, you can have the VigorAP 802 authenticate clients with an 802.1x RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service) server.

The VigorAP 802 supports the 802.1q VLAN protocol so that if it is connected to an 802.1q enabled LAN, it can split tagged data (whether it's different subnets or intended for different users) and broadcast each on its own SSID. This means, for example, that your guest WiFi access is provided on a separate isolated SSID with no access to your company data.


Multi-SSID over Mesh

DrayTek's Mesh system supports 802.1q VLAN tagging for its multiple Wireless networks (or SSIDs), over both wireless and wired Mesh links between VigorAPs.

Each SSID provided by the Mesh network can have a VLAN tag assigned to it. VLAN tags are interpreted by the network's router and switch(es) to segregate one network from another. For instance keeping devices connecting to a guest network separate from resources on the private, internal network.

Setting up a Mesh network to work with VLANs only requires setting up the Mesh Root with the VLAN tags on its SSIDs. This change propagates to Mesh Nodes when syncing the configuration between access points and Multi-SSID over Mesh can be used just like a cabled network of access points.


AP & Repeater Modes

The VigorAP 802 can be used as a stand-alone Wireless Access Point, to provide wireless connectivity for a router or network that doesn't currently have wireless.

Plug the VigorAP 802's RJ-45 port into any Ethernet network and plug the AP itself into a wall socket for a tidy and space-efficient wireless solution.

Access Point mode can create up to 2 separate Wireless networks (or SSIDs). The VigorAP 802 can provide completely separate private and guest wireless networks through the use of 802.1q VLAN tags with a router or network that supports VLAN tagging, such as the DrayTek Vigor 2862 router.

Range Extender (or Universal Repeater) mode allows the VigorAP 802 to extend the wireless coverage of any existing wireless network. In this mode, the VigorAP 802 connects to a remote wireless network, allowing it to provide Internet and Network access to wireless clients that connect to the VigorAP 802's wireless network.


Mesh - Auto-Optimisation

A VigorMesh Wireless network can easily add new Mesh Nodes and self-organises links between up to 8 DrayTek VigorAP access points, to ensure the best possible speeds.

If a Mesh Node's wireless uplink drops out, for instance if there's interference or the VigorAP it connects to is turned off, each Mesh VigorAP automatically re-connects to the next available point to resumes service without any manual intervention required.

Mesh Nodes further away will connect wirelessly to the nearest Mesh Node, with up to 3 wireless hops.

Alternatively, where a network connection is available for a VigorAP, join a Mesh Node to the network through ethernet and nearby wireless Mesh Nodes can join it instead of the Mesh Root to reduce wireless hops and increase possible Mesh throughput.


Central Management with DrayTek VigorACS

The DrayTek VigorAP 802 can be managed by the DrayTek VigorACS central management system - a cloud platform which can manage most DrayTek products - routers, wireless access points and Ethernet switches, giving you complete visibility and control of your DrayTek product estate, even without a DrayTek Vigor router on site.

The DrayTek VigorACS management system can be used to configure and provision DrayTek VigorAP access points, similarly to performing these actions through the VigorAP's web interface, with a familiar menu layout in the Configuration section of VigorACS.

Profiles for groups of access points can be provisioned in VigorACS by selecting a VigorACS network, then accessing Configuration < AP Profile to configure profiles and apply them selectively.

DrayTek's VigorACS management monitors each VigorAP access point, with a Dashboard view giving a central overview of the most important information from the VigorAP's current status.


Central Management with a DrayTek Router

The VigorAP 802 can operate in standalone autonomous mode, but can also form part of a centrally managed wireless installation by adding a compatible DrayTek wireless controller such as the Vigor 2862 router. This enables you to centrally control, manage and administer multiple AP devices installed around your building/campus. Management also enables efficient usage of your wireless access point through load-balancing, whereby wireless clients are distributed across several access points to reduce congestion.

The DrayTek router operating as the wireless controller can provision DrayTek VigorAP access points using the Central AP Management profiles configured on the router, with an option to Auto Provision - auto configuring newly installed VigorAP access points with the Auto Provisioning profile, upon initial connection to the DrayTek Vigor router's network.


From the Manufacturer



Wi-Fi Standard IEEE 802.11ac
Wi-Fi Speed AC1200
No. Ports 1
Predominant Port Type 10/100/1000 Gigabit Fast Ethernet

Please note: Pictures are for illustration only. Please contact us if you wish to confirm the specification before ordering.


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Draytek - VAP802-K
Draytek VigorAP 802 Mesh Wireless Access Point


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