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Key Features

  • Platform: PC Windows
  • Genre: Casual
  • Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd

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The Worms™ crew returns, and this time they’ve got balls! The classic Worms™ Pinball sends the cute little pink guys spinning across one of the most realistic pinball tables ever created. Battle with honour through the mystic art of Worms™ Kung-Fu or hang at high noon with the grizzliest, pinkest cowboys this side of Texas. Only Worms™ Pinball offers an action packed pinball simulation of pure wormage! Worms™ Pinball leaves nothing to the imagination. The table sports 3D LED displayed sub-games and parallel objectives, transparent ramps, user-controllable moving gadgets, moving mechanical parts and wild sound effects and music. The table contains over 150 animated parts and thousands of frames of rendered FMV animation for the LED display. It’s got tilt functions, hit combinations as well as drop and dead catches, bounce and flip passes, bang backs, death saves, magnetic fields and countless other exciting features. The depth of gameplay, variety of action and sophisticated table rules ensures that Worms Pinball will have all gamers, not just hard-core pinheads, hooked.

Game Features:

  • Realistic and dynamic physics simulation. The vector-based ball accurately reflects its surroundings adding to the immersive quality of playing in a real world environment. Impulse, inertia, acceleration, momentum, torque, all these real world physical qualities are simulated to produce outstanding realism.
  • Atmospheric lighting/reflection/shadow effects
  • Multiple Full screen views and tilt function for superb gameplay.
  • Up to six multi-balls simultaneously
  • Accurate and flexible vector-based ball and flipper simulation
  • Sophisticated data compression techniques allowing several thousand frames of rendered FMV animation for the scoreboard and table
  • Fantastic hidden sub-games

Legal Information

Worms™ Pinball. Copyright 1998-2011. Team17 Software Ltd. Original Concept Andy Davidson. Worms™, Worms™ Pinball, Addiction Pinball and Team17 are copyrights of Team17 Software Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


Steam account required for game activation and installation

PC System Requirements
MINIMUM: A 100% Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible computer system

Language Support:


Everyone USK 0


Team 17 Digital Ltd


  • casual


  • Team17 Digital Ltd


  • PC Windows

Release date: 18/10/2011

Available to download from: 18/10/2011

Specifications +

Type Base Game
Genre Casual
Release Date 18/10/2011 23:00
Platform PC Windows, PC Windows
Developer Team17 Digital Ltd
Client Steam

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Team 17 Digital Ltd - WORMSPINBALL

Worms Pinball - Digital Download WORMSPINBALL

£5.59 Inc VAT

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