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What is an Acer Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a brilliant device that can harness many of the benefits of a laptop, such as a large screen, keyboard and functionality in a lightweight device at a super affordable price. Chromebooks run Chrome OS as an operating system, and therefore usually require access to the internet to enable full functionality. That being said, they are usually super-fast due to a streamlined approach when it comes to built-in features, and they can also offer enhanced peace of mind thanks to multiple levels of security. So there really are a huge range of benefits to a Chromebook if you have decided it’s the right device for you!

Are Acer Chromebooks good for students?

Chromebooks are a brilliant choice for students, as they are a super lightweight and portable device that is perfect for carrying in your bag all day from lessons to the library. They can load up quickly, and allow you to read over course material and take notes with ease. Plus, the Acer Chromebooks we have here at Box are super affordable with most Chromebooks being under £300.

Are Acer’s Chromebooks ideal for casual use?

A Chromebook is a great choice for casual use, whilst they don’t offer the same power-packed punch as many laptops, they are a great choice for casual work from creating powerpoints, reading over documents and building spreadsheets. They can also be used when it’s time to unwind at home as you can stream the latest films on Netflix, watch cooking tutorials on Youtube or even enjoy some online shopping from the comfort of your own home. Plus, Touchscreen Chromebooks offer an awesome hybrid between a tablet and a laptop.

Can I use an Acer Chromebook for gaming?

Many Acer Chromebooks allow you to browse and download gaming apps from the Playstore, so are suitable for casual and light gaming. However, we recommend checking out our specialised gaming laptops for an ideal device to support the demands of portable gaming.

Why buy Acer Chromebooks from Box?

Here at Box, we offer unmissable Acer Chromebook deals as well as free delivery and the options for 0% finance on our great range including 11” Chromebooks up to 14” Chromebooks. So be sure to buy your Chromebook online right here!

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