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THE BEST PCS FOR ARK: survival evolved

Best PCs for ark

Below you will find our best configured PCs that will allow you to play ARK: Survival Evolved the way you want to! The four main quality settings for ARK: Survival Evolved are Low, Medium, High and Ultra, and we have a great selection of PCs for all ranges and budgets. Check below for the systems and settings that suit you best...your games, your way!

ARK: Survival Evolved Low SettingsARK: Survival Evolved Medium SettingsARK: Survival Evolved High SettingsARK: Survival Evolved Ultra Settings

Best PCs for Ark Survival Evolved

Having been released in 2015 via open beta, Ark has greatly evolved over the years with new bosses, maps, events and creatures added at regular intervals to enhance the game and keep players coming back for more day after to day.

With offline single player and online multiplayer modes where up to 70 players can be playing and interacting with each other on various maps at any one time, not to mention the hundreds of wild dinos spread across the world and the various cave systems there to explore. Ark’s sheer scale presents a massive challenge for PC’s in order to run this game well. On this page you’ll find our best recommendations for what settings your PC will require in order to run Ark Survival Evolved smoothly at the desired graphical settings.

Ark Survival Evolved Overview

Waking up on an unknown island with nothing to your name but a strange implant in your left forearm, Ark pits players against both the environment and other players, with PVE and PVP modes to choose from across a range of different challenging maps and terrains. With an active ecosystem of dinosaurs and mythical creatures both on land and in water, your journey will take you far and wide in search of friendly and vicious dinosaurs to tame and utilize in your pursuit of ultimate ascension.

In order to expand your bases and craft items you’ll need to harvest a variety of precious resources to in order build up your tribe and its defenses. Resources that can be found in space, on land and in the murky depths of Ark’s waters. The layers of complexity within the game offer a great challenge and provide hours of entertainment with open objectives to choose from at your leisure that ultimately fulfill the overall ambition of beating all of the Ark’s main bosses.

What to consider when buying an Ark gaming pc?

With large expansive maps filled with other players, AI dinosaurs, beautiful landscapes that you can traverse via air, on land and under the waves, Ark requires some solid PC components in order to run smoothly. Below are some of our key recommendations when putting together or purchasing a gaming PC to play Ark.


Larger amounts of memory will always help to run Ark smoothly on your gaming rig. With more RAM your PC will be able to render the large maps and all of the player built bases with far less lag. We recommend a minimum of 16GB RAM on all of our systems, while better performance will be gained when utilizing 32GB.


The stunning worlds and creatures within Ark and the almost endless possibilities created through the game’s building mechanic mean a good graphics card is an absolute must. Investing in one of the latest AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards will also unlock high frame rates as well as up to 4k resolutions on supported displays.

Cases & Cooling

When using high spec components on a demanding game like Ark Survival Evolved, your PC will likely become quite hot. Keeping your computer cooled through cooling and PC case fans will ensure that your components won’t overheat, allowing your PC to keep performing at top spec without any issues or forced interruptions.

How much does a good gaming pc cost for Ark Survival Evolved?

While Ark came out in 2015, it’s far from an old game performance-wise. With new and enhanced maps planned for release in 2022, you’ll still need to consider a high-powered modern gaming PC to fully take advantage of this great game’s features and beauty. With recommended gaming PCs from around £800 you’ll be sure to find the perfect desktop for both Ark and many other games.

Why buy an Ark gaming pc from cube?

By splitting our range into four easy to navigate options based on your budget and desired spec, you can quickly choose between gaming PC’s that can play ark in Low, Medium, High and Ultra settings.

If you prefer to build your own custom gaming PC then our Cube custom configurator is the perfect option for creating a gaming rig specifically designed to play Ark. With a pre-populated config that only displays compatible components, we take the hassle out of building your new PC, ensuring that all parts will fit within the chosen case and work well in conjunction with one another.

With a fast build time, 3 years of extended warranty and flexible buy now pay later finance options, you can be assured of a top quality gaming PC at an affordable price from, built by Cube gaming PCs.

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