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The Best PCs for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Best PCs for Microsoft Flight Sim

Below you will find our best configured PCs that will allow you to play Micrsosoft Flight Simulator the way you want to! We have a great selection of PCs for all ranges and budgets. We have highlighted some PCs best for performance as well as some that are more suited to more realism - or you can use our Custom Built Flight Sim PC template to configure your own ultimate PC for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Check below for the systems and settings that suit you best... your games, your way!

Flight Sim Performance SettingsFlight Sim Realism SettingsFlight Sim Custom PCs

The Best PCs for Flight Simulators

Technology has made the world a smaller place. From being able to connect with those on the other side of the globe at the click of a button to accessing and exploring places in a far foreign land in realistic simulation games such as Flight Simulator. We’re not talking about getting lost down a late night YouTube rabbithole here either.

The advancement in both what can be achieved in terms of look and feel, as well as our understanding of the wider world has meant that the level of detail reached in flight simulators is reaching a pinnacle in terms of its accuracy. In contrast to the fantastical and out-worldly things you get in console games, you can book your ticket to take in the whole world from the comfort of your home. On this page, you’ll find the best PCs for Flight Simulators with advice on what to look out for when buying yours.

Getting Ready for Take Off

You don’t need to be studying to be a pilot to want to get your head in the clouds any more.  What once was enjoyed mostly by those with a serious passion for aviation, the desire and appetite for flight simulators has developed as time has allowed technology to catch up.

In one sense, the advancement of computer games in general has never been more seen and felt than within this particular genre.  The idea of having a fully realistic model of even an individual city at one stage seemed quite dramatic, let alone being able to traverse the skies taking everything in.  To that end, it’s a lot more mainstream and popular than ever before and there’s never been a better time to spread your wings - so to speak.

What to consider when buying a flight simulator Gaming PC

Fundamentally, when it comes down to buying a PC to run something of this kind of scale - as with anything on this level - there are things that must be taken into account.  It would be disappointing on every level to get settled into and ready to break the clouds only to find your PC can’t doesn’t have the right wings to take you there.

To fully enjoy your adventure in the skies, these are the elements of your PC you need to consider:


The higher the memory, the more a PC can do. With so much going on in Microsoft Flight Simulator, it’s important to find a PC with a decent memory so you can have an edge over the competition.


Nobody would enjoy a sightseeing trip if you could barely see the landmarks properly and in computer terms that means making sure the graphical capabilities are of a high standard. To this end, either make sure your system has a good graphics card or consider buying one to enhance it even more before you embark on your Flight Simulator experience.


What's underneath the chassis matters while playing Flight Simulator for lengthy sessions and as such you'll need an excellent cooling system to ensure your PC components stay as cool as you'll need to be while piloting planes across the globe. It’s also great to buy a PC case with a creative design and customisable RGB lights to show off to your mates.

How much is a good Gaming PC for Flight Simulator

There's a lot of PC's that can run Flight Simulator comfortably, but to truly enjoy the immersive experience Flight Simulator can provide, we recommend spending a little more, ensuring a minimum requirement of a mid-range gaming PC, to a high-spec desktop for fluid graphics and controls.


We understand how important it is to find the right Desktop PC for simualation games like Microsoft's Flight Simulator. That's why we at stock the highest quality gaming machines that can handle the current and future demands of all the Flight Sim modes. With our Microsoft Flight Simulator gaming rigs, you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience with the graphics settings of your preference.

Our Gaming PCs have been split into three categories so that you can pick whichever fits your needs best. If you’re looking for something that will get the job done then go for Performance. Want to make the most of your flight simulator experience, our Realism collection is for you. Alternatively if you’re feeling creative, you can choose Custom and tell us exactly what you want.

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