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Makita Coffee Maker Review

12th January 2022

Someone pouring a coffee from the Makita coffee machine to a Makita stainless steel mug

If you're a Makita Fanboy and a lover of coffee then the Makita DCM501 may be the one for you! We have tested it out, looking at the design, box content, usability, pod compatibility and much more. So check out the rest of this blog post to find out what we think of Makitas portable coffee maker.


The design on this is pretty awesome, it's got the signature Makita colour that matches perfectly with the rest of the tools. Plus, it's lightweight and has a handle on the top, making it easy to carry from the van and around the worksite.

What's included with the Makita Coffee maker?

This Coffee maker comes with a handy stainless steel branded mug, which is perfect for taking on-site as it's super durable, whilst its lid helps to prevent any dust getting into your drink. It also comes with a little branded spoon which is pretty cool for scooping ground coffee beans into the filter attachment.

The coffee maker itself has two battery ports, one for a 12v battery and one for an 18v battery, so you can easily use whichever Makita LXT or CXT battery works with your existing setup.

What do I need to use the Makita Coffee Maker?

All you need for some freshly made coffee on the go is a battery, a charger for it, and of course you'll need water and need some coffee. This machine takes ground coffee or 60mm pods, we've listed some suggestions further below.

What is a battery-powered coffee maker and how can this benefit me?

This means that the Makita DCM501Z doesn't require plugging into the mains for you to be able to make a drink. So whether you're out on site in a location with no spare plug sockets, or you're enjoying your lunch break in the van, you'll be able to effortlessly make yourself a hot coffee. The battery will just need charging up beforehand.

This portable coffee maker takes either a 12v 4.Ah battery or an 18v 6.0Ah battery, with each having two slots at the back for compatibility with either. The 18v makes around 5 120ml cups of coffee, whilst the 12v makes around 2 cups of 120ml coffee. Now, 120ml is a smaller coffee size, as most mugs will hold around 240ml. So if you did prefer a larger brew, you're looking at around 2.5 cups on the 18v or just 1 cup with the 12v. Whilst this might not sound too impressive, it does require a lot of energy to boil water, so with this being considered, I would probably recommend using the 18v battery with this.

A cool part of using a battery is that you could get a sub adapter with USB ports and use the same battery to charge your phone up for a quick power boost whilst you're on your break.

A makita steel mug next to the Makita coffee machine

Does the Makita coffee maker use coffee pods? 

There are two filter attachments on this coffee maker, the bottom one is a little pot style whereby you can use your spoon to scoop some ground coffee into. The top one takes a 'coffee bag', which is similar to a tea bag but with coffee in (you could also use a teabag if you would prefer a cup of tea). Whilst this isn't the traditional plastic coffee 'pod' you might be expecting, it does provide a more eco-friendly alternative to the coffee pod as it creates less plastic waste.

If you decide to use ground coffee, I would recommend using a course filter grind rather than espresso. This is because I found that espresso granules were too fine and could cause some leaking, which appears to be a common problem online. Luckily this was fixed for me by just using a course filter grind or the coffee bags.

Which coffee pods are compatible with the Makita coffee maker?

As mentioned above, the Makita Cofee maker takes coffee bags rather than pods. There are a range of brands you can use from Senseo to Taylors and Dowe Egberts.

If you wanted to use ground coffee, again there are a huge range of filter coffee options you can choose from Kenco to Lavazza and so much more.

Is a Makita coffee maker worth the money? 

The cost of the DCM501Z is currently £100 at Box, which is actually a really good price when you consider the cost of most mains powered coffee machines, which average around £200 upwards. Plus, when you think of the time and money saved from stopping at coffee shops if you're on the road, it's definitely a worthwhile investment. If you were to spend £5 on coffee in coffee shops per day, you'll have made your investment back in less than a month!

How much water does the Makita Coffee machine hold?

The water tank is a little small when compared to many coffee machines out there, but there are also benefits to this on a portable coffee maker. The water tank holds 240ml water, which is about the size of a full mug, therefore you could say that 1 full water tank would make one standard coffee or two small coffees.

This is ideal as it means you don't need to worry about remembering to empty the tank at the end of the day before putting it in the van and driving off, which could potentially cause spillages if there is leftover water rattling around.

The water container for the Makita Coffee machine filled up to 240ml

How long does the Makita coffee machine take?

I have found this coffee maker can take a little longer than a kettle to warm up and create a coffee, averaging around 5 mins. Although this is a fine amount of time as I could pop it on and by the time I had grabbed some lunch, my drink was ready. You'll know your coffee is ready when the little red indicator light switches off.

Is the Makita coffee maker good?

In my opinion, yes. It provides you with the freedom and money savings of making hot coffee on the go, its handy design makes it portable and fit in perfectly with the rest of your tools, it's compatible with batteries you will likely have anyway, and I love the stainless steel cup.

Whilst the battery life isn't the most impressive, it does fall in line with what I would expect when it comes to the power required to boil water. I have seen some comments around leaking from this coffee maker, however, as soon as I used the correct coffee I did not have this problem at all. Overall it's an affordable, and all-around brilliant piece of kit.

The Makita coffee maker

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Thanks for reading our review on the Makita Coffee Maker, we hope you have found it helpful. For more similar content check out our Box Blogs, where you can find content such as 'Makita service FAQs' and a range of other reviews. We also have reviews in our hands-on videos which are on our YouTube Channel, so feel free to give these a watch.


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Makita Coffee Maker Review

If you're a Makita Fanboy and a lover of coffee then the Makita DCM501 may be the one for you! We have tested it out, looking at the design, box content, usability, pod compatibility and much more. So check out the rest of this blog post to find out what we think of Makitas portable coffee maker.

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