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5 Internet Bad Habits You Need To Stop

5th May 2021

The internet is a pretty cool place, there's no doubt about it. Where else can we simultaneously watch a video of a cat playing the piano while we shop for a new pair of shoes? It's brought joy and innovation to so many around the world and connected us like never before, we can't imagine life without it! Cat videos and shopping aside, it's also impossible to describe all of the bad things about the internet too. Many dangers lurk online, from hackers and viruses to the latest email scams. Sometime's it feels impossible to escape all the spam emails in your inbox, offering you totally unrealistic deals (or saying you've inherited millions of dollars from a long lost relative). Whether you're a casual browser or a full-time internet user, it's important to be cautious about your actions online to avoid becoming prey to some of these dangers. Follow our top tips below to turn bad habits into good ones! Oh, and stop using your dog's name as your password, we see you.

Nord VPN

1) Using the Same Passwords on all Accounts

Passwords should be unique across all of your accounts, no excuses! We understand it's easier to have all of your passwords the same but imagine how easy it is if someone finds out your password? You'll pretty much be leaving all of your accounts open to access, putting your data and information at risk. Alternatively, ensure all of your passwords are unique and hard to crack. Include numbers, symbols, mixed letter cases and don't use real words (or names!). Make sure to change them on a regular basis, too! 

2) Ignoring Updates

How many times this month have you ignored an update or postponed it until later? There are many reasons why this bad habit needs to stop. Ignoring software updates leaves programs and your system open to attack. There's a reason why we have software updates, and one of those is to ensure programs have the most up to date level of security against malware and viruses. Check for system updates and updates for any programs you're currently using. Better still, remove old programs you no longer use while you're at it.

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3) Not Using 2FA

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is a great way to secure your online accounts. 2FA allows for extra layers of security, and additional ways to confirm account logins, such as through a one-time password, generated code or via push notifications. Check your online accounts to see if the option is available, and follow the simple steps to set up. Some popular platforms which use this level of security are social media channels such as Facebook, and online payment systems such as PayPal.

4) Using Public Wi-Fi Without a VPN

It's easy to get your smartphone out in public and start browsing online without a care in the world. Many shops, restaurants and outdoor spaces offer Wi-Fi to the public to use for free, which is great! On the downside, public wi-fi can actually leave you open to attack. Public Wi-Fi is inherently insecure, so it's best to be cautious. Laptops, smartphones and tablets are all susceptible to wireless security risks, don't assume every Wi-Fi link you're connected to is safe. To protect your banking credentials, account passwords and other information, it's important to use a VPN when out and about. A great choice for those wanting to shop, browse and check into their banking while in public is the Nord VPN 1 Year Subscription. This Nord VPN subscription covers up to 6 devices, meaning you can secure your laptop, smartphone, tablet and more.

Person using laptop

5) Not Checking Privacy Settings

Have you ever come across a program or app which looks too good to be free? Well, there's probably a reason for it. Some companies may be offering their services for free, to make money themselves, by keeping, analysing and even selling your data. Sounds scary, right? Be sure to read through terms and conditions when installing software, and make yourself aware of what you're agreeing to. It's all too tempting to give in to the idea of something being free and not thinking about the consequences. So, the next time you come across an app or program which is 'free', ask yourself why and do some digging first. 

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We hope you've enjoyed our article and perhaps learnt something new! For more of the latest tech tips, news and reviews visit

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