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5 Steps for Spring Cleaning your Home Office 2021

23rd March 2021

clean bright desk space

Lighter mornings and longer days can only mean one thing … spring is here! This beautiful season brings the bloom of wildlife, warmer weather and brighter days.

When spring cleaning comes to mind, your home office might be the last place on the list, but we think it should actually be the top priority. Many of us spend around 40 hours per week in the home office, that's more time than you'll ever spend awake in any room!

A clean office can boost productivity, motivation and give a sense of clarity. So why not boost your mood and enter the new season with both a tidy space and a tidy mind!

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to spring clean your home office:

1: De-clutter surfaces

The first step to a clean and tidy home office is de-cluttering your desk! This could be sorting through that ever-growing pile of paperwork, binning old post-it notes or throwing out ancient receipts. 

Try to go through each sheet one at a time, scan through the content and think 'do I really need it?' or 'will I actually use this?'. If the answer is no, pop it straight in the recycling bin! If the answer is yes, try organising paperwork into piles based on theme, and then neatly placing these in a folder or ring binder ready to be tidily placed back on the desk or in a drawer. 

Colourful home office

2: Clear out drawers

Just as you have decluttered your desk, it's now time to apply the same to your drawers! Throwing away any old bills, receipts, magazines and anything else that you may have just stuffed in there. If you have a lot of documents that seem to be all mixed up together, try buying a drawer organiser, which will let you sort documents into specific areas and store them away as so. This leaves all your documentation well organised and ready to find for when you need it!

File organsier

3: Clean your PC

We have recently written a blog on how to spring clean your PC, this includes 8 detailed steps on how to have your PC tidy, safe and de-cluttered. However, we will briefly discuss 3 of these 8 below:

Clean work desk

Organise files:

Just as you did with your desk when getting rid of old un-used documents to clear some space, it's time to de-clutter your PC. Start by going through documents and organising important documents into folders, so that you can find important documents quickly when you need it. Then scan through the documents that aren't so important, weighing up whether it's essential to keep these on your PC, and delete those that you can't see yourself using again. 

If you're someone who feels anxious about deleting files for fear that you may need them again in future, why not move all files that you are considering deleting onto an external file such as a USB Flash drive or External hard drive. This will clear space on your PC, allowing it to run smoother and faster...and you have your files stored elsewhere for peace of mind in case you ever need them again!

Uninstall unused software: 

You most likely have a range of software on your device that you don't use! Whether that's games, downloads or apps, it's definitely worth sorting through any software on the PC to give your system some all-important storage space back.

Deleting outdated or unused software can also improve your system's security, this is because some outdated software may not be able to withstand an up-to-date cyber-attack. So this will give you a safer system and more storage...it's a no brainer really! 

How do I clean PC components safely?

When it comes to physically cleaning the inside of your PC, there are a couple of rules of thumb that are extremely important in handling your components correctly. First of all, ensure all devices are unplugged. Then open your PC's case and gently dust with a lint-free cloth to take off any excess dust, or you could use compressed air if you're feeling lazy! Make sure you don't miss the fans or dust build up in smaller corners. 

Our second rule of thumb is to ensure that you're not allowing any static buildup. You could use an anti-static wristband to mitigate this, or you could regularly ground yourself by touching the case. 

Then secure the panel back on and dust the exterior of the PC, ensuring you vacuum up any dust that falls out onto the floor or other surfaces. 

4: Clean accessories

So now your desk is clear, and both the delicate components of your PC as well as digital content are cleared, it's time to get your workspace sparkling clean! You might be wondering 'how do I safely clean my computer space?', well don't worry as we will talk you through this!

We have a range of natural cleaning solutions on our 5 DIY natural cleaners blog post that will allow you to clean your space chemical-free! Our favourite is the vinegar and water mix which is a non-toxic, antibacterial powerhouse that will leave surfaces sparkling clean… don't worry about the vinegar smell as that will dissipate in no time! 

Start by clearing everything off your desk, from the keyboard and mouse to potted plants, and wipe down the desk with a soft microfibre cloth to remove immediate dust. Then spray with the cleaning solution and wipe again with the microfibre cloth in circular motions, to give it a polished finish and have it gleaming!

To clean the keyboard, you could use compressed air to blow any excess dust from between the keys, or if you don't have one to hand, you could fold a post-it note in half and slide this between the keys, using the sticky side to pick up any dust. Finish with wiping the keyboard and mouse all over with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution. If your keyboard and mouse have a build-up of dirt or grease, you may need a stronger solution to break through the grime. We would then recommend some disinfectant kitchen wipes that will break down the build-up of dirt and grime as well as kill a range of bacteria and viruses depending on the brand (A great covid-safe idea too!). Wipes can sometimes leave a streaky residue, so to have your accessories looking spic and span we recommend wiping over again with a microfibre cloth.

To clean the monitor, make sure you dust over both the stand and overall frame, we then recommend cleaning out the ports which may have accumulated a build-up of dust, you can use compressed air for this but make sure you press it at an angle as to not blow the dust further into a corner of the port. For cleaning the screen, you can use the water-vinegar solution with a clean soft microfibre cloth, however, we recommend using distilled water to avoid any streaky marks. When cleaning the screen, make sure to polish in circular motions until dry to polish out any streaks. 

For how more tips on cleaning your office space, in particular your wrist rest, check out our blog where we offer you a detailed guide on how to keep your wrist rest fresh!

Finally, dust off any old documents, calendars, photo frames and tend to any houseplants. 

5: Rearrange 

Now your desk space is clear and all accessories are polished, it's time to re-organise! Your workplace can be seen as a reflection of you, it's where you spend most of your days, and the decor of your home office can be the difference between you feeling overwhelmed and glum or positive and motivated for the day ahead. 

A great way to organise your space is by keeping the centre of the desk clear with just your keyboard and mouse in the middle, and then use the left and right side to store any important stationery. I love keeping my notebook and diary to the left, whilst having pens and stationery on the right so that they're easy to grab when needed (might be best the other way for left-handed folks!)

Now you've cleared some space, there's nothing wrong with taking a little inspiration from Marie Kondo by adding a couple of items that 'spark joy' for you (only a couple mind, we don't want the surface being cluttered again) this could be pictures of friends and family, motivational quotes, a calendar or a new houseplant!

Adding a pop of colour to your deks can be what sparks joy for you, and you can do this without having to add any additional items to the desk. For example, why not try using stationary as decoration by using colourful pots and jars to keep your supplies in! This will also keep stationary neat and organised too...double win! 

There you have it, we hope you have enjoyed this article and that you are feeling motivated to give your office space a spring clean! If you like this blog post, make sure to check out our box blog were we a range of content from 'How to be your own barista at home' for those missing their local cafe's, to 'How to add a personal touch to a rented house' for those looking to make their living space feel like home!

At box, we sell a range of technology and are sure to have the best deals on any home office technology that you need, whether that's a custom build PC, laptops or accessories, we'll have the perfect product for you! 

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