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5 Tips to Increase Running Motivation in Lockdown 2021

23rd February 2021

With lockdown looming for a little while longer, gyms remaining shut and the weather outside being more than a little frosty, we know there's never been a more difficult time to feel motivated to get fit and active. 

But there are so many reasons to take up running! The feel-good hormones released can improve mood to give you a much-needed pick-me-up and a daily run can help split up the day, giving you a much-needed break from being stuck inside. Running also helps you practise mindfulness as you tune in to your body; focusing inward on breathing, pace and stride.


Not to mention all the health benefits of running has, such as improved focus, working memory, sleep, stress response and cardiovascular health. 

So with all that in mind and as the weather begins to warm up, there is no better time than now to lace up your trainers, get yourself outside and start moving!

If you're struggling for that extra motivational boost, look no further. We've put together our top 5 tips for staying motivated to work out in the pandemic!

Set Goals and Track your Progress - The Best Fitbit for Outdoor Running

One of the best ways to stay driven is to set both short-term and long-term running goals. This could be anything from 'I want to be able to run for 10 minutes without stopping by the end of the week' or it could be 'I want to be able to run 5K in under 30 minutes by the end of the month'. Think about what would be challenging yet also realistic for you. 

Setting goals will give you something to focus on and strive towards, so on those days where you just don't want to get out of bed, you can remind yourself of the bigger goal you are working towards. Then, when you smash these goals you can enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction and pride that come with it!

We know that tracking your progress isn't easy, that's why we think a Fitbit makes the perfect companion for helping you to achieve your goals. 

There are such a huge range of Fitbit's that suit any needs and budgets, right now the Fitbit charge 4 is our favourite as it's an affordable fitness watch that's packed with awesome features. 

This impressive watch allows you to set a goal for each workout and see real-time progress of your effort on screen. You can also set it to give you fun little reminders that encourage you to move throughout the day, just like your own on-hand personal trainer! 

Distance and speed goals have never been easier to track with thanks to the built-in GPS which monitors your pace and distance. You can even pair it with your phone to see your latest adventure displayed on a map. 

Our favourite feature on this watch is the heart rate sensor which monitors your heart rate in real-time during workouts, showing you whether you're in fat-burning, cardio or peak zone, so you know whether to pick up the pace or slow down according to your goals. 

It's also water-resistant, so come rain or shine, you can be sure your Fitbit is as ready to go as you are. 

So if you're looking for help tracking your goals, a realistic representation of effort and calories burned or friendly reminders to get up and moving, a Fitbit will be your new best friend! 

Get in the Zone with Powerhouse Running songs and Wire Freedom - The Best Wireless Headphones for Running

Nothing can boost your mood, motivation and performance like a good playlist. Music does more than make you want to bust a move, it can help you maintain a steady pace and keep your mind distracted during even the most gruelling of workouts.

There are a variety of studies that show running can be especially helpful with helping you zone out on repetitive endurance exercise such as running and it can reduce perceived exhaustion... making you work harder without noticing! 

If you're struggling to find the right motivational songs for running, don't panic! There is a range of playlists that have already been created on platforms from Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. So whether pop anthems are your jam or grime gets you going, you'll be able to find the perfect playlist. 

As powerful as music can be in amping up the enjoyment from the run, it is wireless headphones that have been a true gamechanger for us. 

There is an incredible freedom that comes with running wire-free. Maybe it's the fact that wireless headphones let you move unhindered. It could be the sheer joy of no longer feeling your phone tugging at the headphones after each stride, threatening to pull them out. Or it could even be the way that running suddenly feels so much more immersive without wires flapping around. All we know is that wireless headphones have now become an essential part of our running kit, and we're here for it.

We're loving the Apple AirPods Pro as our go-to for headphones. Their gorgeous design allows them to fit comfortably in your ear and they are also so small and lightweight that you can barely feel them there at all, allowing you to focus on breath and stride whilst letting the beat carry you away.

These clever earphones have active noise cancellation and transparency mode. The noise cancellation is perfect for when you want to block out the outside world and zone into your run. Pop them in and just like that the outside world is silenced and its just you and the music. 

For city runners where you need to be aware of your surroundings, or for those who run with a buddy and love to chat, these brilliant headphones have transparency mode which un-does the sound cancelling effect and allows you to hear and connect with your surroundings. 

The case they come is excellent as it charges them up when they're stored away, so wherever you're headed for your run you can be sure that your headphones will be as charged up and ready to go as you are. 

For the perfect mood boost and to allow yourself to really get in the running zone, wireless headphones and the perfect playlists are our holy grail!

All the gear and some idea - The Best Clothes for Running in the Spring

The right clothes are absolutely essential to a good (and safe) outdoor workout! We recommend layering up when running in the chilly months as you want to be warm enough to enjoy the run but as you begin to warm up, you want to be able to remove layers to keep your body at the ideal temperature.

Plus a new spruce up of your wardrobe is sure to have you feeling good and excited to work out! 

For our top half we are currently loving a light long sleeve running top with a running gilet over the top. A running gilet is breathable and keeps all your internals warm and toasty, whilst a lighter long sleeve running top will wick sweat and allow some airflow for when you start to warm up. Thumbholes on a running top are always a lovely addition as they can really help to keep some of the chill away from your hands. Feel free to add a lightweight waterproof for rainy days!

For the bottom half, running tights are a necessary staple. They will allow you flexibility and stretch whilst also keeping the chill from your legs, and you could always style them with a pair of shorts over the top if you didn't feel comfortable going out in just tights. 

Whilst they may not always be the most fashionable, proper running trainers can be crucial to good form and safe running. 

Running shoes aren't exactly a one size fits all situation (pardon the pun), each persons running mechanics are different, we all have different shaped bodies and run on varying terrain. But one thing that carries over no matter the type of runner you are, is the importance of adequate cushioning and support. Running shoes are designed to help absorb some of the shock that comes with the impact of running whilst providing cushioning for the stress felt on your feet and legs. 

So if you're kitted out with the right clothing, and it's apparel that you actually like, you'll be well equipped for comfortable running that makes you feel confident too!

Stay energised and Fuel your workouts - Best Smoothie Maker 2021

Whilst running can be a great way to burn calories, get into shape and feel good about yourself, it's really important that you have enough energy to complete workouts to your full ability. 

Not only can being properly fueled be the difference between an enjoyable run and straight-up torture (especially on long-distance runs). If you're not eating enough you'll soon notice that without sufficient energy you will start to feel the effects of burn-out. This can result in focus wavering, form decreasing and you being more susceptible to injury as a result (ouch). 

Whilst this may sound counterintuitive to those looking to loose weight, fueling up doesn't mean eating unhealthy. Fueling up on healthy foods such as fruits, veg and seeds can give you a great little energy boost without adding too many calories.

We have recently discovered the incredible invention that is Blendjet's Portable Blender. This holy grail of blenders means you can just pop in some fruit and veg before you leave and take it with you on the go! Then when you're ready for a little break and some refuelling, you can blend it all together to enjoy fresh and tasty smoothies in under 90 seconds! 

So for healthy smoothies on the go, look no further than the portable blender!

Mix it up - How varying workouts can benefit runners 

One of the best ways to keep motivated is to mix up your workouts. By adding different elements to your workouts you can avoid getting bored of the same thing and you can also give your muscles a little rest whilst working other areas. 

Strength-based workouts such as weights and resistance exercises can help to reduce injury from running as they strengthen the muscles and joints. Similarly, core work can help to improve form, speed and running economy - making you a better runner overall.

You can even mix up your runs, if you're a long-distance runner why not switch it up with some sprints and interval training and vice versa? Mixing up your workouts can improve your running style whether you're a beginner or professional! 

So there you have it, our top tips for increasing motivation to run in the chilly months during the pandemic! We hope this article has been helpful, please feel free to check our more of our blog posts at Box Blog where we post more content like this!

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