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5 Ways To Reduce Food Waste at Home

22nd March 2021

In the U.K., 3.6 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year, with a large quantity still being edible. We can all do our part in helping to reduce our own food waste, by making a few small changes to our daily lives. Plus, you can save money along the way by trying out a few food-saving methods!

1) Hearty Meals

Are you the type of person who's always left with a bunch of fruit and veggies at the end of the week? Well, next time you have some leftovers laying around, step away from the bin and instead whip up something delicious (and so easy!). Leftover produce can be used to make soups and stews- an excellent way to create a hearty meal and get creative with your ingredients. 

Check over your leftovers for any discoloured (or strange-looking) parts, chop them off and get started. Gather additional ingredients you have in your kitchen such as herbs and spices too, for added flavour. Soups and stews are great for root veg which is nearly at the end of its use-by life. They're incredibly easy to make, and if you really want to keep things low effort, a soup maker is an ideal solution.

2) Fruity Treats

Feelin' fruity? Grab a blender, throw in your leftover fruits and milk of choice, blend and enjoy! Not a fan of smoothies? Why not try some fruity popsicles, perfect for those relaxing days in the garden when the weather warms up. For popsicles, simply blend your fruits, plant-based milk and some maple or agave syrup for sweetness. Pour into a popsicle mould and leave to freeze!

3) Fry It Up

A great way to use up excess veg is by creating some yummy snacks in an air fryer. Create your own cauliflower buffalo wings, falafels, or even southern-fried tofu. Grab your spices and veggies and get creative in the kitchen, who knows what you'll come up with! Spices and herbs are so important here, as leftover veggies are prone to have less of a strong flavour, so ensure your spice rack is at the ready!

4) Shop Smarter

Whether you shop for your groceries online at the moment or not, it can be easy to go overboard and purchase things you don't really need. In turn, you might not get around to using all of the food you've purchased and end up throwing a lot away. No one likes waste, so it's important to ensure you are only purchasing what you need and will use. A great way is by simply checking your cupboards, fridge and freezer the day before you shop for items that you've fully used up in the week and need to be replenished. You might even find some tins in the back of the cupboard which you could probably use up before you purchase anything new. Make a list and stick to it (be strict!).

Sometimes, there's simply no time for lists and planning, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. A great solution is by adding a FridgeCam to your fridge freezer! At just £19.99, this little piece of tech is the perfect affordable solution that can save you up to £700 a year on wasted food. See what's inside your fridge and how much space you have, straight from your smartphone. Add new items by scanning the barcode, and the SmarterAssist will update your inventory, shopping list and even notify you when items have reached their Best Before date. 

5) Freeze Leftovers

Leftovers and certain foods can be frozen to help preserve them for later use and prevent them from spoiling. Many vegetables and fruits keep well when frozen, which extends their shelf life and helps reduce waste in turn. By doing this, you can even save costs in the long run, as you'll only be using the specific amount of veg or fruit your meal requires, reducing leftovers! Breads, meats, herbs, fruits and vegetables can all be frozen, just ensure you follow the best methods for each food type to make sure you're freezing them most effectively. 

Frozen fruits are perfect for making smoothies and pies! Plus, you can freeze a selection of different fruits and always have them at hand in your freezer for when you fancy something different. Pineapples, bananas and strawberries are a great choice, and you can often buy bags of them frozen already! Cut costs, and enjoy your favourite fruits all-year-round, even when they're not in season.

As well as ingredients, you can freeze whole meals in batches, perfect for those who like to meal prep or who have a busy lifestyle. Making a big batch of soup using leftover veggies? Freeze into portions using tubs, and you're sorted with soup for the week! Always ensure you defrost and cook your frozen meals carefully, following guidelines to avoid exposing yourself to harmful bacteria if not defrosted properly. Click here to visit guidelines from the Food Standards Agency.

We hope you'll use some of these tips in your day to day life! Click here to shop our food preparation appliances.

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