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25th April 2019

STOP PRESS…the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics cards have been released!

Gamers across the country have been waiting for these GPUs to hit the market - and now Box has a full range.

The release has been described by Trusted Reviews as a "watershed moment for PC gaming".
Let's get straight onto what matters: the performance. The GTX 1650 is up to twice as fast as the GTX 950, and up to 70 percent faster than the GTX 1050. If you are building a new PC from scratch, or you are looking to upgrade your machine in a cost-effective manner, this is an easy way to revolutionise your gaming experience.

NVIDIA has achieved this in three main ways. The 1650 has more memory bandwidth and CUDA cores than the 1050 models, it's clocked considerably higher and the award-winning Turing architecture can boost performance by a further 10-30 percent.

The progression by NVIDIA has been remarkable. The 1650 is only slightly slower than the GTX 970 which, when it was released, was a high-end 145W GPU priced north of £230. Leaps in technology mean that the 1650 can maintain performance, but at a budget price.

The GTX 1650 can hit 60fps at 1080p medium to high quality in most games. Of course, if you want the best of the best for extreme gaming, you might be better off spending more. It might lack fancy features such as ray tracing and DLSS, but for moderate gaming in Full HD, the 1650 has more than enough oomph to deliver.

And if you use your PC for more than just gaming, the dedicated GPU power accelerates the creative apps you use every day.

At Box we have 12 different options for the GTX 1650 from leading brands including Palit, ASUS, Gigabyte, ZOTAC and MSI.

And what's more, anyone who purchases the 1650 with us will receive NVIDIA's new GeForce 'Fortnite' Counterattack Bundle which includes the Reflex outfit, the Response Unit back bling, Pivot Glider, Angular Axe harvesting tool and 2,000 V-bucks.

More information: https://www.box.co.uk/gtx-16

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