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Best 4K TV's for 2021!

11th January 2021

couple watching tv

Happy new year BOX Blog readers! As we leave 2020 behind and enter a new decade, it may also be time to let go of your old TV and treat yourself to a brand new one, and with the excellent deals we have on at the minute there is no better time than the present! 

Out with the old and in with the new

In the past few years we have seen some incredible advances in technology, and as we progress the time has come to wave goodbye to the era of the HD TV and say hello to the stunning visuals and detail provided by 4K. 

4K TV's deliver sharp and smooth visuals by displaying over 8 million pixels...that's 4 times the pixel count of HD! As 4K becomes more popular, many new films and games are being designed to support this, so having a 4K TV means you can keep up with the times and enjoy the latest titles to their full capabilities. 

HD vs 4k

Aren't 4K TV's expensive? 

Actually, this is no longer the case. With 4K becoming the new standard for most TV users, the range of models available is ever-expanding. Now there are 4K TV's available to suit a variety of needs, from those looking for a budget 4K TV to those looking to splurge out on the top specs. 

When you think of the best 4K you may be thinking of the 'big three' (Samsung, LG and Sony), but in this article, we will also include brands you may not have heard of that can offer you excellent specs with remarkable features from a lower price point. 

Continue reading to find out our top pics for 2021!

Top picks

Best budget 4K:

TCL 43P715K - £299.00*

At a glance:

43'' Ultra Slim 

Smart Tv Android

Advanced Voice Control


Dolby Audio

Sleek bezel-less design

Tell me more:

TCL has built a reputation for creating affordable TV's, but don't be fooled by the price tag! Whilst they might not be as expensive as the big three, the incredible features they offer such as HDR10 and Dolby support place this company in the premium category. 

Aside from the obvious 4K quality resolution, this TV offers incredible detail with SMART HDR, which can upgrade standard-dynamic-range content to HDR-like picture quality, so you can enjoy all your all-time favourite shows in the highest visual settings. On top of this, it has micro dimming which cleverly analyses the tv picture in one hundred zones to adapt the brightness and give better contrast. What does this do for you? Well, it means you get an exceptionally realistic visual experience no matter whether you're watching old content or new, as the TV can upgrade it for you. 

micro dimming on tv
This Smart TV allows you to choose from a range of apps from Netflix and Android TV to Spotify and Youtube, so you can be sure that you'll always be able to find something to suit your mood. For those long days where you just want to come home and stick on your favourite show or check-up on the news, the voice control means no messing about with remotes, you can simply ask Google or Alexa. 

TCL heard us loud and clear when it comes to what we want from sound, as this TV is equipped with Dolby Audio which helps to enhance the audio output so you can enjoy first-class surround sound. 

Overall it's a great TV that covers all your needs at a budget-friendly price! 

Best value for money 4K

Samsung UE65TU8000 - £649.00*

At a glance:


Smart Tv with Tizen OS

Crystal Processor 4K 


Multiple voice assistants

Game enhancer

Adaptive sound

Boundless design

Tell me more:

This incredible TV gives you a real bang for your buck, it's 65'' boundless design gives truly immersive edge to edge viewing which looks great from any angle. With 4K and HDR10+ you can see all the finest details in both bright and dark scenes.

difference between standard definition and hdr

The crystal processor allows this TV to have artificial intelligence features such as adaptive sound, which cleverly adjusts sound settings based on what your watching and the viewing environment to ensure you have the best settings for what you're watching. This means if you're listening to a live concert, acoustics and voice will be amplified or if you're watching your favourite show and someone switches on the vacuum, the voice on the TV will be amplified so you don't miss a thing...awesome right! 

Connectivity and ease of use are at the heart of this TV, it's smart hub brings together all your favourite apps whether it be Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney plus, you'll have all the shows/movies you need at your fingertips. Plus, with multiple voice assistants Alexa, Google and Bixby all built-in, changing the channel, volume and source is easier than ever…all you have to do is ask.

For the gamers out there, you will be glad to know that this TV has been designed with you in mind as it has Auto Game Mode. This mode gives you incredibly low lag rates so that you can have graphics and sound that react just as quickly as you. 

Overall, this is an excellent bargain. This Samsung TV has excellent visuals and awesome features, all for a great price!

Best budget 4K ULED

Hisense 50U7QFTUK - £549.00

At a glance:


HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR

Dolby Audio/Atmos

Built-in Alexa

VIDAA U4.0 Smart TV OS

Game enhancer

Modern and elegant design

Tell me more:

If you're looking for a 4K bargain, look no further than the HISENSE! Now what is a ULED I hear you ask? Well to put it simply, it's HISENSE's version of Samsungs QLED!

This TV gives true-to-life imagery as it not only displays content in 4K HDR, it also gives incredibly accurate colour reproduction as it covers up to 100% of the DCI-P34 colour standard. This means you can watch nature shows with incredible realism (you might even have to remind yourself that you're looking at a TV rather than a window!)

The HISENSE also gives remarkable contrast as it has independently controlled dimming zones which give pinpoint detail in even the darkest of scenes, and it supports all the latest HDR formats including HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG which enhance contrast and detail even further. 

The excellent visuals on this TV are matched by it's audio as keeps you immersed in the on-screen action by delivering powerful sound with Dolby Atmos.

You can have the perfect settings no matter what you're watching with this TV's specialised Modes. Allow yourself to feel part of the action with Sports Mode, which automatically detects when sports are being watched and adjusts picture and sound to give you a crystal clear view and enhanced stadium-like surround sound. For gamers, you can enjoy a competitive advantage with Game Mode which reduces input lag, so that your lightning-fast reaction times can be replicated on-screen. 

football on TV next to some food and drinks

The HiSense is a QLED equivalent that will give you both powerful; visuals and audio, alongside enhanced gaming for under £600!

Top of the range 4K QLED

Samsung QE85Q80T - £3,299.00*

At a glance:


Quantum HDR 1500 powered by HDR10+

Quantum processor 4K

Multiple AI capabilities such as Object tracking sound, Adaptive sound+, Adaptive picture, 4K upscaling

100% colour volume

Multiple Voice Assistants

Game enhancer+


Ambient mode

Tell me more:

If you're after a truly top-tier TV and are willing to splurge to get it, then look no further than the Samsung QE85Q80T. This 85'' 4K TV will give you a viewing experience like no other, its Quantum HDR 1500* provides pin-sharp contrast in all lighting conditions, you'll be able to see the crystal clear details in both the darkest shades and brightest whites. Delight in genuine cinematic colour made from a billion shades with 100% colour volume so you can enjoy true-to-life colour on screen. 

The Quantum processor allows for a range of incredible artificial intelligence capabilities. Prepare for perfect imagery no matter the lighting situation, as adaptive picture adjusts the brightness settings based on your environment to give you the perfect picture day or night. As well as picture, this TV also has adaptive sound which adjusts the audio based on your environment to ensure you have the best settings for what you're watching, so never again will unwanted background noises disturb your movie. Object tracking sound uses the six built-in speakers to ensure the audio follows the action screen, this means you no longer need a Soundbar to feel the true immersion of audio. However if you did decide to use a soundbar, you can experience Q-symphony, Samsung's own fully immersive surround sound. 

woman cooking whilst TV is on

If these incredible features weren't enough, this TV's clever 4K upscaling ability means you can watch your favourite films in 4K quality...even if they aren't filmed that way!

This section wouldn't be complete without mentioning Samsung's customisable and comprehensive user interface. This includes ambient mode where you can add a splash of colour, personality and style to make the TV truly your own with decor, photos and widgets. It also has one of the largest selections of apps readily installed as well as multiple voice assistants Google Alexa and Bixby to suit any preference. 

Gone are the days of needing to use multiple devices simultaneously for different jobs. The Picture-in-picture feature means you can watch TV as well as play on the console at the same time on the TV! Want to watch something from your phone on the big screen? Simply tap your phone to the television for fast and easy screen mirroring. What's more, you can now control your smart home from the TV too, so if you want to control the heat or check your security cameras, you can do it all from one place! 

person tapping phone to screen

This premium TV has everything you need and more, from impeccable imagery to surround sound audio and artificial intelligence. If you're looking to be blown away by a QLED TV, this is for you!

Best gaming 4K TV:

LG 55NANO866NA - £649.00

At a glance:


LG Nanocell technology

HDR 10 Pro

Dolby Vision and Atmos

AI Sound

Voice assistants Google and Alexa

Award-winnning LG webOS

Tell me more:

What is LG's nanocell technology? This is LG's revolutionary technology that is designed to give you powerful picture quality with the most immaculate colours, from all viewing angles. The nanocell TV's have also been certified to ensure your eyes are protected from harmful light emissions, so you can relax when on long gaming sessions or movie marathons.  

With HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro you can enjoy all of your 4K content in lifelike definition. This TV also has Local dimming which gives enhanced colour contrast when compared to direct back-lit TV's. 

This TV is equipped with both Dolby Vision and Atmos for incredible visuals and powerful surround sound to give you the best viewing experience on a range of titles. 

Now let's get into what's really important about this TV...it's gaming features! The LG has remarkably low input lag to allow you to instantly attack your opponents without delay. It is also packed with a high frame rate, Variable refresh rate, Auto low latency mode and enhanced audio return channel. What do these features mean? In a nutshell, it means you get smoother, sharper and more synchronised graphics. This TV also has HDMI 2.1 ports so you can enjoy playing in high graphic settings on your new-gen consoles! Stuttering and tearing are reduced with AMD Freesync premium, and graphics are tuned with HGiG to give you the ultimate HDR gaming experience. What's that I hear? Competitive advantage? Oh yes! 

person playing a game on tv

This is a great all-round performing TV with additional features built to enhance gaming, so if you'll be spending most of your time playing games then this is perfect for you! 

Best 4K OLED

LG OLED55BX6LB - £1098.00*

At a glance:


Self-lit pixels

LG a7 Gen 3 Processor

Dolby Vision and Atmos

Award-winning LG webOS

Voice assistants Google and Alexa

Tell me more:

If you're buying an OLED, why not get it from the masters themselves...LG. The OLED's self-lit pixels give you outstanding colours, infinite contrasts, sharp details and of course the famous OLED blacks. Self-lit pixels show detail accurately and with significantly less blur when compared to backlit TV's, making OLED's a brilliant choice for watching sports and action movies. 

Similar to the TV above, This TV's α7 Gen3 Processor 4K combines with Dolby Vision and Atmos for sharp visuals and powerful surround, so you can enjoy your favourite film in the highest visual and audio settings. 

For the gamers out there, this LG has been designed with your needs in mind. Not only do self-lit pixels mean incredibly responsive on-screen movement, the high frame rate, variable refresh rate, low latency and 1ms response time work together to give you smooth and sharp and fluid gameplay. It also has HGiG which delivers HDR graphics best matched with those of the TV to show your game at it's absolute best. When on long gaming sessions, you won't have to worry about eye strain as the LG's eye comfort display surpasses standards for blue light, flicker and high-quality imaging*. On top of all these awesome gaming specs, it has HDMI 2.1 ports, so you can enjoy the excellent graphics from your new-gen consoles! 

comparison between Hgig and non Hgig

Although features such as motion smoothing and image sharpening can be great, it means you're not watching the film in the way it was intended to be watched. Filmmaker Mode allows you to disable these features, and has been supported by leading directors, because it means you can watch the film as the director intended. 

The OS on LG TV's is incredibly easy to use, it's no wonder they've won awards for it! It puts all your favorite apps in one place, from Netflix to Disney Plus, and allows you to effortlessly navigate your way through them with the magic remote. Usability is made even easier with voice assistants Google and Alexa, so when it comes to changing the channel, source or volume you just have to ask. 

Where can I find more content? 

So that concludes our top picks for 4k TV's for 2021, we hope you have found this helpful! Please feel free to explore our Box Blog for more posts or check out our YouTube Channel where we post similar video content!

*Prices were correct from Box.co.uk at time of publishing

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