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Best Gaming Monitors for 2021!

5th January 2021

A good Gaming Monitor pairs with your Gaming PC like strawberries pair with cream, as the right Monitor can give you the perfect blend of software and hardware, which work together to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

With the ever-expanding options available, choosing the right gaming monitor can be increasingly tricky as there is so much to consider; from price and display to refresh rate and response time. So we have made it easier for you to find the perfect monitor by putting together some of our best gaming monitors for 2021, alongside all the need-to-know information. 

Acer Nitro VG240YS - Excellent Value For Money

Price: £179.99 *(price correct at time of publication)

Display: 23.8'' Full HD IPS

Response time: 2ms

Refresh rate: 165hz

Sync technology: AMD Freesync

This 23.8'' monitor focuses on maximising gameplay at minimal cost. It's 165hz refresh rate, 2ms response time and freesync technology means there is no screen tearing, stuttering or ghosting so you can enjoy smooth and responsive gameplay on a range of titles.

Whilst it's visual settings aren't top of the range, they are impressive when you consider the gaming specs alongside it's price point. This monitor has a full HD IPS display panel which offers crisp visuals and vibrant colours. The only downfall of the display is the relatively small size and slight glow from the IPS panel, but these cons don't really affect performance so don't really detract from the  awesomeness of this monitor for gaming. 

Overall this Acer Nitro is ideal for those looking for a great performing smaller monitor, that ensures you have everything you need for fluid gameplay whilst still having decent visuals.

AOC C27G2U/BK - Inexpensive All-rounder!

Price: £211.99 *(price correct at time of publication)

Display: 27'' Full HD VA Panel with 1500r Curvature

Response time: 1ms

Refresh rate: 165hz

Sync technology: Freesync premium

The AOC is the perfect budget-friendly curved gaming monitor. It's 27'' display with 1500r curvature gives immersive gameplay as it wraps around your field of view and the full HD VA panel shows vivid blacks and detail in shadows which can be beneficial for spotting hidden enemies. On top of this, it covers 120% of the SRGB colour spectrum and 89% of the Adobe colour spectrum, so you can be sure you're seeing vivid and accurate colours.

In terms of gameplay, this offers top of the range specs such as a 165hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and Freesync premium technology which when combined give a really fluid gaming experience, making it brilliant for fast paced or competitive gaming.

With it's size, visuals and specs you might expect a higher price than what this AOC is currently retailing at, making the monitor all the more impressive as you get a bunch of great specs without a large price tag. The only real downside of this monitor is it's 2W speakers which struggle to reach loud volumes, but this can be easily fixed with some added external speakers.

Overall, the AOC is a comprehensive gaming monitor that covers all bases to give you everything you need as a gamer at an affordable price. 

LG 32UK550-B - Exceptional Visuals

Price: £399.00 *(price correct at time of publication)

Display: 32'' 4K VA Panel

Response time: 4ms

Refresh rate: 60hz

Sync technology: AMD Freesync

This 32'' 4K Gaming monitor gives truly crisp visuals as it's 4K display offers 4 times the resolution of full HD and it also gives vivid and accurate colours as it covers 95% of the DCI-P3 colour spectrum, so you can enjoy gaming with stunning visual settings. This LG also has 5W speakers which can reach loud volume levels, adding to the cinematic and immersive experience that this monitor provides.

Something else worth mentioning on this monitor is it's sleek and modern design which doesn't look too 'gamey', this means this versatile monitor would fit well in any space whether it's a gaming room or home office.

The focus on visuals on this LG means the gaming specs are slightly lower and these are the somewhat downsides to this monitor. It's 4ms response time and 60hz refresh rate means fast-paced and competitive gamers may not fair well with this monitor. However for slower paced action-adventure or strategy gamers who want to enjoy their games with crisp visuals, this is perfect for you!

Iiyama  GB3466WQSU-B1 - Immersive Gaming and Excellent Specs

Price: £429.99 *(price correct at time of publication)

Display: 34'' UWHD VA Panel

Response time: 1ms

Refresh rate: 144hz

Sync technology: AMD Freesync

This 34'' 1500r curved Ultrawide gaming monitor gives a truly immersive gaming experience with it's display that wraps around your eyes, and it's resolution of 3440X1440 means the excellent visuals are not compromised by the size.

This monitor also gives incredibly smooth gameplay with it's 144hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and AMD Freesync. Although there are cheaper monitors available with higher refresh rates, the quality and size of this monitor justifies the higher price as the build quality is excellent and gaming was free of tearing, stuttering and ghosting.

If you're looking for a monitor which gives you crisp and immersive visuals as well as responsive and fluid gameplay and you don't mind spending a bit more to get that, then this is the monitor for you!

Alienware AW5520QF - An Out of This World Gaming Experience!

Price: £2751.74 *(price correct at time of publication)

Display: 54.6'' 4K OLED 

Response time: 0.5ms

Refresh rate: 120hz

Sync technology: AMD Freesync/G-sync compatible

If you're looking for something that goes above and beyond the standard capabilities on a gaming monitor then look no further than the Alienware! This monitor is packed with incredible specs as it's designed to give you the most sharp, responsive and immersive gaming experience.

The 54.6'' display is an incredibly large monitor that can create a really captivating gameplay experience no matter how far you are sitting from it. This also makes it great for multiplayer games as everyone can see the monitor clearly from a range of angles/spots in the room.

It's OLED display works by having self-lit pixels which give accuracy, precision, vivid colours and of course the deep blacks that can only be achieved by an OLED. When you combine with it's 4k resolution, you have truly impeccable image quality that is rare to find on a gaming monitor.

This Alienware also covers 98.5% of the DCI-P3 colour spectrum, so achieves nearly all of the colour space from the American film industry. This means you can enjoy vibrant and accurate colours on this monitor whether its gaming you're enjoying or even 4k movies.

When it comes to gaming specs, they are just as impressive as the visuals. It has an incredible 0.5ms response time, 120hz refresh rate and whilst it has Freesync premium it is also G-sync compatible, so is designed to make gaming as smooth as possible.

This 54'' 4K OLED monitor can double up as a TV as it has 14w speakers which reach loud volumes and it can also be remote controlled, making it perfect for media streaming too. However whilst this monitor is pretty incredible, it comes with a hefty price tag that is over 14 times the price of the Acer Nitro Monitor at the beginning of this blog, so it may not be suitable for those not looking to spend a lot. However for those looking for a monitor that gives you all the benefits of a high resolution TV combined with the performance of an excellent gaming monitor then this is the one for you!

Which monitor is best for you?

That concludes our top picks for gaming monitors in 2021, so now you can decide which suits you best whether you're buying on a budget, after a 4K display or looking to upgrade to a more responsive gameplay experience. 

At Box and Cube we stock a range of Gaming Monitors, Monitors, PC components and even Custom Built PC's so check out our website to view the full range of Gaming Hardware!

*The prices that items are listed at are correct at time of publication and taken from Box.co.uk

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