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Can you run it? Yes you can

15th May 2019

Want to know how a particular game will perform on a PC before you invest in a new machine? We've made it a bit easier.

We've teamed up with popular gaming website Game Debate to add a handy feature to our website.

When viewing any of our gaming PCs, we're giving visitors the chance to input the title of any of the most popular games, whether that is Fortnite, Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or something else.

At the click of a button we'll tell you whether that particular PC meets or exceeds the recommended specs of the game in question. It is broken down to CPU, GPU and RAM performance.

The graph will also tell you - in a very clear way using percentages - how the PC stands up against the minimum requirements of that game.

It's all about making things as clear as possible for our customers. If a PC is going to struggle and labour with the game you love most, it's best to know about it before you hit 'add to basket'.

Perhaps the GPU is more than capable of coping with the demands of the game, but the RAM could do with a bit more punch. One option could be to just upgrade that part of the machine.

Or perhaps the PC you're looking at is unnecessarily powerful for what you need it for and, actually, you could downgrade, spend less and enjoy the game just as much.

Try it for yourself. Visit our gaming section, choose any PC and put in your favourite game.

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