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How Much Does a Portable Air Con Cost to Run?

By Georgie Gough, Senior Staff Writer | Published 22nd Jul 2022

What it costs to keep your home cool


As temperatures continue to rise, hitting new heights year on year, it seems the prospect of investing in a home cooling solution is one of increasing necessity. Everyone knows the benefits of keeping your home cool with a fan or AC unit, but do they know what this means for their energy costs? We’ve taken a look at the most popular ‘beat the heat’ cooling solutions and determined exactly what they mean for your bank account after an initial investment.

How much will it cost to run an air-con all night?


The last thing you want to deal with after a long day suffering through the heat is an even longer night doing the same thing. This is why many homeowners tend to leave their air conditioning units on throughout the night, so you can wake up each morning feeling refreshed and without feeling like there’s just no escape from that summer sun. Of course, the downside to this is that nothing good in life is free, with your energy bill sure to be the first casualty of your cooling endeavours. Aptly named newspaper publication ‘The Sun’ notes that running your AC unit for an average of nine hours, lasting through your nightly slumber until you wake up, can run you a bill of up to £24 per week. This number can obviously vary depending on how long you actually keep your air conditioner running, as well as your standard energy bill rates.

How much does an air-con cost per year on average?


As well as know, here in the UK keeping your air-con running all day and night, every day for a full year just doesn’t make sense. Mainly because our climate just doesn’t call for it, with winter temperatures (and even summer ones on occasion) calling for a completely different heating appliance altogether. This means when considering how much it would cost to run an air-con over a one-year period, we don’t have to assume it will be in use for as much as nine hours each day. Instead, we can cut down the air-con run time to around an hour per day over a one-year period. In accordance with ‘Evergreen Air Conditioning’ that means around 38p per day for 365 days, totalling an estimated £138.7. This is just a rough estimate and only accounts for these scorching temperatures being limited to a few weeks each year, but it is a look into what the future may hold for those looking to beat the heat with reliance on an AC solution.

What is the difference between the cost of running a fan or an air-con?


Of course, there is more than one way to keep your home cool. Some people simply opt for keeping windows open and their body hydrated – a more economical approach you must say. While others favour the more popular fan approach, which keeps you cool and comfortable, especially throughout the night. The question remains however, which is the cheaper solution. In almost all cases, a fan is the cheaper option than running an AC unit. A more economical option in the long run, fans use much fewer watts than their AC alternatives and as such consume much less power. This keeps your energy bills low, with fans typically representing a much lower cost of initial investment, maintenance and operational cost – which are all important things to consider when looking to purchase a long-term cooling solution. There may be situations where a fan simply cannot suffice and as such an AC unit may be required to receive adequate cooling for you, your family and your friends. So, the answer to the question ‘are fans cheaper to run than air-con units?’ is almost always yes, but the question ‘are fans better at keeping my home cool than air-con units?’ has an answer than is dependent on your and your unique setups and situations.


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