Cube's New Custom PC Configurator

Published 30th Apr 2020

Replacing, or updating, your computer can be either a really enjoyable time, or downright overwhelming. With so many choices to make from the case to the components inside, you may be feeling a little lost and unsure. What if we told you that we had an answer for that?

Our friends at Cube have over 20 years' experience in designing and building computers- meaning you can sit back and relax while Cube does all the work! Well, not exactly, you still need to choose your setup, parts, and ensure that the build will be suited to your needs…

Sound daunting? Lucky for you, the new Cube configurator is here to streamline this process!

Cube's new configurator system has been produced to ensure that you are fully supported throughout your custom PC configuration process, providing you with plenty of customisation options to make sure your new PC is suited to your needs perfectly. The configurator also cleverly ensures that the parts you choose are all compatible- it's never been easier to build your own PC.

To make things even more streamlined you can select from multiple configurators to create something more specific, such as a water-cooled PC or a workstation.

Meet the new configurators:


With the most epic RGB cases on the market and the hottest game-ready components, you're only one build away from playing your favourite games.

Water Cooled

Cube's top of the range water-cooled PCs are excellent for extreme gaming. Not only do they look brilliant, the cooling is next-level!


The PC for everything- work, gaming, browsing or even streaming movies. Who said a PC was just for gaming?


Every business needs a reliable, efficient PC to keep everything moving steadily. Whether it's those spreadsheets you need to finish or the coding you need to write up- a Business PC will support you along the way.


Perhaps you're more into work than play? Don't worry- our Workstation PCs are the perfect choice for keeping you, and the workflow, running seamlessly.

Start from Scratch

Totally custom- Your Play, Your Way! Take control and configure every part of your Cube PC.

Want to learn more about different PC setups, and where to start? Check out our latest blog post here, all about building your own custom PC with Cube!

"Cube Custom PCs are built by people with a passion for computers with over 20 years' experience. Our passion is what drives us to deliver the best built PCs we can. We include many services that you would usually be charged extra for. Such as professional cable management and using high-quality thermal paste at no extra cost. We also install all the latest BIOS, driver and Windows updates (If PC is bought with Windows), so your PC is ready to go out of the box." -
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