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Interview with Fnatic's Patrik Sättermon

By Emma Powell, Senior Staff Writer | Published 21st Jun 2022

Have you ever dreamt of joining a competitive esports team of your own? Well, it might not be entirely impossible. Esports has exploded in recent years- in a big way, thanks in part to its integration into popular culture, and the growth of dedicated gaming-specific streaming platforms. An increasing number of players around the world are partaking in competitive gaming and streaming to show off their skills and become the very best. As esports gaming has grown, so has viewership, with an estimated 29.6 million monthly esports viewers in 2022.

With the recent launch of the Chillblast Fnatic Gaming PCs, it’s never been easier to enter the world of competitive gaming. Today we’re speaking with Patrik Sättermon, Chief Gaming Officer at Fnatic for a real insight into the world of esports. When it comes to the world of competitive gaming, Patrik has seen and done it all!


Hi Patrik! What’s your first defining memory of PC gaming?

Getting into the Quake online servers mid 90’s opened up a completely new world to me. Probably had 300ms+ in latency playing with a modem connection, but was a mesmerising experience that changed how I perceived computer games forever. Sadly the internet bills started to add up so had to grind single-player and bots every now and then to keep up.

What are the top 3 most important qualities to have when it comes to being a professional esports player?

It has to start with a passion for the game, the sport, and the life around it. The competition on the top is fierce and to get there in the first place talent will only take you so far, then you will need to be led by a passion that justifies the endless grind and sacrifices you’ll have to do.

Secondly is the environment, and primarily that means that you need to work closely with like-minded people and in an environment in which you can thrive. Misalignment on ambition and goals is the killer of even the most talented team. When it clicks you will know, be wary about constantly thinking that grass is greener elsewhere though. Environment also means that you have access to the best gaming hardware and peripherals out there, like a racket for a tennis player or the clubs for a golfer, your system and peripherals is what connects you with the game and you want as little friction between these two as possible. Don’t settle.

Last but not least is attitude. You may not always be able to control your environment, teammates or even random elements to the game, but you can always control your attitude and mindset. This also needs training, being patient with yourself but equally reflective on what you can do better.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to join the world of competitive esports?

Find a game that you like and people you like to play with. It does not have to be dead serious from day one. As mentioned before passion is the main fuel for anything you wanna thrive in so don’t be in something for the wrong reason.


We’re really excited to be launching the new Fnatic range of Chillblast PCs at Box. The range is loaded with such powerful spec (such as the impressive NVIDIA GeForce 30 series graphics cards!). Do you have any predictions for the future of gaming PC components?

Wow, tough question! Thankfully we have a reliant and hard working partner like Chillblast to support us in the future exploration of improvements on hardware - and I speak for all our players that we feel extremely excited to partner with Chillblast and receive this level of gear.

Prediction wise I’d imagine that we will see more portable and wireless-powered hardware and peripherals over time, it’s certainly been decades since the gamers and hardware enthusiasts left the basement but the world we live in now furthers the need for mobility and with gaming being a massive part of many people’s life you’d think more and more products will come to enable this further.

With more and more viewers tuning in to watch their favourite titles being played by some of the best gamers in the world, where do you see the esports industry heading in the next 5 years?

Mobile esports will pick up massively and invite more gamers to esports, especially so in regions that thus far in the PC and console era has not been represented on a mobile stage. We will continue to fill out venues with on-site staff, but the biggest change I see over time is the way you as a fan can watch and participate in the biggest events from remote. VR may play a role in that, and so will Web3, but with or without such there is tons of implementations game developers and streaming platforms still can develop to take you watching from home much closer to the game itself. Think about it, compared to physical sports there is nothing that stops us from instantly replaying key moments of the most hyped pro match, or engage with the other fans watching on a way deeper level


Feeling inspired? Why not check out the brand new Chillblast x Fnatic range of gaming PCs, now available at Box! Built and designed by champions Chillblast, the powerful PCs will provide you with unrivalled performance in the latest titles and set you off on your esports journey.


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