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How to connect your AirPods Max to the Xbox Series X

6th January 2021


In this article, we will explain step-by-step how to connect your AirPods Max to the Xbox Series X with the help of one handy little accessory. Although we discuss AirPods in this article, the steps in this can really be applied to any Bluetooth Audio Device that you wish to connect.

What are the AirPods Max and why do I want them for gaming?

The AirPods Max are alongside the Xbox Series X in one of the most highly anticipated new releases of 2020/2021. Apple's newest addition to the wireless headphone family sees an over-ear headphone that combines pillow-soft comfort with high quality surround sound.

Why would you want to use these with the Xbox Series X instead of gaming headphones? Well, the AirPods give unparalleled sound quality as well as artificial intelligence and sound cancelling that can be switched off for when you want to feel more in touch with your surroundings. If this wasn't enough, the build quality on the AirPods is unlike many gaming headsets out there, it's premium aluminium feels sturdy and durable and it's band is made from a breathable mesh material. Whilst they are a bit pricier than most gaming headsets, the AirPods Max aren't just for gaming as you can take them with you on the go from work to the gym, so it saves you having to buy an additional headset for gaming.

Does the Xbox series X come with Bluetooth?

The release of the Xbox X has been highly anticipated, and whilst in most ways our expectations were exceeded, we were a surprised (and a little disappointed) to discover it does not support Bluetooth Audio devices. Whilst it does support Bluetooth in general as this is how it connects to the controllers, it unfortunately requires Microsoft own wireless standard. But don't panic, you can still connect your favourite Bluetooth headphones with this quick and easy fix…a Bluetooth adapter.

There are a range of Xbox Series X Bluetooth adapters on the market, from USB dongles that plug into the console to 3.5mm jacks that go into the controller. We have used a 3.5mm audio jack dongle but ultimately they all do the same job, so whichever you decide to buy is really down to your preference. These adapters are readily available online and are relatively inexpensive as you can expect to grab one for less than £25.

So now you have everything that you need (Charged Airpods Max, Bluetooth Adapter, Xbox Series X), let's get into it:


1. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the audio jack in the bottom of your Xbox controller (or console)

2. Turn it on and ensure it is in pairing mode, usually a flashing light indicated pairing mode is active

3. On your AirPods Max press and hold the pairing button on the top, there should be a white flashing light on the bottom which indicates pairing mode is active

4. Hold pairing button until the light on the Bluetooth adapter turns solid, this indicates pairing is complete

5. Put the AirPods over your ears and test audio connection

(* you may experience a slight lag due to the audio having to go through the adapter)

From our experience, connection was really simple, we didn't have any issues with lag and the sound quality from the AirPods Max was exceptional. The only issue with using the Airpods with the Xbox Series X is that you cannot use the mic on them as the Bluetooth transmitter does not support this. This was a bit of a shame as the AirPods Max have beamforming which is especially designed to isolate your voice on phone calls and this would have been awesome to use when gaming, hopefully this is something that can be updated in future technology. 

We hope you have found this article helpful, please feel free to explore our Box Blog for more posts or check out our YouTube Channel where we post similar video content!

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