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How To Host an Afternoon Tea Garden Party

22nd April 2021
There's nothing better than a good cup of tea, unless it's served alongside a slice of cake of course. With 84% of the British population drinking tea every day, it's clear to see why we Brits can't resist a traditional 'afternoon tea'. The classic pastime is widely attributed to Anna Maria Russel, Duchess of Bedford, who filled her peckishness between lunch and dinner with an array of sweet and savoury snacks. Thanks, Anna!

With the easing of lockdown in the U.K, current government guidelines advise that we can now have up to 6 people in our private gardens (or two households). So, why not take it outdoors and throw your own afternoon tea garden party with a selection of teatime treats, traditional scones and of course, pots of tea. Follow our suggestions to become the ultimate afternoon tea party host!

The Basics

The centrepiece of a classic afternoon tea is, of course, a cake stand! If you don't have one to hand, we'd recommend heading to a local charity shop or borrowing one from a friend. Alternatively, lay your spread on some instagrammable wooden serving planks or fancy plates. Ensure you're stocked up on cutlery and plenty of teacups too. Set the mood with some music using a Bluetooth speaker which you can keep outdoors near your guests! There's no harm in placing some blankets nearby outside too- just in case it gets a bit chilly.

No teapot? No problem. While a teapot is traditionally used, there's no harm in boiling the kettle and bringing it outside to top up peoples cups! Keep it classy by using this traditional style kettle by Ariete, it's sure to get some compliments.

Drinks on Arrival

When the guests arrive, it's always best to be prepared with some drinks! We'll save the tea for later, and recommend something different such as a refreshing frozen cocktail- simply grab a blender and check out our favourite recipes here.

The Spread

Traditional afternoon tea usually consists of an array of sandwiches, followed by scones with jam and cream, and finished with biscuits, cake or pâtisserie. Either stick to this well-known method or mix it up by switching elements such as sandwiches for something else people can enjoy, such as fried tofu or chicken! Perfect for sharing with friends. Check out our recipe here for a perfect fool-proof method using an air-fryer.

If you're sticking with traditional 'finger' sandwiches, here are some of our favourite combinations:
  • Cheese and cucumber
  • Red pepper and hummus
  • Walnut and cheese
  • Ham and mustard
  • Horseradish and beef
Why not toast them for an even different approach using a sandwich maker?

Scones- we might all pronounce them differently but there's one thing we can agree on, they taste absolutely delicious! There's no doubting that an afternoon tea just wouldn't be the same without the classic scone. Rather than heading to the shops, why not make your own! It's the perfect opportunity to really show off the baking skills you've perfected over lockdown. Our recipe here is perfect for first-time scone bakers, and you'll have a batch of scones whipped up in around 20 minutes using a stand mixer! Plus, they're actually vegan, which means no one will miss out. Jam first, or cream?

For your post-scone sweet treat, we recommend something quite decadent such as a small slice of chocolate fudge cake, biscuits or a cream-filled pastry. For something a little quirkier, why not try our take on Eton Mess? We simply whipped up some cream, layered with crushed up meringue kisses we made earlier, then topped with another meringue kiss and some freeze-dried strawberry pieces and powder. It's classic, with a modern twist. We also tried out some raw vegan mini cheesecake treats too topped with cherry compote, all we used was this Bosch food processor!


Your guests are sure to be full at this point from your lovely treats! Why not finish your meal off with a fancy coffee and maybe even get some latte art on the go? Click here to find the best coffee making solution for you to become your own 'barista'!

We hope our afternoon tea guide gives you some ideas for your next afternoon tea party. Don't forget to tag us on social media using #WeAreBox if you try out any of our tips!

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