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How to host the ultimate virtual party spring 2021!

12th March 2021

For those with birthdays in the next few weeks, the idea of another birthday in lockdown may be a little disheartening, but worry not, as restrictions on social contact doesn't mean you should give up on the idea of a super fun and unforgettable birthday!

If there's one thing we've learned from 2020 it's the incredible ability to find new ways to connect without meeting face-to-face. Despite social distancing, we've managed to form communities and engage with one another in new and exciting ways, from most of the country baking banana bread to some of us running 5K for the NHS, lockdown has brought an array of new endeavours.

However, when it comes to any parties, we have unfortunately had to put planning venues, arranging transport and selecting food platters on pause. But this has also paved the way for more creative thinking on how 'get together' to celebrate an event with our loved ones from the comfort of our own home. 

If creativity isn't your forte or you're stuck for exciting and creative ideas, then look no further as this is the article for you! We have planned the perfect virtual party that is sure to be an unforgettable night for both you and your guests. 

1: Ensure everyone has access to the platform beforehand 

Since the increase in the use of virtual chatrooms for both work and recreation, we have seen incredible growth in the options of video chat apps available. Whether it's Zoom, Teams or Skype… we're practically spoiled for choice these days!

Whilst more choice might sound great, it can actually make arranging a group video call even more difficult, because people may have different preferred platforms. Because of this, you will need to schedule the event for a platform that everyone will have access to, luckily most of these apps are free so can easily be accessed if guests don't already have them. We recommend contacting everyone beforehand to arrange which app the event will take place on, so all attendees can be ready on time. 

It's also pretty important that attendees have a smartphone, tablet or laptop/computer with a camera so that they can keep connected, otherwise, those without could easily feel left out of all the fun! At Box we have a range of phones and laptops with cameras for affordable prices starting from just £200! To learn more about our top picks for laptops in 2021 check out our blog post which includes gaming laptops, premium laptops and budget-friendly laptops.

For those who do not have a device with a camera and aren't looking to upgrade, you could grab yourself an external webcam for less than £15!

2: Make a group party playlist

Music is the perfect way to set the tone for the evening and have everyone feeling in the mood, so we recommend creating a playlist that all attendees can access! You may want to choose a theme for the night and select music to accompany this, or you may prefer to create a shared playlist and invite everyone to add one of some of their favourite songs! Spotify is a great app for this as it has a free platform, so anyone can access the playlist on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

3: Did someone say Virtual happy hour?

Why not mix up some excitement with home-made cocktails (or mocktails)! You could select your cocktails and ingredients beforehand and create a menu to send to your guests ahead of the event so that they can grab all the ingredients in preparation. Below we have listed 3 picks out of our top 5 favourite springtime cocktails/mocktails.

The beauty of these 3 recipes is that they require minimal effort or equipment. Yes, that's right you and your guests don't need a fancy shaker, strainers or bar spoons. All you need is to pop your ingredients in a good blender, give it a zap and they're ready to go! 

We're loving this Beko blender as it's an incredibly powerful blender that blitzed all of our drinks in under 30 seconds, plus it fits 2 litres so we could make up a few drinks in one go! We also think the Blendjet portable blender is a brilliant device, whilst it's not as powerful, it works off charge and makes up to 12 drinks, so you don't need to leave the room or even get off the sofa to make a drink! If you're interested in making these cocktails, click them to find the full recipe: 

Tropical Daiquiri

With warmer weather approaching, there is nothing more refreshing than the flavour of tropical fruits. This beautiful drink brings us back to summer days and holiday vibes, a MUST try for spring 2021.

Strawberry Margarita

This seasonal delight that screams British springtime also makes a mean margarita. This delightful drink offers the sweetness of berrys, zest of lime and also packs a boozy punch.

Mini-egg Martini: 

One of the best things about springtime is the return of Cadburys glorious Mini eggs, right? These little chocolatey eggs of goodness make the perfect springtime digestif … it's like the dessert of cocktails!

4: Online murder mystery

When it comes to virtual parties, the virtual murder mystery game nights have really took the top spot for us. They offer something incredibly fun, engaging and memorable in a time where most evenings feel the same. 

There are so many options available online from a range of companies, providing party kits for groups from as little as 4 members to as many as 30! What's even more exciting is that you can choose from a range of themes from sci-fi themed murder on a starship to disco themed murder on the dancer floor, there truly is something for everyone!

This is such a quick and easy way to have an extraordinary and entertaining evening, you simply pick the game, download it, and voila, a fun themed night is all planned out for you. We recommend downloading the game at least a week before the event so you can share the characters with your guests and everyone has time to arrange costumes or props!

5: Get your Game Face on

The wonders of technology in this virtual world don't stop at Zoom and Skype, there are also a range of consoles and games that can really take your virtual party up a notch. From the Nintendo switch which has awesome multiplayer games such as 'Who wants to be a millionaire' and 'Super Mario party', you'll never be short on group fun! On the PlayStation and Xbox, there are a range of online multiplayer games from Rocket League to Fifa and Monster hunter.

We are loving the game 'Jack box party pack' because it's available on most platforms including the Switch, PlayStation, PC and even smartphones. It's an awesome game that has a range of fun trivia games, drawing games and hidden identity games. As they say 'no party goer gets left behind' making it the ideal virtual party game. 

6: Ain't no party like a Netflix party

A great way to end an evening of fun, games and laughs is to settle down with a good film. Thanks to Netflix party you can watch a movie with your attendees remotely and when you stop or pause the movie it will do so for all the devices watching. It also has a chat bar where you and your friends can discuss what's going on in the film as you would if you were actually together, making it super easy to feel connected with your pals whilst enjoying the film!

Choosing a movie can be difficult with big groups, so we suggest possibly sending out a poll beforehand to vote on which film, that way you can be sure that the selection is fair and suits most people. 

If you wanted to upgrade your movie experience to a cinema-like setup, there are a bunch of TV's and soundbars available at Box at the moment for great prices! 

We're loving this LG 82" 4K HDR Smart TV because it's packed with impressive specs such as Dolby vision and audio, enhanced AI features, multiple voice assistant and a breathtaking design. You get all of this for a bargain price as it currently has £800 off!* This pairs perfectly with this LG GX 3.1CH Soundbar which has DTS:X and Dolby Atmos as well as high resolution. audio and adaptive sound, plus this soundbar is on offer at the moment with a massive £400 off!*

We've also written a blog post on the best 4K TV's for more information on our top picks for 4K TV's from budget-friendly TV's to the ultimate premium TV's.

So there you have it, our top picks for creating an unforgettable virtual party that's sure to be full of amusement, laughs and healthy competition! We hope you have found this article useful, if so please feel free to check out our Box Blog for more content like this. 

*Prices were correct and accurate at the time of publishing

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