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How to use the Custom PC Configurator at

Published 14th Jul 2021
How to use the Custom PC Configurator
The custom PC configurator at delivers an unrivaled experience, allowing you to build a brand new PC to your exact spec and budget within a matter of minutes. 

With options to start from scratch or templates to help guide you towards a build that suits your needs, Box's custom-built PC configurators offer an intuitive way to get your new computer built.

The custom configurator has been meticulously designed and mapped so that as you select your desired parts for the build, the following components offered as selectable options will be compatible, with any that would have issues due to size or compatibility removed.

You can start your build the way you want. For example, if you want to select the graphics card first, then the cases you will be shown thereafter will all fit that card inside, removing any options that wouldn't. This ensures that every element of your build will work in perfect harmony to produce a one-of-a-kind PC that will out-perform the competition.

Where do I find the Custom PC Configurator?

You can choose to start your PC build from scratch or select our custom-built gaming PCs template. Alternatively, you can search custom built PC in our search bar to jump straight to all of the available templates.

How do I use the Custom Configurator?

Once you've selected your starting point you will be selected with your build options. You can start with any component and the results thereafter will refine themselves automatically to leave you with only compatible options to choose from. Below we'll run through each option, providing insight on how to select your components as well as any tips on other options you can select throughout the build configuration process.

Why not watch our helpful demonstration video that shows and talks through how to use this fantastic tool:


We list cases in 4 sizes (Form Factor) Mini Tower, Mini ITX, Mid Tower, and Full Tower. To help you find the right size for you. If you need to know the dimensions or any information about any of the products on the configurator you can click on the picture or text to find this. You can also do this after a part has been selected.


After you have selected your case you will be given the option to add additional fans. Most cases come with one or more fans pre-fitted. Any additional fans will be added to these. The description below the case title will list included fans, USB ports, and cooler support.


We offer the full range of AMD and Intel CPUs. All of the parts on the configurator are based on stock availability, so if you can't see the product you are looking for it may be out of stock.

CPU Cooler

Once you have selected your chosen CPU, you can then select a cooler. The case you've selected will limit the cooler options you will see. For example, if the case selected only supports 120mm liquid coolers then you will not see any air coolers below the height restrictions. We also have the option to use the standard cooler that comes with the processor.


We stock a large range of motherboards, allowing for great choice here. Your selected Case will again limit the board's availability, only showing you motherboards that will work and fit correctly. The motherboard is a very important part of your PC. It will determine future upgrades that you can add. You will see the less expensive boards support less memory and at slower speeds. Again if you click on the part you are interested in you will get the full specification.


Apart from the amount of memory you require, you will be given options for different speeds. Both of these will affect the performance of your PC. Select the option that best suits your budget and requirements. When you decide the memory you want you can then select the quantity.

Graphics Card

We feature the full range of AMD and NVIDIA products. These include GeForce and Radeon graphics cards for gaming, as well as Quadro and Radeon Pro cards specifically designed for workstation applications. We also include an option for you to install your current graphics card. Or if the processor includes onboard graphics you can select to use this option instead.


This gives you hard drive options, including the latest M.2 SSD drives for the best performance. As well as standard hard drives to save all of your files too. We recommend an M.2 or standard SSD for Windows 10 and other programs and then a second hard drive for all your files. After you select a drive you can then select to add an additional drive. You will also see we include an option for you to fit a drive you already own. If you select this option we will wire all the required cables making it easy for you to fit.


You may have seen that we have a few different icons next to each product. Recommended, RGB and overclocking. Our recommended icon shows our most popular best-selling products. The RGB icon shows parts that support standard RGB lighting parts like fans and light strips. Overclocking parts are best suited for CPUs that support this feature. It allows you to get more performance out of your PC. The level of overclocking will depend on the parts selected. We have given parts a rating, if you select our overclocking service our engineers will get the best performance they can out of the parts you have selected.


The rest of the process of selecting parts works in the same way. If you try to add your build to the basket and have missed any required parts the configurator will let you know what you have missed.
If you need any help or have any questions the get help button has all our contact information.

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