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What's on the menu this Christmas?

14th December 2018

 If you're a regular visitor to the Box website, you may have noticed we've revamped the 'components and storage' part of our menu.

In an attempt to make it even easier to find what you're looking for, we have expanded the drop-down menu to include new categories for internal hard drives, SSDs, external hard drives and external SSDs.

Website navigation is one of the key factors of e-commerce success. We all know how frustrating a poorly designed website can be. Common mistakes are adverts popping up all over the place, menus flying onto the page from all directions and links which don't lead anywhere.

Our customers are busy people. They don't have the time to work out how our website works - it needs to be simple and clear.

It's all part of the customer journey. We don't want to put unnecessary hurdles in the way on the way to the checkout. By making this change to the components and storage menu, we're ensuring people can get to the right section of the website with just one click.

Though Box today stocks a huge range of products from TVs to home appliances, we are well-known and respected for our computer components. We have many internal SSDs to choose from - and external SSDs. Chances are people know whether they want to go for internal or external before they even log onto the website, so it made sense to separate those two categories and have individual pages for each.

And we've given our internal hard drives menu a makeover with separate pages for desktop 3.5 drives, laptop 2.5 drives, hybrid drives (SSHD), NAS drives, surveillance drives and enterprise drives.

It's now three months since the big Box rebrand and, consequently, the re-design of our e-commerce website. We've had a great feedback - but we're determined to keep making improvements. If you've got any suggestions, please do get in touch.