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The future of gaming - console or mobile?

8th April 2019

The question of whether mobile devices are overtaking consoles and PCs as the future of gaming is truly dividing opinion.

The debate has stepped up a notch over the last week with the introduction of the new streaming gaming service, Google Stadia.

The truth is there remains a gap in the market for all platforms.

Whether it be the iPhone XS Max or the Xiaomi MI 8 64GB, most people already own a smartphone which is compatible for gaming with processors becoming significantly more powerful.

Smartphone and tablet controllers have also made gaming more accessible to the regular mobile user, making a reliance on touchscreen a thing of the past for many players, while the fast-paced improvement in technology makes mobile devices more open to showcasing VR than previously.

With a high volume of games now available on mobile and the streaming model outlined by Google now starting to filter through the market - albeit without any cost details at this stage - there is a strong belief that the future of gaming may be evolving.

But to suggest this could signal the end of the traditional gaming experience as we know it - through consoles and PCs - would be premature.

Even the most sophisticated mobile technology doesn't yet live up to the hardware developed by consoles and PCs and the feeling is that effective use of 4K remains a little way off for mobile users.
And the gaming community itself will require some convincing that they will enjoy the same experience through their smartphone as they have grown accustomed to through their console or PC. 

In short, AAA games are far more suited to consoles than devices at this stage.

The fact is that this is a fast-changing world but, at present, there is certainly room for all gaming platforms. In the world of gaming, for the time being at least, mobiles, PCs and consoles are all here to stay.