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Lockdown boredom? Bring the cinema to you with the Hisense L5!

22nd December 2020

4 People watching sports on the TV

We know lockdown has many of you looking for new ways to keep entertained at home, so with £500 cashback* at the moment on the HISENSE 100" L5 LASER 4K HDR SMART TV, why not treat yourself to a high quality cinematic experience from the comfort of your own living room?

When you think projector you're probably thinking; but don't they need to be at the back of the room? Don't they struggle to give crisp image quality in well-lit rooms? Won't I see more crisp visuals on my OLED? Well the answer to all of these is No!

Take what you think you know about projectors and completely discard it, the Hisense L5 laser will truly exceed your expectations, and we're here to tell you how.

Mind-blowing visuals

High definition mountains on screen from projector

This 100 inch 4k projector displays over 8 million pixels, means you can be sure you can see crystal clear details on every inch of this Display. This 4K TV gives image quality that you probably didn't know was possible from a projector.

This whopping 100" display gives you crisp viewing from any angle, so whether you've got all your friends round to watch the game or the whole family together for a movie marathon, you can rest assured that everyone will be able to see with stunning clarity.

Bring the cinema to you, with the laser engine that achieves sharp-focused detail and brightness levels that have only ever been seen before in the cinema.

Better than an OLED?

Crisp visuals on this screen vs motion blur on others

You can enjoy fast-paced action movies and sports to their fullest with the microsecond level processor that gives a motion rate 10 times faster than an OLED, to give you the smoothest visuals that are free from any blur… this makes it great for gaming too!

Comfortable viewing in every situation

Screen dispersing unwanted light

Don't let poor lighting conditions ruin your entertainment, the ambient light rejecting screen is designed for watching at any time of day and is capable of something quite incredible. In a well-lit room, this screen rejects light from any sources in the room other than the laser, so no matter what viewing angle or lighting conditions, you will always have impeccable visuals.

A child viewing light reflecting off screen

Say goodbye to headaches and eye strain, you can now enjoy your all-day movie marathon with less harmful blue light as this laser has been certified by TUV Rhineland as a low blue light solution.

Watch TV as naturally as possible. Unlike conventional TV's which direct light into the eye, the image you see on a Hisense Laser TV screen is reflected allowing your eyes to stay comfortable, even after long viewing periods.

You can be sure that any little ones will be safe as the Hisense has a built-in sensor which detects when objects are too close and subsequently reduces the light strength before powering off to avoid any damage to eyes.

True-to life colour

Woman touching screen with realistic image of flamingos

Enjoy nature shows as if you're really there, with true to life colour this laser TV. HDR opens up a range of vivid colours and contrast, so you can enjoy a truly vibrant picture with breath-taking depth and rich details. *HDR 10 & HLG decoding.

Immerse yourself in a surround sound experience

Dolby atmos dispersing surround sound

Enjoy impeccable sound with embedded speakers that give a tremendous 30w of superior Audio performance.

Appreciate powerful moving audio with Dolby Atmos technology. You can feel as if you're a part of what's on screen as it gives realistic and powerful sound which is designed fill the room from all directions. You could even pair this with a Soundbar or Speaker for a three dimensional sound. 

A true smart TV

Man and boy browing through apps such as Netflix and Youtube

What would a smart tv be without all of your favourite apps in one place? With the Hisense you can enjoy more than 200 global apps including Netflix, Prime and YouTube, and you can reach them with just the click of a button. So now you can just spend less time messing about and more time relaxing and enjoying your favourite show.

And if that wasn't enough, this TV has Freeview play which lets you enjoy the biggest shows live and on demand. Making it free and simple to browse a range of content to find whatever best suits your mood.

This TV is built to last, with a 25,000 hour lifespan, you won't have to worry about bulb issues any time soon, as you could watch tv for a whopping 6 hours a day and it would still last you over 11 years!

Purchase today for £500 cashback*

Hisense screen and projector

So now you know how the Hisense L5 Laser 4K Smart Tv can take your entertainment to the next level, and with £500 cashback* there's no better time than now to grab yourself a bargain. So what are you waiting for?

At Box we stock a range of Tv's, Projectors and Soundbar's to meet all your needs! 

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*Offer valid at time of publication, offer valid until 31st December 2020, Subject to Terms and Conditions.

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