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Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboards Review

6th October 2021
The logitech silver mac keyboard being held alongside the black pc keyboard

Logitech has compacted down your favourite keyboard into the perfect little companion for your PC or tablet. This mini keyboard offers accessibility across a huge range of devices, whilst still offering the comfort and responsiveness you expect from a top of the line keyboard. 

This compact version of the MX sits at a similar price to the original, whilst you are getting a smaller keyboard for the same price, you're gaining ease of portability and comfort as well as having the same awesome features.

There are two options for the Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard, with one following the Windows PC layout and another following a Mac layout, although either can be used across the same range of devices.

In this review, we put the Logitech MX Keys Mini through its paces, testing against a variety of criteria on a range of tech, so let's get into it!

Unboxing the Logitech MX Mini 

Key Features:

  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Ready straight out of Box

Taking it out of the box, we found the keyboard placed neatly inside, ready for instant plug and play connection to your device. Set-up was mapped out in easy to understand instructions on the inside of the lid. 

We also see the same eco-packaging that is present on many of Logitech's latest technology, with everything in this box being completely recyclable, offering peace of mind when it comes to packaging disposal.

Setup on the Logitech MX Mini 

A person using the logitech wireless MX mini keyboard with a laptop

Key Features:

  • Easy setup via Bluetooth
  • No USB receiver

Set-up was relatively straightforward, as it powered up via the USB to USB-C cable provided. It was then easily switched on via a power switch and showed an indicator light to let me know it's working. 

Once powered up, you get a little show of lights from the backlit keys, displaying a beautiful slow pulse of light for a stylish look.

It was easy to connect via Bluetooth as this is done via the Bluetooth settings on your device, meaning pairing across devices was easy and there were no annoying wires in the way. Something that I found pretty cool was the ability to save up to 3 Bluetooth devices and switch between them easily via a button on the top of the keyboard.

Although the keyboard doesn't come with a USB receiver for connecting multiple devices and offering an unwavering connection, I loved having the freedom that Bluetooth offers as it allowed me to connect it to a wider range of devices, such as an iPad or Tablet which don't have external inputs.

It may be frustrating for users who won't be able to connect to their non Bluetooth compatible device using their existing unifying receiver, but it does work well with the Logi Bolt receiver for a multi-computer workflow. 

Is MX Keys Mini for Windows or Mac? 

The silver logitech mx keys mini wireless keyboard next to the black version of the same

Key Features:

  • Style options for Windows & Mac
  • Unique rose colour available

As mentioned, we have two keyboard styles, with one following the classic Mac design, such as matching symbol and command key placement as well as following the sleek silver colouring. This ensures that it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your Apple ecosystem. 

On the other hand, the keyboard that has been designed with PC use in mind has the same layout as a Windows keyboard as well as being designed with a deep matte black, so that it matches the aesthetic of any accompanying PC accessories. 

Logitech also have a unique rose colour option that really stands out, making a statement amongst the usual black and silver colouring on most tech. 

Keys on the Logitech MX Keys Mini 

Key Features:

  • Premium quality materials & build
  • Circular indents on keys
  • Thin and lightweight at around 500G
  • Compact size - 30cm wide, 13.5cm deep, 2cm high
  • Smart backlit keys
  • New buttons for dictation & emojis

I loved the premium look and feel of this keyboard. The texture of both keys and body felt luxurious, and the metal housing sported matt keys that have circular indents. These helped with productivity, as it was easy for my fingers to intuitively find the keys.

Even though it is quite thin, there is a fixed sturdy prop along the top which enabled a comfortable angle when typing. I was surprised by the weight of this compact keyboard as it sits at an incredibly light 500g, which was just enough to hold it down on the desk without shifting whilst also keeping it light enough for carrying around on the go. 

When it comes to sizing on this compact keyboard, we have a measurement of around 30cm wide, 13.5cm deep and 2cm high on the elevated end of it. This was around half the size of a standard keyboard and was more similar in size to a laptop keyboard. Part of how Logitech managed to keep this at such a compact size is by the removal of the number keys.

The logitech MX keys mini keyboard ontop of a full size keyboard for sizing reference

The sizing was perfect for comfortable typing, even on a day of writing, as this compact keyboard allowed me to reach all keys comfortably on a full day's work. 

The keyboard is made from one solid metal plate, which really helped with the premium feel as there were no odd creaking noises from flex within the frame. Plus, the keys themselves are incredibly quiet thanks to the shallow flat shape. 

The black Logitech keyboard being used with a backlight on

It was easy to work at night due to the backlit keys, which offers a soft white light that shines relatively bright when in a dark room. They're not your standard backlight either, as this smart light can be manually adjusted or set to automatic, whereby it turns on when your hands are in proximity and then turns off when not in use, as well as adjusting brightness levels to light conditions. This not only makes using this keyboard easy to use but also helps to save power. 

When it comes to the keys, we not only have the traditional keys but some new smart keys such as the dictation key which allowed me to simply hold and talk for instant talk-to-text dictation, making it perfect for real-time note taking in class or saving thoughts to projects. We also have the emoji key which is a really cool feature as it allowed instant access to a wide range of emojis. 

The dictation and emoji keys on the logitech keyboard

How long does the battery last?

Key Features:

  • Up to 10 hours backlight
  • Up to 5 months no backlight

I was really impressed by this battery, as Logitech state it can last up to 10 hours on a full charge with the backlight and a staggering 5 months when the backlight is disabled. From my testing, this seemed pretty accurate as it was used for a full day and it managed to hold the power it had straight from the box, without even an initial charge. This is enough to give me reassurance when on the go that it is built to last.

Logitech mx keys mini keyboard being used

The Verdict

Overall this is a brilliant compact keyboard. Whilst the price might seem a little expensive to some, with this you get a premium-quality feel, smart features and keys enhanced for comfort and convenience. The sizing is perfect for popping in your bag and carrying with you whilst connectivity to devices was quick and easy, allowing me to switch seamlessly between devices when needed for little disruptions within my workflow. 

Where can I buy the Logitech MX Keys Mini?

This compact wireless Keyboard is available to pre-order here at Box, where we have the full range of colours available. Just click the button below to find out more.

View the range button

We hope you have found this review helpful. For more reviews check out our Box Blogs where we have a review on the Logitech G435 Wireless Gaming Headset, or our YouTube Channel where you can find reviews on the latest tech.

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