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New Synology Mesh router

3rd September 2019
The rise of smart devices, allowing us to connect anywhere with immediate access to our data is no longer a fiction, with an estimate of 35 connected devices per household by 2020*! This brings new challenges for your home network: how to get strong Wi-Fi coverage & consistent Internet speeds everywhere in your home? How to keep browsing safe for kids and protect from inappropriate content online?

Synology recently added the MR2200ac mesh router to their range, bringing powerful yet intuitive Parental control features. Box.co.uk are teaming up with Synology to bring two limited offers around this Mesh router, and allow you to create a safer online world for you and your family!

Setup & Coverage can be daunting: MR2200ac can easily be set up using your smartphone, by simply picking which Wifi points you wish to add to expand your network coverage. The system then self-configures and will even self-heal should a mesh node fail, by automatically recalculating the fastest possible path to the internet. If you are already the owner of Synology's RT2600ac router, you can easily add MR2200ac to extend it's coverage, both units are compatible!

Parental control made easy

Many routers, especially when provided free by your internet service provider have limited, if not non-existent parental control features, meaning you'll probably need to find an additional software solution compatible with all your devices and install it on them, or purchase an additional security device to add to your home network. In addition to the extra cost, a few challenges and drawbacks present themselves to you:

  • compatibility: will future platforms be supported (ie: new Android release, smart TV software update…)
  • learning curve for the software/device's interface. This becomes even more critical if their are multiple devices of different platforms (ex: windows, iOS…)
  • addition latency on your network in the case of a dedicated security device

Synology provides an easy solution to this conundrum by providing an All-in-One solution, where your Synology router runs parental control feature to manage all devices on your network, without the need for any third-party apps or additional security devices! Importantly, it brings scalability, meaning that managing your network will be simple whether you have 2 connected devices or 50!

A commitment to keeping your router secure

A feature to feature comparison is essential when buying a router, an the MR2200ac certainly comes out strong on that front, however just as important is a manufacturer's commitment to security which should never be overlooked as it is vital to your online security. Synology are well known for software innovation, and were the first Mesh router manufacturer to provide support for WPA3, the latest, more secure security standard for Wifi networks. The manufacturer also has a internal Security team, dedicated to identifying, solving and providing security updates to customers: back in 2017, when the vulnerability known as Krack attack impacted the ubiquitous WPA2 standard, Synology were among the very first to provide a security update to their customers within 24 hours, well ahead of some bigger well-known names.

Better network security at an exclusive price in September: discover these two limited offers at box.co.uk.

* Cisco VNI report

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