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Samsung Neo QLED Technology & TV features Explained

30th April 2021

Samsung Neo QLED TV

Samsung Neo QLED

2021 has brought about the exciting release of Samsung's latest development in TV technology, the Neo QLED! 

In this article, we will explain what the Neo QLED is and highlight the key features that come with the TV range. Whilst we will discuss features across the Neo QLED range as a whole, to find out more about the capabilities of a specific model, we recommend viewing its specs on our website. 

What is the NEO QLED and why would I want one? 

Woman and Boy watching Samsung Neo QLED TV
Neo QLED is Samsung's version of Mini-QLED technology, the latest technology in backlit TV's that offers breath-taking picture quality.

Neo QLED's are an advancement on previous QLED models as instead of the traditional direct backlight which uses hundreds of small lights, the Neo QLED has tens of thousands of tiny LEDs.

These thousands of tiny LED's can offer much greater precision and can also greatly reduce some of the classic drawbacks of backlit TV's such as halo and blooming effects. 

Whilst the Mini-QLED's can offer incredible precision, they are not quite as sharp as OLED's which have individually controlled pixels. However, they are certainly a step closer to incredible OLED performance, whilst also avoiding some of the standard downfalls that arise with OLED's such as the risk of screen burn-in, or a drop in performance over time. 

The Neo QLED range helps to close the gap between crisp images and longevity, offering you mindblowing visuals on a TV built to last. 

There are 7 models inside this series, each with varying specs and features. In this Blog post, we will discuss some of the features and benefits available across the whole series.

What features are available on Samsung's NEO QLED TV's range?


8K Resolution on TV

The Neo QLED range offers options for both 4K resolution and real 8K resolution. As if the clarity and sharpness of 4K wasn't impressive enough, we now also have 8K options too! 8K boasts a mind-blowing 33 million pixels to give you truly extraordinary detail.

The Neo quantum processor 4K and 8K have incredible capabilities. They use 16 neural networks combined with advanced AI to upscale your favourite shows, pixel by pixel, to 4K or 8K resolution! Yes, you heard that right. Even if you are watching a movie that's not filmed in 8K or 4K, you can enjoy it in crisp 4K/8K quality. 

Images are even more lifelike with Q HDR 4000 [3000] powered by HDR10+ present on some models and Quantum HDR 2000 and 1500 on others. Quantum HDR 4000 offers 4000 nits of brightness with enhanced colour and contrast, to make images look even more stunning and lifelike. 

Not only are the visuals made incredible by ultra-sharp resolution and detail, Samsung also boast 100% colour volume with a billion shades of cinematic colour on their Neo QLED range. This means you can enjoy incredible colour on a range of content from animations to nature documentaries.

Family watching football

We also have multi view on this range, with some models allowing up to 2 screens and others up to 4. This means you can connect and view multiple devices simultaneously, allowing you to connect and play your PlayStation whilst simultaneously watching your favourite streamer in the same screen.

The multi screen PIP/PBP views also allow you to watch a movie whilst also keeping updated with the football score, so you don't need to sacrifice spending quality time with the family and missing out on your team's important games.


Orchestra displaying Q-symphony

The audio on the Neo QLED series is just as impressive as the visuals, with incredibly advanced features such as Object tracking sound (OTS) and Q-symphony. Samsung's latest developments in OTS are present on this range with OTS Pro available on some models and its predecessor, OTS Plus on others. OTS Pro can truly revolutionise the way you watch TV, as it utilises the built-in speakers on the TV to track on-screen action and project the sound from its location on-screen. This makes watching the latest movies incredibly immersive and realistic as it feels as if the sound is coming from the object itself.

The Neo QLED series use a range of other AI sound capabilities, a mind-blowing one being SpaceFit sound. This uses a sensor to adapt to your room and tailor the sound to be perfect for the space it's in.

We also see Q-symphony on this range, Samsung sound feature that seamlessly synergises with your sound bar to deliver truly harmonious surround sound. Samsung describes it as a truly 1+1=2 scenario as they don't just complement one another, they truly advance one another. One Sound bar plus One Compatible QLED TV equals Double the Audio Experience.


Person gaming on NEO QLED

The Neo QLED series has been designed with gamers in mind too, as it offers features such as Freesync Premium Pro to keep stutter and tearing to a minimum, for a super-smooth gaming experience. It also has Samsung's Dynamic Black Equalizer which unveils dark areas without overexposing the light. This can be really useful as it helps you to spot any hidden enemies lurking in the shadows, offering a competitive advantage in games such as first-person shooters. 

When gaming, you can switch on the ultra-wide gaming mode that is available on the Neo QLEDs, offering you a 32:9 screen ratio. This will allow you to experience more depth and detail in the games, allowed by a wider screen.

HDR on neo qled

That concludes our round-up of the key specs, features and benefits that we can expect on the NEO QLED range. We hope you have found this helpful!

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*Specs and features in this blog post vary from model to model inside the Neo QLED series, to find out more about the capabilities of a specific model, please see product specs on the product page of our website*

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Samsung Neo QLED Technology & TV features Explained

Samsung Neo QLED

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