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Spring Clean Your PC

11th March 2021
With Spring just around the corner, it's the perfect time to dust off those digital cobwebs and give your PC the care and attention it needs to stay in top shape. You clean your home, but what about your PC? We're not just talking literal dust either, as your system may be filled with digital clutter, taking up all of your precious storage. Keeping your system clean also helps keep it secure. Removing unused software and services, updating passwords and removing old data are great ways to keep your data security in check. We want to share with you our ultimate tips for cleaning your PC- both physically and digitally!

Uninstall Unused Software

From apps to games, there's no doubt that you'll have some unused software lingering on your system. By removing applications or software you no longer use, you can give your system back some precious storage space. Take a visit to your 'downloads' folder whilst you're there and sort through any files you no longer need. Check to see which software your PC runs at start-up too, as you may have some old apps slowing your system down. Removing unused and outdated software also helps keep your system's security in check, as some outdated software might not be able to withstand an up-to-date cyber-attack.

Sort Through Files

Love organising? Take the time to organise your files and folders - future you will be thankful! Make sure all your information and documents are saved where you know to find them in the future. Remove any folders or files you no longer need or want to keep, to give your system some storage space back.

Invest in an external storage device to help you sort through documents and media, so you can keep those precious photos and memories safe externally without taking up all of your system's storage. Backing up your system regularly is a great habit to have.

Tidy Your Browser

Keep your browser tidy by removing browser cache and cookies in your browser's settings. Take a look at your browser add-ons and ensure they're all up to date (if you still use them), or removed if you don't need them anymore.

Sort Through Emails

Are you the type of person who has hundreds of unread emails? Junk, spam and newsletters can really clog up your email account and it can definitely become overwhelming. Take the time to sort through emails, removing ones you no longer need and unsubscribing from content you no longer wish to receive. Once you've moved items to the trash, clean the email trash bin too.

Check For Updates

Out of date software can be a data security risk, so it's important to keep programs updated. Check your system for any system updates, and check for driver updates also. If you use any applications, check these also and restart your PC once all updated.

Check Your Online Identity

Those passwords you've been using for the past year? Consider changing them, and adding extra security such as two-factor authentication. Revisit your security and privacy options for your social media accounts, and have a clear out of any contacts or content you no longer wish to display. 

Update Anti-Virus Software

Ensure your anti-virus software is up to date, and double-check all of your current preferences, ensuring everything is secure. Run a system/file scan through your anti-virus software also, to detect any suspicious files or software. If you're using a subscription service for your anti-virus, consider checking when this runs out and if any actions are needed.

Physically Clean Your System

Start from the inside of your PC, and make sure everything is unplugged. Open your PCs case and use a lint-free cloth or compressed air to gently remove any dust build-up on your components. Be sure to take extra special care when it comes to your components. An anti-static wristband is a great option, but if you don't have one to hand, make sure to regularly ground yourself by touching your case. Ensure you are removing all dust from your fans and small corners in your case too. Your computer hates heat and dust- so it'll thank you for it!

Once that's all done, secure your case panel/s back on and vacuum up the dust from the floor and area around you. Next, tackle the exterior to ensure any dust or residue is removed, and your PC is sparkling as new! Don't forget to give the rest of your setup a good clean too- from your mouse and keyboard to your monitor.

We hope these tips come in use for you! Now, who's ready for that Spring clean?

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