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Tech essentials you NEED for camping and staycations

20th April 2021
Mug and coffee outside

Last week in the UK, we finally heard the news we've all been waiting for...staycations are allowed again! 

This music to our ears had us on our laptops browsing locations and booking up as fast as possible. Never have we been keener to get back in the shed and dig out all the camping gear we could find, from chairs and tents to mugs and torches.

As many of you do the same and you may have all the basic essentials on hand, you might be yet to learn how a staycation experience can be seriously upgraded with some essential tech!

So whether you're camping in Cornwall or glamping in Gloucester, make sure you're prepped for the best time with Box's essential camping accessories!

TP-Link 20,000 mAh - The best Power bank for camping!

Power bank

If you're spending time in the great outdoors, you're likely going to struggle for access to a power supply. This is why a power bank is a MUST for staycations. 

Say goodbye to having to switch your phone off to save battery or the dreaded blank screen that arrives on day two, because this 20,000mAh TP-link power bank is everything you need to keep your phone powered up for the duration of your trip.

How many charges can a 20,000mAh Power bank give? 

This awesome power bank allows up to 4.8 full charges for a range of smartphones* and 2.8 charges for an Ipad mini*. This means not only are you more than set when it comes to charging for the whole weekend, you can even share it with other family members for a charge boost on their devices too!

This power bank is compatible with a range of devices and has dual smart fast charging ports. This allows you to charge up to 80% on selected iPhones in just 1 hour. So even if you forget to charge it overnight, you can quickly have your phone charged up and ready to take on your adventure with you in the same amount of time it takes you to fry up breakfast and brew a coffee. 

Portable charger

This power bank also makes the perfect camping accessory because it's small in size and ultra-lightweight, so you can pop it in your bag without worrying about losing space. 

Hercules Wae - The Best outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

Because no camping trip would be complete without a bit of music! 

Whether you're having a singalong around the campfire with your favourite tunes or relaxing in the sun with uplifting beats, make sure you've got a speaker that is up to the task. 

This Hercules outdoor speaker is the ultimate Wireless Bluetooth speaker for an outdoor staycation as it is water and shock-resistant as well as totally protected against dust, sand and even snow! In addition to this, it's perfect for outdoor fun when it comes to audio as it's 10W powerful audio is optimised for windy conditions. So whatever the weather or terrain, this speaker will be able to handle it. 

This handy Bluetooth speaker can connect to any Bluetooth device wirelessly with ease, but also has an audio jack for lossless audio.  

And with more than 12 hours of battery life, it should last you most of the day whether you're using the wrist strap to carry it on a hike or using it at your base whilst you have a barbecue. Plus its lightweight and compact design even extends to its 280g weight, which is around half that of a tin of beans!

*P.S you can even charge this speaker back up with the power bank listed above for music all weekend.

Bluetooth speaker and LED wristbands

One of our favourite things about this speaker is that it comes with 5 LED wristbands that light up in sync with the music! This means you can take the party with you wherever you go and you won't be short of fun ways to make your trip even more unforgettable. 

V7 2.5L Portable Sterilizer Box

Portable sterilizer

In 2021, there is one thing at the forefront of most of our minds, and that is sterilization and sanitation. The V7 portable Sterilizer Box makes cleaning your appliances easier than ever, simply place them in the box for fast and effective sterilisation. Whether that's to give your cutlery that extra level of sanitation or to keep your tech germ-free.

Portable sterilizer

How does a compact sterilizer work? 

The 6 UV-C LED's use a beam of UV light to kill 99% of germs and bacteria incredibly quickly, so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors with your family than worrying about sterilizing your equipment. 

The three sterilization modes allow you to easily kill germs and the brilliant cyclic function it has allows you to keep sterilizing for 24 hours with 10-minute cycles.

And with 4 AA pens and a super soft rubber handle, this compact sterilizer can be easily carried anywhere from a mountain to the beach.

The best camera's for camping and staycations

Taking pictures outdoors

The past year has reminded us of the importance of making precious memories with loved ones. So why not make sure that every cherished memory is beautifully captured so it can stay with you forever? 

At Box, we have a range of cameras to suit any needs, whether you're just looking to keep memories safe or take breathtaking pictures of the local scenery. But for the purposes of this blog, we'll pick out just two. If you did want to browse our full range of cameras click the button below to view the full range!

Polaroid Now - The perfect Instant camera for Camping

Polaroid Camera

There's no better way to catch the present moment than with a polaroid now. This handy instant camera allows you to capture the moment and with just the click of a button, you can have it printed out and in your hand!

This is brilliant for adding a real personal and memorable touch to your trip, over digital images which many of us have an abundance of and never get to look through! 

Make sure that you get everyone involved with a group photo, this is made super easy with the 9-second timer that allows you to place the camera on a surface, click the shutter and strike a pose!

Polaroid Image

This battery-operated camera also has built-in double exposure and an autofocus two-lens system to help give you the perfect pictures every time, so you don't need any technical know-how to be able to enjoy priceless images. 

Why not treat yourself to a gorgeous rainbow portable carry case and strap for additional protection and portability when taking your camera on the go!

Panasonic Lumix G9 - A Nature Photographers Best Friend

Panasonic camera
For those who are looking to really capture the breathtaking scenery of your trip, why not upgrade your camera to the Lumix G9.

Described as 'a nature photographers best friend' this camera has an incredibly fast shutter speed of just 0.04 seconds to capture those unmissable moments that are too fast for the naked eye, such as the local wildlife!

This also allows 4K video recording and 6K photos for breathtaking visuals and realism, so you can still feel a part of the trip even when you go home. 

This small and lightweight camera allows you to shoot your shot with confidence thanks to image stabilization and high-resolution mode which delivers 80 megapixel equivalents in both JPEG and RAW, it renders incredible depth by taking 8 images whilst shifting the sensor...incredible, right?

It's also built for the outdoors as it's freeze, slash and dustproof*. So whether you're off to climb a mountain or camping out on the beach, you can be sure that this durable camera won't let you down.

Man taking pictures in nature

Although this comes with a lens that's brilliant for zoom, you can also buy additional wide-angle lenses which can easily interchange for beautiful shots of the landscape.

Portable Blender - A Must-have!

Portable blender with fruit
As the weather gets warmer, there's nothing better than a fresh fruit smoothie, especially on a long weekend of adventure in nature!

The BlendJet portable blender is the perfect accessory for a weekend trip, as this portable battery operated blender allows you to easily pop your favourite fruit in, carry it with you and blend on the spot for delicious and nutritious fresh fruit smoothies in under 90 seconds.

This blender's portable design and built-in carrying strap makes it brilliant for taking with you wherever you go, and with 10-12 cups produced per charge, you can be sure you'll be able to enjoy a weekend full of delicious drinks.

Using a portable blender

Why stop at just smoothies when the Blendjet is capable of so much more!

For those looking to get the party started, we suggest blitzing up a cocktail or two with just the click of a button, as the Blendjet can make a mean daiquiri...check out our blog on this for more blender-based springtime cocktail recipes.

Or for those on family camping trips or staycations, why not try mixing up some fresh baby food when on the go? This portable blender means you can enjoy fresh and smooth baby food no matter where you are.

Camping in a van with a view of nature

So that concludes our article on the must-have tech for camping or staycations outdoors! We hope you have found this Blog post helpful. For more similar content, feel free to check out our Blog Blogs page where we have a range of articles from How to improve fitness motivation as well as a range of spring cleaning tips!

*The number of charges provided by the power bank can depend on the model/type of device used*

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