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UK Clean Air Day 2020 - Purify the Air in Your Home

8th October 2020
When you think of air pollution, what are the first things which come to mind? Straight away we think of traffic pollution and smog-coated air in inner-city areas. The UK Government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognise air pollution as the largest environmental health risk we face today. Constant exposure to pollutants can cause numerous health issues, from heart and lung disease to allergic reactions. Unfortunately, many pollutants can make their way indoors to your home and are actually invisible to the naked eye, quite different to the typical smog-filled air we think of. 

Clean Air Day is the largest air pollution campaign in the UK, which aims to teach communities, businesses, education and health sectors all about air quality. Their aim is to improve public understanding of indoor and outdoor pollutants, awareness of how they can affect our health, and to explain ways in which we can also protect our own health and well-being. 

We want to take a deeper look into ways you can help purify your air at home. Especially with the current climate, many families and individuals will most likely have spent more time at home than usual and may have become exposed to some of the pollutants we will discuss. Through taking action in your homes today, you can help keep you and your families safe. 

If you're unlucky enough to suffer with an allergy, you'll know how uncomfortable it can be being in constant irritation. In your household, there are many things which may cause a person to suffer from a nasty reaction. These things can include pollen, pets, mould and even dust mites! Allergies can cause significant discomfort to those affected, so it's important to know how to protect yourself from these to minimise your risk. Unfortunately, allergies can actually occur all year round and allergens don't go into hibernation at the change of a season but, there are things you can do about it. 

A great way to reduce the presence of allergens in your household is by installing an air purifier. Pollen for example can travel for hundreds of miles, so by having an air purifier in your home you can keep yourself protected from the histamines which trigger your runny nose and itchy eyes! Blueair purifiers are a great choice for this, as they feature HEPASilent™ technology to deliver high performance and efficiency by combining electrostatic and mechanical filtration. Their quiet performance means you can drift off to sleep, pollen-free, with minimal noise! Plus on its lowest setting, a Blueair air purifier uses less electricity than a small lightbulb, while still achieving a 99.97% filtration efficiency of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns in size. 

Another common allergen (and a very unfortunate one) is, of course, pets. One in five pet owners suffer from allergic reactions to animals, ranging from sneezing and watery eyes to rashes and hives. Understandably, avoiding having pets for the rest of your life is not an option for most people, luckily there are ways to control pet allergens. Most pet allergies are caused by proteins in pet saliva, sweat and dander so, every time your dog shakes its tail, irritating dust particles float into your home. Whilst creams and tablets can help, an air purifier is a much better option for removing these tiny particles whilst they're airborne and providing relief from symptoms. Purifiers with activated carbon filters also get rid of odours in the air from your pets, what a bonus! 

Not all allergens are as obvious as pollen and pet fur, some can be hiding in your house without you even noticing. Mould, for example, can occur all year round. Mould allergies can range from being uncomfortable to dangerous, with some people suffering from asthmatic symptoms. While regular cleaning can remove mould from surfaces, there could be mould hiding in harder to reach areas. To prevent mould from spreading, you can help by cleaning the air using a high-performance air purifier such as the Blueair Classic 405 which has been tested to remove at least 99.97% of all airborne particles including mould spores.

Another allergen which may be hiding in plain sight is dust mites. Ever heard of someone being allergic to dust? Well, up to 130million people currently suffer from dust allergies. Usually, these allergies are caused by tiny particles and waste from dust mites. Symptoms can range from a runny nose and watery eyes to ongoing or chronic rhinitis, resulting in a persistent cough, facial pressure or even severe asthma attacks. Most dust mite exposure occurs when you are sleeping or when dust is disturbed. A way to trap these allergens before they have time to settle is by using an air purifier. The Blueair Blue Pure 411 is a great choice, with its whisper-silent operation so you can have a peaceful night's sleep. Plus, its 360-degree air intake means you can place it anywhere in a room.

People who suffer from health conditions such as asthma and COPD may also find the use of an air purifier beneficial. Organisations such as Asthma Allergy Nordic recommend the Blueair Classic range for people with a range of respiratory problems. Asthma, for example, can be triggered by many things, such as pet dander, mould and pollen. If you are sensitive to chemicals and gases, you may also find breathing more difficult. Air purifiers are a great way to enjoy some relief from asthma. Blueair air purifiers efficiently remove at least 99.97% of ultrafine particles associated with asthma.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) describes progressive lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Unfortunately, there is no cure for COPD, however air pollution is one thing which can be targeted to help ease symptoms. An air purifier can help by reducing the progression of COPD by limiting the pollutants in the air, combating ultrafine particles which can be dangerous to some people. 

Even if you are not someone who suffers from an allergy or respiratory condition, it's still important to keep the quality of air in your household as safe as possible. Air purifiers can be a great way of removing common viruses and bacteria from the air. Currently, air purifiers have not been tested for the removal of COVID-19, as it is a new strain that was discovered in late 2019 and does not yet have approved testing procedures in place. However, Blueair air purifiers have been third-party tested for the removal of the most common viruses and bacteria with a clearance rate of over 99.99%! These tests included H1N1 influenza, Staphylococcus aureus, E-coli and Aspergillus. Not only do Blueair air purifiers capture harmful airborne viruses and bacteria, but their proprietary HEPASilent™ technology actually kills germs too. Internal tests measured 99% of germs were killed by the Blueair Classic family* leaving the bacteria and viruses unviable and unable to reproduce, helping to keep your homes and families safe and healthy. 
* Based on internal testing of the Blueair Classic 200 Series on maximum fan speed under normal temperature and humidity conditions.

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