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Women in Streaming: Vaine Paine

16th March 2021

 Interview with Vaine Paine

UK based Twitch streamer.

Name: Vaine Paine
Pronouns: She/her
Based in: London, UK.
Platform: Twitch
Streams: Mental health safe space and a variety of
games! Recently I've been playing: Prey, Final Fantasy 7 (my favourite game ever),
Minecraft, Lego games, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Final Fantasy 14 and Visage. So
yeah, a variety haha.

Hi Vaine! Tell us three fun facts about yourself.

  1. My feet are different sizes, by a whole shoe size due to a car accident when I was young (left 8, right 7 lol).
  2. I used to be a semi-professional photographer. I specialised in documentary/journalistic style (non-posed, in the moment) images. I've even been published in magazines and online.
  3. My first console was a Sega Mega Drive II and I could complete Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (a Westernised Puyo Puyo) on hardest difficulty fairly quickly. No way I would have the dexterity or mental flexibility now!

When did your streaming journey begin, and what inspired you to start?

I'd been curious about starting up for a few years, but I allowed self doubt to creep in and so I shelved the idea for a while. Then the great dumpster fire of 2020 occurred (including my only parent passing away) and I just thought "what's the worst that could happen? That I enjoy playing games?" So I just went for it in the end back in September and I've not looked back.

What's your favourite game/content to stream/share? What do you enjoy most about it?

I think I have to pick my mental health streams. I have PTSD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Depression, and I am currently undergoing Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. I've struggled with mental health issues for nearly 30 years, so I wanted to curate a space where people can come and decompress, talk if they wish to and help ease some of the stigma surrounding mental health. I try to make it as relaxing as possible with the audio and visuals used, and the feedback has been very positive from viewers. I'm so glad they find it useful.

Do you feel like there is a stigma for women streamers in the industry?

Absolutely. Women are Schrodinger's streamer at times: We supposedly have it easier than men, but are constantly valued only for physicality (this is not exclusive to Twitch mind - Devin Nash has a great breakdown of this on YouTube). If considered attractive; we're accused of using looks to garner our audience. If we're not considered attractive enough, we're too ugly to make it, and apparently you can be both of these things to different people…. So which is it?! Surely our content, personality, hard work and dedication should dictate our audience/community, no? If we challenge toxic behaviour, we apparently haven't developed a thick enough skin: It can be tiring at times!

What's one piece of advice you'd give to women who want to begin streaming?

Just do it. Be yourself, and unapologetically so. Your community no matter how big, now matter how quickly it grows, will show up for you. You are the curator of the space you wish to see; be firm if anyone steps across your boundaries and surround yourself with people you trust. Don't be afraid to make unexpected connections - I've actually met some really good friends through streaming. Oh, and your streaming style will evolve over time; feel free to experiment!

Where can people find you online?

Instagram: Vaine_Paine
Twitter: @Vaine_Paine

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