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  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Convenient Device Mounting
  • Magnetic Surface Attachment
  • Versatile Viewing Configurations
  • Case Compatible


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  • Material: Durable Rubber
  • Suitable For 4" - 6.5" Smartphone Screens
  • Easy & Quick Mounting


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  • Suitable For Smartphone Screens Of 3.5 - 6"
  • Tilt & Rotate By Ball Joint | Universal | Rubber Strap
  • Weight: 62G


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  • Suitable for: 7" - 10" Screens
  • Adjustable Arm | Clamp Mount
  • 360° Rotation


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  • Compatible with iPhones & Android smartphones
  • Fully adjustable with 360° rotation
  • Non-slip feet for a steady hold
  • Temperature resistant PU suction cup
  • Support for 4 - 6.5'' screens with extendable arm
  • Includes Dashboard/Windscreen and Air Vent mounts


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  • Adjustable side clamps expand up to 2.75"
  • Universal mount designed to fit all cars
  • Oversized suction cup handles speed bumps and rough journeys
  • 4.5" flexible arm adjusts for optimal positioning
  • Adjustable legs gives stability
  • One-button quick release
  • Compatible with iPhone 3G to 6 devices
  • Black


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Car Phone Holder Buying Guide

Keeping your smartphone safe and secure while driving is an important job and with so many different styles and brands available it can be quite confusing working out which car holder is best suited to your needs. Our buying guide covers the numerous styles, brands and placements available to you so that you can make an informed decision.

What’s the best type of Car Phone Holder?

The best car phone holder depends on a variety of factors including your personal preference, type of device being held, your car and of course your budget. With great brands available including Baseus, OtterBox, Official Samsung and Spigen, you’ll be sure to find the perfect car phone holder at

Vent Mount

An ever popular choice with drivers, vent mount holders offer a perfect view of the road thanks to their positioning, while allowing for easy viewing and closer proximity to charging ports ideal for keeping your phone fully charged while using battery draining apps.

An air vent mount can come with a variety of holder attachments from cradles to jaw-like grips. Some even feature fast auto-clasp and auto-release features for effortless docking. One thing to consider when purchasing a vent mount is the position and orientation of your vents as vertical vents can be quite problematic for creating a secure attachment

Dashboard Mount

The classic dashboard car phone holder provides a great option for those looking to keep their smartphone in full view, while not requiring a mounted suction to the windscreen. Ideal for cars with deep dashboards, these types of car holders are perfect when using your phone as a sat nav.

One thing to be aware of is that textured dashboards can have issues with suction based dashboard holders. However a lot are now providing a 3m adhesive plate with a smooth surface to combat this. If your dashboard is sloped and without a sufficient flat surface area, then seeking either a vent or windscreen mount would definitely be advised.

Windscreen Mount

The windscreen mount often delivers an exceptional view of your phone while driving but can be a little intrusive for some. Those with large windscreens will often find this the most preferred docking solution however due to the ease in which navigation instructions can be viewed while driving.

Compatibility-wise the windscreen car phone holder is often the most user friendly, while also often doubling up as a dashboard holder, making it an ideal first car phone holder purchase.

Wireless Charging Car Mount

Available in vent, dash and windscreen mount options, wireless charging car phone holders deliver exceptional hold, with fast wireless charging to ensure your smartphone’s battery stays topped up during long journeys.

Your phone will need to feature wireless charging as standard in order to take advantage of this charging method. It’s also likely that you’ll still need to wire power into the holder itself from your car or lorry’s 12v / 24v charger, but the benefits of effortless drop and go charging whilst in the holder often negate this initial set-up.

CD Slot Mount

While the majority of new vehicles produced are coming without CD players built-in, older cars, vans and lorries often still feature this technology and as such you may want to consider a CD slot mount when purchasing a new smartphone holder for your vehicle. Affixing to your CD player’s mouth without causing damage, a CD slot car holder often allows the CD inside to play without issues, but would require un-mounting when you desire to switch CDs.

Gooseneck Mount

Available in windscreen and dashboard options, with limited availability in vent mount options, the gooseneck mount provides a secure hold, with extreme flexibility that allows you to manoeuvre your phone quickly and easily.

Magnetic Mount

Magnetic phone holders offer a great option for those looking to avoid the hassle of securing and un-mounting your smartphone every-time you enter or exit your vehicle. The drop and go nature makes docking extremely easy, while the hold is just as secure as the other car phone holders on the market.

What Car Phone Holders work with MagSafe?

The majority of magnetic car phone holders are compatible with MagSafe, so those with a compatible iPhone can utilise a magnetic mount safe in the knowledge that the magnetic connection will allow their iPhone to stay in position.

Where’s the best place to mount a smartphone in a car?

This really comes down to personal preference and vehicle compatibility, with vent, dashboard and windscreen the most popular mounting options.

Is It legal to use a car phone holder?

Yes it is legal to secure and view your smartphone in a car phone holder while driving, however it is not legal to use your phone while driving. As such we advise setting up your phone within your holder and getting your music and/or sat nav up and running before setting off. If you need to adjust your course or playlist then pulling over to do so safely is always the best course of action.

Are Magnetic Car Phone Holders Bad for my Phone?

There are no issues when using your smartphone with a magnetic car mount, but it is worth noting that many magnetic holders often provide a metal plate to sit between your phone and case in order for the magnetic to attract your phone and keep it secure. The issue this can cause related to using your phone with wireless charging when out of the car. Simply remove the metal plate and you should have no issues.

Can I use a Car Holder for my iPad or Tablet?

Yes, there are specialised iPad and Tablet car holders available that, although the range available is more limited due to the size of device being held and the room / suction required to effectively hold such devices.

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