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Start building your helpful home today with Smart Home Devices from Google. The Google Nest range features smart speakers, including the Google Home Mini, Google Nest, Nest Mini, Google Nest Hubs and the Google Home Smart Speaker.

A Google Home or Nest speaker is the perfect place to start if you are setting up a smart home network, all you need to do is connect your phone with the built-in bluetooth! Google speakers are voice-controlled, and can be used to play music, control all of your smart home gadgets, answer questions, add things to a shopping list and manage your schedule with calendar appointments. The Google Nest range can even play videos on a model with a screen such as the Nest Hub, or if connected to a screen that is chromecast-enabled.

Once you've chosen your Google speaker you can start setting up your range of smart home devices. In the Google range you'll find smart heating, doorbells, alarms, routers and cameras, which you can then control via your Google speaker or smartphone!

Browse the Google store today and start setting up your perfect smart home.

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