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Why a Wi-Fi 6 Router Will Help Improve Your PS5 Connection

If you got your hands on one of the next-gen Sony consoles this November, and you're looking to upgrade your gaming experience using the console, you might want to look into the world of Wi-Fi 6!

Is NAS the best Storage for Photographers? A beginners guide to Network Attached Storage and if it's right for you

What is a NAS?

Networking Equipment

Looking to upgrade your wired or wireless network? Take a look at all of our Net working accessories including range extenders, routers, wireless adapters and more.

From small homes to large businesses, our range of networking essentials is sure to have something to suit your needs. We stock the fastest 802.11ac routers, and even the latest 802.11ax, as well as, dual and tri-band models to keep drop out and poor signal to a minimum when you’re trying to livestream the latest game, or make that Skype conference call.

Network Switches

If you’re looking for a network switch, our gigabit switch options provide easy, reliable, and affordable network connectivity for your home or small office, or get up to 48 ports for larger offices!

You can find network switches from top brands such as QNAP, Netgear, and D-Link with Ethernet ports up to 10 gigabits.

Routers & Modems

Find Wi-Fi routers and modems to enhance your networking with fast ethernet ports.

With everyone wanting to connect to the Internet these days, our range of routers and modems from leading manufacturers such as Asus, D-Link, DrayTek, Linksys, Netgear, Tenda and TP-Link, are exactly what you need to get online.

If you’re looking for Wi-Fi on the go, take a look at our mobile hotspots with sim card slots. Get Secure and super-fast 4G LTE and 3G speeds anywhere—up to 600 Mbps download speed.

Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi

You can use whole home Wi-Fi to eliminate weak signal areas within your home if you have dead Wi-Fi zones.  Whole Home Wi-Fi, otherwise known as a Mesh Router, is the best way to a seamless Internet connection throughout your home, eradicating dead zones and weakened signals, so you can watch your favourite show in the back bedroom with no issues.

A wifi mesh network is easy to set up, many come with guided set up to help you find the optimal positioning for your modules and modems, and apps to manage the system once it’s set up.

Take a look at our latest range of Whole Home, or mesh Wi-Fi systems from /pands such as ASUSD-LinkGoogleLinksysNetgearTenda and TP-Link, and get eliminating those dead zones!

Wifi Range Extenders

Take your wifi coverage further with a range extender. Extenders boost your wifi to areas that were previously unreachable by your wifi range. They make a great low cost alternative to a new router if you’re just looking to boost your Wi-Fi network, so you can keep your devices connected in every room!

Many come in a handy wall-plug design for easy set-up, and External antennas for better performance. If you’re looking to extend your Wi-Fi to your home office, you can also find also desktop options with gigabit ethernet ports. Find the best Wi-Fi extender for you, whether it’s just for working at home, at the office or gaming.

Powerline Adapters

Powerline adapters turn the electrical cabling and wiring of your home into your own fast network. As WiFi coverage around your home can often be h3er in some places than others, a Powerline wifi extender ensures the signal is constant wherever you in your home.

It’s not always possible to run ethernet cables right through your home, so a powerline adapter acts as a great alternative. stock the latest powerline WiFi adapters from top brands such as TP-Link, Devolo and Netgear. To boost your signal you need two powerline adapters, your current router and an Ethernet cable. Now every person on your network can download whatever they need to their devices.


KVM stands for Keyboard, Video (monitor/screen), and Mouse. A KVM switch is a device that allows you to quickly and easily switch between multiple PCs or servers from a single console. These types of network switches are very useful in an office or home office environments as they help you work more efficiently.

Here at you can find everything you need for a KVM setup, including switches with up to 16 KVM ports, cables and consoles. Plus look out for switches and accessories from top brands such as Aten, Belkin, and TRENDnet.


An Uninterruptible Power Supply provides you with an emergency back-up in the event that your mains power supply falls or drops completely. It’s important to have backup power, in the event that your electricity supply or hardware fails. With a UPS, your PC or server can be protected from losing data.

Get great deals on UPS units today at


Our range of Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions include some of the biggest names, from SynologyQNAP, and Buffalo, to NetgearAsustor and TerraMaster. With a wide variety of models to choose from in both a Desktop and Rackmount form factor, you’re bound to find the perfect NAS storage for your needs.

Find the best Home NAS where you can consolidate all your data into one safe, secure and centralised place, with 4 bay NAS options, up to 16 bays!

If you’re looking for NAS servers or NAS enclosures for business, many NAS’ now go further than just fulfilling your storage needs, with a whole host of services and apps to help you boost your productivity. If you need advice about the right storage solution for your business email or call the team on 0121 202 0075, we can also help find the cheapest nas options for you.

Access Points

A wireless access point (WAP) or an access point (AP), is a networking hardware device that lets WiFi enabled devices to join a wired network. The AP is typically connected to a router (through a wired network) as a standalone device, but can also be used as a vital part of the router. Once set-up it creates a WiFI signal in the desired area.

At Box, you will find the latest WAPs that will deliver the wireless access you need in your home or office. Get great deals on wireless access points online today.

USB Wireless Adapters

If you’re lacking a built-in wifi connection or need a wireless signal boost, you need a USB wireless adapter. These wireless adapters are small and can fit into any accessory bag so you can connect to wireless networks with ease.

Essential for a high-quality internet connection, these WiFi adapters are designed to give you the best connection and wireless speeds available.

Find great deals at USB wireless adapters at and solve your connection problems.

PCI Wireless Adapters

A PCI wireless adapter is a device that adds wireless connectivity to a laptop or desktop PC.

Many PCI adapters have external antennas ensure greater WiFi coverage and stability, as well as reducing dead zones.

Find deals at from top brands such as ASUS and TP-Link for all your wireless adapter needs.

Networking Accessories

From usb Wi-Fi adapters and ethernet adapters to cables and media converters. Find all the accessories you could need to set up the perfect network for your home or office.

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