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  • Connectivity: USB
  • Shock Mount
  • Three-Legged Design Stand
  • Gain Control for Mic Sensitivity
  • Compatible with: PC | Mac | PS4 | PS5
  • JA-0710


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  • Connectivity: USB
  • Push-to-Mute Function
  • Three-Legged Design Stand
  • Compatible with PC | Mac | PS4 | PS5
  • JA-0700


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  • USB connection
  • Plug and play audio recording
  • Tap-to-mute sensor
  • LED indicator
  • Adjustable stand
  • Compatible with: PC/Playstation/Mac
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • 2 year warranty


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  • For XLR microphones & 6.3mm instruments
  • 5 DSP preset modes
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Limiter
  • Gain control
  • Volume
  • Phantom power
  • Touch panel


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  • USB wired connection
  • High-quality sound
  • Ideal for recording and streaming
  • Custom cardioid condensor capsule
  • Skype and Discord certified
  • Plug and play connection
  • Mac and PC compatibility


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  • Voice Clarity Boost
  • All metal body
  • Podcast Ready


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Microphones for Podcasting

Welcome to our podcast microphones page. Here you can find a variety of awesome tech to boost your sound and display you in the best possible way to your audience. Our range includes a variety of the best brands such as Shure, HyperX, Samson and Trust.

Podcast Microphone buying guide

Lots of choices and not sure which podcast mic is best for you? Not to worry, we will go through some of the important factors to consider when looking for a microphone for podcasting or vlogging.

USB vs XLR Podcast microphone?

You will see either one or both of these terms on almost all of our podcast mics. The USB podcast microphones work via, you guessed it, a USB port. They are great when it comes to speed and simplicity as you are likely to have a device with a USB port such as a laptop or PC. They are usually plug ‘n’ play microphones too which can save you lots of time if you’re not interested in plugging in extra hardware or spending ages setting up.

On the other hand, XLR usually requires additional hardware such as an audio interface or mixer. Despite the extra afford required, they are often used in professional settings because the audio interface/mixer lowers the noise floor, which acts as a sound card to provide a sleek and professional sound on your content.

Condensed or Dynamic Podcast microphone?

These are a significant part of which podcast mic you might choose. Condenser units are much more sensitive to sound than dynamic, meaning they can capture much more nuance in sound, providing a more natural and realistic audio experience. However, they can also pick up more background noise, so would be better suited to a quiet room.

Alternatively, dynamic mics don’t capture some of the higher frequencies or as much background noise, resulting in a sound that is more similar to a radio.

Cardioid, Bidirectional or Omnidirectional Podcast Mics?

You will also notice words such as these when shopping for a podcast m,microphone online. When it comes to podcasting this can be used to refer to the number of speakers and where they are coming from. For single speakers, a cardioid mic is a great choice. As the names suggest bidirectional mics are great for two speakers and omnidirectional microphones are for multiple people. If you regularly have multiple people in your podcasts, we recommend purchasing more mics for sharper sound.

What equipment do I need for podcasting?

Luckily, these days it’s super easy to start a podcast, all you need is a phone really. But there are a range of things that you can use to enhance the audio quality of your podcast, make editing quick and simple and allow you to hear it back in the way that a viewer would. For this, we recommend purchasing a decent mic, a creator specific laptop or PC, professional editing software, good headphones and additional storage cards.

Are podcast microphones expensive?

No, a podcast microphone doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, as we have a range of budget podcast microphones for those who may just be starting out in the world of podcasting and looking to keep spending to a minimum, our cheap podcast mics can still give great audio quality at even better prices. These may also be a good choice for students.

Is a good podcast microphone worth investing in?

Yes, if you’re serious about podcasting, it is definitely worth investing in a good mic. Whilst our budget-friendly mics are great for beginners, for those looking for studio-quality sound we recommend a professional podcast mic.

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