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  • Compatible with: Nokia T20
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  • Rugged Case | Rugged Bumpers | Easy-Grip Materials | Slim and Lightweight
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Phone Case Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for a tough iPhone case or after a slim and clear Samsung case, Box has you covered with our fantastic range.

All of our cases have been hand selected from the best brands to ensure your phone receives the ultimate protection, while enhancing and extending its functionality.

Our buying guide below has been put together to help you find your perfect phone case, but why not head over and view our screen protectors too, so as to provide your phone with full 360 degree protection.


We have a top selection of brands in store from official options to market leading third party selections. With brands such as Apple, Samsung, OtterBox and Tech21 in store, you’re sure to find enough choice to help you select the perfect case for any inevitability.

The Right Case for the Right Occasion

When it comes to phone cases there’s so much choice, that it can be hard to know exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve detailed each case style below, letting you know about its benefits and downsides, so that you can make an informed decision.

Bumper Cases

Bumper cases often come in two forms, one a singular frame that encases your smartphone’s sides and provides a lip at the front to add some screen protection, but ultimately leaves your phone’s front and back exposed. And two a bumper running around the four sides of your device, with a clear back panel to offer further support and protection.

These options are extremely popular as while not the most rugged, they still offer a degree of protection, but ultimately leave the phone feeling as close to the way the manufacturer intended as possible.

Clear Cases

A popular choice for many, the clear case option is ideal for those wanting to showcase and protect their phone. While the case’s material may come in a variety of forms, from hard polycarbonate to flexible TPU, the overall objective of the case remains the same, to provide a window to your phone’s sleek design.

Flip Cases

An old school action for those after some fun, the flip case utilises the action of phones gone by, with a hinge and clasp to allow quick access when needed, but secure protection when not in use.

Leather Cases

Smooth and stylish, a leather case is a great option to work in with your own wardrobe, handbag, wallet or purse. Providing a finish so unlike the metallic shiny phones body, this option is a great selection for those after something a little different.

Official Cases

Official cases come in many forms and materials, but the one thing they all have in common is an exceptional finish and official branding. All of which combines to provide a seamless experience when protecting your smartphone.

Protective Cases

One of the main reasons for applying a phone case will always be to protect your phone and as such one of the biggest points on the checklist will be the cases’ protective qualities. This is increasingly important as phones become more expensive and their screen to body ratio increases, leaving repair costs extremely high if the unthinkable were to happen.

To avoid this you’ll want to ensure you select a case that’s up to the job. Thankfully a lot of the brands will have thoroughly tested their cases before they go on sale, with a large proportion exceeding military drop test standards to provide you with added peace of mind when choosing a protective cases.

Silicone Cases

As the name suggest, silicone cases are made from the very same material and provide a really smooth finish that feels great in hand. These cases aren’t slippery though as the slightly rubbery material provides additional grip, helping to reduce accidental drops.

Often coming in a slim form-factor and bright or pastel colourings, these cases make a great option for those looking to liven up their phone without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

Thin Cases

Ideal for those after lightweight protection but whom primarily want to preserve the sleek nature of their phone, a thin case is a fantastic option that really maintains the look and feel of your device.

Wallet Cases

An extremely useful selection, the wallet case can allow you to both protect your phone and carry essentials, ideal for those looking to travel lighter when out and about. From wallet cases allowing you to store a couple of cards all the way to folding wallet cases with multiple card slots, money section and ID pockets, there’s tons of choice available when it comes to finding a case that will safeguard your phone and your valuables in one sleek package.

frequently Asked Questions

Will my phone charge wirelessly with a case attached?

While there are a number of factors at play, the most common result is yes. Most phone cases are thin enough to allow wireless charging to pass-through with no issues. However it is worth noting that the quality of your wireless charger will play a part here. Some wireless chargers feature multiple coils making their charging radius stronger, allowing for greater charging placements and for the charge to reach through thicker materials.

Any case with a large degree of thickness or wallet cases with cards in-between may struggle, but most standard cases that cover the back and sides of your phone will work flawlessly.

For added peace of mind we recommend checking our selection of wireless charging compatible cases here.

Can I use a screen protector with my phone case?

Yes, you should have no trouble using a screen protector with the majority of phone cases, but there are some exceptions. Cases with a large and hard lip over the top edge of the phone may cause issues, especially when used with a full cover screen protector.

We recommend looking for case compatible glass screen protector options, or instead selecting a film protector which would have less issues than its glass counterpart.

Will MagSafe Work Through My Case?

There are a large amount of MagSafe compatible cases available, allowing you to take advantage of this exciting new feature from Apple’s iPhones. Similarly to wireless charging, the thickness of the case is often the most crucial deciding factor, so we advise selecting a compatible case or a slim case for best results.

What is the best iPhone Case?

We have plenty of great iPhone cases available in many different styles and from the best case brands in the world. The best case will depend on its requirements, but can’t look past the OtterBox Symmetry series for its protective qualities and all round sleek appearance.

What are the most protective phone cases?

There are plenty of tough cases available, but our favourite has to be the Tech21 Evo Check case that wraps your smartphone in drop protection from up to 12 foot!

Do you Sell Anti-Bacterial Cases?

Anti-Bacterial phone cases have emerged as a customer must have after our experience with Covid-19 and with our phone / case being one of the most touched items daily. The peace of mind knowing your phone case can kill up to 99.99% of microbes is a great feeling to have.

Will my phone remain waterproof with a case attached?

Your phone will retain its IP resistance rating when used with a phone case in most cases. The only time this is likely to be effected is when a case integrates itself with the phone in a way that exposes the phone’s ports for example charging cases. But with most high-end phones being waterproof up to 2 meters for up to 30 minutes, a case attached will not interfere with this protection.

Will my charging cable fit with the case attached?

While many charging cables feature different degrees of thickness around the charging tip and case port openings can differ in size, all official cables will have no issues working with our cases. We advise anyone using a third party cable that has a thick housing to look for a wide port opening to their new case, just to be sure.

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