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Smart Home

Smart Home Made Simple at Box

Welcome to Smart Home at Box. Trying to make your home ‘smart’ or ‘automated’ can seem very overwhelming to begin with, so we are going to make it easy for you! You will find a beginners guide on Smart Home here, along with an explanation on what each part can do for you. Cameras, doorbells, plugs and much more are covered. Use our expert advice to begin or enhance your Smart Home experience today!


Getting Started

To get started you will need a wireless router and an internet connection. A wireless router is what gives you access to an internet connection and your internet provider (sky, BT, Virgin etc.) will usually provide you with one. You can swap these out for a more advanced wireless router to give you a better range, signal strength, speed or more ports to connect to. Faster speeds, a backup connection and improved signal strength are all important things to consider in a Smart Home. You can check out the wireless router selection from Box here.

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Adding Devices

This is where the fun part begins! Choosing which device you want can be tough. Most people start with a lightbulb or smart plug and then work their way up to cameras and heating. Smart home devices are usually controlled through the manufacturer’s application. You will need an iOS or Android device to download the application. Using an App will give you access to your devices from anywhere in the world, as long as they are connected to the internet. This remote access can be used to turn off plugs in another room or view your house security camera while at work. A lot of camera applications can also be viewed through a web browser to give you a bigger view of what is going on.

Virtual Assistants

The new way to control devices is through a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. You can give commands such as “Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights” or “Google, show me the outside camera”. These voice assistants live inside smart speakers.

Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Alexa seems to be the popular choice for a smart speaker due to it having the biggest list of compatible smart devices.

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Google Assistant

The Google Assistant uses Googles extensive search engine history to be able to understand and process requests seamlessly.

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Apple Homekit

The Apple HomeKit is Apple’s venture into the Smart Home. It lives inside the HomePod which boasts incredible sound quality.

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Choosing a way to control your devices is an important decision. We recommend doing some research into the products you are going to start with and matching them to your chosen control device. Most homes already have an iOS or Android device, so the next natural step in a Smart Home journey is to add a smart speaker.

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