Warranties at box

Welcome to warranties, all you need to know to help facilitate a fast repair or return.

If your item is over 30 days old from date of purchase and you have discovered a fault you can have it repaired under your warranty directly with the warranty provider in most circumstances.

This is usually the quickest and most efficient way to get your issue resolved but of course we at Box will help you are still having trouble.

How to start a warranty claim

Step 1

Please check your email as the warranty could have been sent to you, some older items may not have a warranty detail email so you can log into your account and an invoice should be available to you there.

Step 2

Use the list below to ascertain the number of your warranty provider, for example if you item is an ASUS laptop please contact ASUS laptops for help initially.

Step 3

Please contact your warranty provider, it will help if you have access to your product details or any serial number visible.

Step 4

Follow the instruction given to you by the warranty provider. If you have been advised to contact Box please email in your issue with original order number, name, up to date contact number and a full description of the issue, we will help further at this point.

Note: We will help you with your warranty return if the first contact has been made with the warranty provider, again speaking to the warranty provider will usually be the fastest way to resolve your issue.

Support numbers

The manufacturer of your product will know everything that could possibly go wrong so if you have a question or problem with a product, you have purchased then they are usually best placed to help you out. If it is something that cannot be sorted over the phone, they can advise you if you need to return it.

We have listed contact numbers below if you need to get in touch with them. We advise digging out the serial number of the product you are enquiring about before calling along with your order details.

Note: If your item is a Sharp or Thrustmaster product please contact 03303904169 and choose option 3 and then option 4.

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